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  9. Enjoy this month's InterNACHI Inspector eNewsletter.
  10. First Time, Home Buyer Friendly logo released in 5 formats.
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  12. 50 Shocking Economic Facts
  13. InterNACHI inspector booth at Home Show in Huntington, WV on March 9-11, 2012
  14. InterNACHI inspector booth at REALTOR Expo in Huntington, WV on Feb 14, 2012.
  15. Pigs do fly
  16. Last NJ NACHI meeting of 2011
  17. Vote for 2011 "Website of the Year"
  18. rack card design for The Building Inspector
  19. Happy birthday Frank Magdefrau.
  20. InspectorPages now has over 100 beautiful, fully-editable inspector website themes.
  21. New Advanced Theme for Inspector Pages: "Inspector Pages Classic Redesign"
  22. New Advanced Theme for Inspector Pages: "Copyblogger"
  23. New Advanced Theme for Inspector Pages: "Mistylook""
  24. New Logo for Task Home Inspection
  25. New Logo for W.H.I.3 Home Inspection Services
  26. New Logo for RCC Home Inspections
  27. New logo for Coastal Building Concepts
  28. Chesapeake Chapter of InterNACHI meeting in Annapolis, MD on December 20, 2011.
  29. New logo for Advance Home Inspection Consulting
  30. Vote for: 2011 Website of the Year
  31. Short sales increas in California and Florida
  32. New logo for Roberts Property Inspections
  33. New logo for Cutting Edge Inspections
  34. Electrical knowledge over 100 years ago
  35. Good place to compare websites and see analytics.
  36. Tornado Safety and Inspection. Another inspection article from InterNACHI.
  37. New Advanced Theme for Inspector Pages: "TwentyTen"
  38. New Advanced Theme for Inspector Pages: "SeaShore"
  39. Masonry Technology Courses
  40. Los escarabajos de alfombras.
  41. Electrical inspection training at Colorado Springs Chapter of InterNACHI on Feb 13.
  42. Stucco inspection training at Colorado Springs InterNACHI Chapter on January 9, 2012.
  43. New Advanced Theme for Inspector Pages: "Inspector Standard"
  44. New Advanced Theme for Inspector Pages: "Daisy Rae Gemini"
  45. brochure and business card design for The Building Inspector
  46. Worst I have ever seen
  47. New Logo for HouseProbe Inspections
  48. Express Lane - Brochure and Business Card Design for The Financial Toolbox
  49. Home Sales Have Been Over Counted For Years
  50. Company naming question
  51. New logo for Bob's Home Inspection Service (request #128)
  52. New logo for Beachside Home Inspections
  53. New Header Images Added to Inspector Pages Advanced Themes
  54. New Advanced Theme for Inspector Pages: "Inspector Classic"
  55. Las casas resistentes al robo.
  56. Inachi Member of The Year/Gromicko Award
  57. Vote for US Member of the Year
  58. 1/3 of voters say housing will be the top issue on their mind. Pending home sales up.
  59. Salem State University in Mass. now provides InterNACHI books to their students.
  60. NEW: InspectorPages Advanced Themes
  61. Central Tennessee Chapter of InterNACHI inspectors meeting in Brentwood, TN on Dec 13
  62. Updated logo for GLH Home Inspections
  63. All new InspectorPoints (for amusement only, beta testing). Please try it.
  64. InterNACHI booth at the Cache-Rich Association of REALTORs Show in Logan, Utah in Jan
  65. Play Station Move Vs. Xbox Kinect
  66. Hot PIC of Nick with American Gun star Paige Wyatt.
  67. Open invitation to all IL Inter-NACHI inspectors
  68. What day do you all want to have the online Christmas party?
  69. 2011 Awards Nomination Deadline
  70. InterNACHI offers two paths to membership. New "JOIN" page.
  71. InterNACH's inspection textbook pdfs get new covers.
  72. New Logo for Discovery Home Inspections of NJ (request #123)
  73. Trailer home
  74. Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection seminar at Colorado Springs Chapter meeting Dec 12
  75. brochure and business card design for GLH Home Inspections
  76. New Logo for Accurate Home Inspection of Atlanta (request #124)
  77. New Logo for Jones on Homes (request #125)
  78. New logo for The Building Inspector
  79. Virginia Tech Shooting
  80. Las llaves usadas en la técnica Bumping y lo que los inspectores deberían de saber...
  81. Hot PIC: Thousands of REALTORs visit InterNACHI's inspector booth at Triple Play.
  82. It's Finally Here ...
  83. InterNACHI's Inspector Marketing Department. Stay busy!
  84. Can't wait? Try our Express Lane for brochure and business card design and printing.
  85. 2011 Awards Nominations Deadline
  86. New logo for The Financial Toolbox
  87. Who would like me to build them a custom inspection website? $15/month.
  88. Radon inspections in Nebraska
  89. Brokers Forced to Pay Minimum Wage to their Agents for Their Time
  90. The Green Thingy
  91. Your House As Seen By
  92. Long-time InterNACHI inspector in Kansas article about home inspections.
  93. The University of Mississippi
  94. New logo for Front Range Home Inspections (request #133)
  95. brochure and business card design for Blessed Assurance Home Inspection
  96. We had to start a page 3 for the inspector logo designs.
  97. New logo for Armstrong Home Inspections Consultant request #118
  98. New Logo for Northwest Michigan Home Inspection Services
  99. College Football Bowl Pick Em Extravaganza
  100. NJ NACHI Medford Meeting & Holiday Reception
  101. Handyman / Dryer Duct Installer needed
  102. Logging our inspections
  103. He's Back
  104. A lesson from a Porcupine...
  105. Have you seen this rapist?
  106. History of Rubber Tiles
  107. Happy Birthday Linas Dapkus !!!
  108. La impermeabilización básica para sótanos.
  109. Hey sicko Joe Paterno... read this:
  110. New Logo for Florida State Property Inspections
  111. State Farm sending out an InterNACHI winter-inspection article to all their clients..
  112. New logo for D&G Home Inspection
  113. The Home Inspection Process video
  114. New logo (request #120) for Aarmadillo Home Inspection
  115. Now That You've Had A Home Inspection book gets a new cover.
  116. InterNACHI's website becoming more and more dominant in the inspection industry.
  117. Don Miceli's site is looking good
  118. New logo for BDB Home Inspections out of Canada
  119. InterNACHI's free, online inspection agreement system upgraded...
  120. Nick's BIG survival list added to bottom of Emergency Preparedness article.
  121. Pending home sales surge.
  122. Air handler age?
  123. We're working on our new InterNACHI Australia website.
  124. New Logo for Main Street Home Inspections
  125. Software
  126. New logo for Peace Of Mind Home Inspectors
  127. New Logo for North Pacific Home Inspections
  128. Having a fun time with a bank.
  129. Sonos! ROCKS!
  130. Hey Marcel Cyr...
  131. Can anyone do an EMF inspection in Washington, DC? If so, email me for client's info
  132. New Jersey InterNACHI member Bob Lefkus passed away this weekend.
  133. Just be careful in those FL crawlspaces
  134. New logo for Inspector Julie
  135. New Logo for All Atlantic Building Contractors of Florida
  136. Gold Rush or American Gun. Which show do you prefer?
  137. Rendering of Inspector-of-the-Year trophy.
  138. What we check graphic added to InterNACHI's Inspection Gallery.
  139. This message board coming up on its 30,000 th registered user.
  140. I would love to do this
  141. Jet pack
  142. Mortgage rates under 4% now.
  143. New logo for Complete Home Inspections
  144. We are SOOOOO Proud.
  145. North Dakota unemployment rate now at 2.7%
  146. Tablecloth Trick
  147. jgm properties
  148. Energy Inspector/Contractor Event in Denver CO - Registration Discount
  149. Free Public E-Codes- ICC
  150. A Happy Thanksgiving and something special
  151. Ford/Renault merger...
  152. Q. Is it really that hard to get a mortgage these days? A: Nope.
  153. Wopila Kaniyeyapi
  154. PIC: Staffer was vacationing near member Bobby Hamilton who recently ordered...
  155. Mortgage-related jobs on the rise.
  156. Existing-home sales up. Number of homes on the market down.
  157. Sellers: How to Dump your Real Estate Agent
  158. Ameripro - Inspection Depot
  159. Time involved doing an inspection
  160. Possible inspection in Orange County
  161. New chapter logo for Miami Home & Insurance Inspectors
  162. Nick's inspection riddle #11. Can you solve me?
  163. Message Boards Time Zone
  164. brochure and business card design for 1-877-Inspect
  165. Housing inventory down, sales prices down, number of transactions up.
  166. New InterNACHI Argentina logo.
  167. New logo for 1-877-INSPECT
  168. New logo for Thorough Property Inspections
  169. Top 10 states where foreclosures have caused prices to fall.
  170. PICs of Nick's construction goat.
  171. The Big bank is your neighbor (just not a good one)
  172. Home Inspection Equipment. Another new InterNACHI article.
  173. New Inspector Outlet brochure. New products too.
  174. InterNACHI has launched a more "internationalized" membership application...
  175. We started a Page 2 of inspection business logos.
  176. Las escaleras extensibles del desván
  177. MLS Connect Webinar
  178. Enjoy this month's InterNACHI Inspector Newsletter.
  179. Need inspection work? Send them this new 11-month warranty inspection piece.
  180. brochure and business card design for Rest Assured Inspection Services
  181. Calculating silver
  182. $550 ladder for $145
  183. The planet we call home, seen from 240 miles up
  184. La contención de incendios en los garajes pegados.
  185. New logo for Expression Homes
  186. The Housing Recovery Will Take Many Years
  187. This website just got its 75,000,000th hit since 2007...
  188. November 17 NJ NACHI meeting in Bloomfield, NJ
  189. Home inspection during extreme weather conditions
  190. InterNACHI live-linked in another huge, national article about inspections.
  191. "NACHI Certified Energy Inspector"
  192. Foundation inspection training at Colorado Springs Chapter meeting on November 14.
  193. To My Fellow Veterans ...
  194. It's 11-11-11.
  195. Happy Veterans Day
  196. Veteran's day…. Lest we forget
  197. Chesapeake Chapter of InterNACHI meeting in Annapolis, Maryland on November 15, 2011
  198. Should Joe Paterno do jail time?
  199. Final Reminder: Sign up for the UPS discount.
  200. Need more inspection work? Send your past clients this letter.
  201. 236th Birthday - US Marine Corps
  202. brochure and business card design for Rick Zipf Home Inspections
  203. 4 point inspections
  204. New Logo for VIP Home Inspections
  205. Coming soon: The ultimate sales letter to send to your entire former-client database
  206. See What's New in the Inspection Industry...
  207. Enjoy this month's inspector cartoon.
  208. Bob Elliot's fault
  209. New logo for Main Line Inspections
  210. New logo for R&C Inspections
  211. New logo for B4U Close
  212. Solar Bottle Light...
  213. Arizona banks approving short sales like crazy.
  214. New logo for United Home Inspections
  215. Cool inspection, yesterday
  216. What would you do?
  217. brochure and business card design for Silveroak Home Inspections
  218. Thought I was in Calif
  219. Hey industry vendors. We're doing a big message board Christmas party again...
  220. Tuesday may get weird
  221. Home Inspections and Safety seminar in Post Falls, Idaho on November 15, 2011.
  222. The CREATION--as told by the cat...
  223. NJNACHI News for New Jersey inspectors.
  224. New logo for Sunrise Inspection Services
  225. ACE just gave InterNACHI $187,500 worth of $25 gift cards for members' clients.
  226. New Home Inspection Cheaper?
  227. New logo for Right at Home Inspections & Solutions
  228. New logo for Blessed Assurance Home Inspection
  229. Hey Awards Committee...
  230. New logo Homespec Certified Inspections
  231. 10 Steps To Get The Economy Booming
  232. Award Nominations for 2011
  233. New logo for Prevention Home Inspection
  234. New logo for Better Homes Inspection and Maintenance
  235. Chicago Style Roofing
  236. Exciting November 8 Meeting of NJ NACHI
  237. Ontario Inspectors: Marketing for New Home Warranty Inspections
  238. brochure, letterhead and business card design for I-Team Home Inspections
  239. Sports, working out etc...
  240. New logo for Florida Property Consulting
  241. New logo for Gulf Coast Inspections
  242. Home prices heading for triple-dip
  243. Company Logo
  244. New logo for AIM Home Inspection
  245. Eyes opened wide...
  246. Great show Melbourne
  247. Hot PICs: Now that's what I call an inspection van wrap.
  248. Who has Snow?
  249. InterNACHI gives back ;)
  250. Riddle