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Electrical Inspections Contains discussions about electrical systems. This includes receptacles, panels, wiring, etc.

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Old 11/21/12, 1:51 PM
Leon Slack Leon Slack is offline
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Default Outside cable feed problem

Outside backyard of this house I inspected had a makeshift pole, holding up some cable wire that went from the alley pole to the neighbor's house. It appears to have be installed to hold the wire up in the air, as without it, it seems the cable would almost droop down to the ground. This can't be legal, is it?

Buyer is concerned that her children playing can climb and/or knock over pole. Look at pic...
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Old 11/21/12, 2:07 PM
Robert J. Wind Robert J. Wind is offline
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Default Re: Outside cable feed problem

looks like phone and cable tv, no power. seems like a long run.
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Old 11/21/12, 2:08 PM
Larry Kage, CMI Larry Kage, CMI is offline
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Default Re: Outside cable feed problem

You may want to forget legal and illegal. If it is a potential safety hazard, report that.

However, that looks like CATV...is it?

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Old 11/21/12, 2:17 PM
kwood kwood is offline
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Default Re: Outside cable feed problem

Agree as just above the house you can see the real service line coming to the home. Connects on the poll at the insulator or crimped on to the main. We have the same arrangement here as all the CATV and Phone attached is way bellow the power lines.
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Old 11/21/12, 3:34 PM
Greg W. Mathias's Avatar
Greg W. Mathias Greg W. Mathias is offline
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Default Re: Outside cable feed problem

Around here a simple phone call to the cable company would get it fixed. You may want to put it in your report that without the pole the cable can get damaged. Recommend the cable company be contacted to rectify.
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Old 11/21/12, 5:31 PM
Jeffrey R. Pope, CMI's Avatar
Jeffrey R. Pope, CMI Jeffrey R. Pope, CMI is offline
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Default Re: Outside cable feed problem

Certainly not a safety issue. Possibly a "nuisance," but wouldn't likely make it into my report.

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