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  1. Thanks NACHI
  2. SWINGIN' Vinyl-Asbestos Flooring
  3. Inspection industry attorney Joe Ferry flying in next week to do NACHI.TV episodes.
  4. Presidential Sex Tape Released
  5. Domain Hijacking
  6. GOOD and Reasonable WEBSITE Builder NEEDED.
  7. Great Home Hint eNews Super Bowl XLII contest. Place your guesses now.
  8. Gates Trying To Buy Yahoo
  9. 2-day Infrared Training course in Boulder, Colorado on May 17-18, 2008.
  10. Big Screen TV
  11. Electrical Inspection Seminar, Milwaukee, WI on March 8,2008
  12. Mythbusters Blow Up Water Heater
  13. Help me choose new Logo
  14. 6.8 Million paid for a #5 ...
  15. Interesting Article
  16. The Worst Building in the History of Mankind
  17. Certified Well Sampler course coming to Philadelphia, PA on April 12, 2008.
  18. Home Inspector Pro/Certified Master Inspector Super Bowl Contest. Place your guesses!
  19. Great ADRS Super Bowl XLII Contest. Place your guesses now.
  20. Sad Hearts In The Attic
  21. Many thanks to Schuyler Hellings of CH Insurance for doing a NACHI.TV episode with me
  22. FREA giving $100 cash away during our Super Bowl 1/2 time show. Make sure you're here
  23. Coming soon... free, 24-hour accidental death & dismemberment policy for every member
  24. Important tips to avoid blunders...
  25. Great Show Me How Videos Super Bowl halftime contest. 20 winners!
  26. America's Hardest-Hit Foreclosure Spots
  27. deck conference
  28. Congrats to John O., Dale Duffy, Paul Abernathy and Mario K.
  29. CD's & Income for InterNACHI Chapters
  30. Episode 19 of NACHI.TV Up + A Surprise
  31. Dan Marino's website has InterNACHI's logo in bottom right hand corner of homepage.
  32. Proposed Change to NACHI COE
  33. InterNACHI booth at Isanti Home Show in Isanti, Minnesota on march 29-30, 2008.
  34. Hot-tub Question?
  35. Video Inspecting?
  36. Webmaster Etiquette again!!!
  37. How do you keep track of appointments?
  38. Tennessee Approves Infrared Certified Training
  39. Ceramic Tile
  40. You're Questions Answered on NACHI.TV!
  41. Crazy new technology released by NACHI.TV, sure to change the world!
  42. Stupid Human Tricks
  43. Foreclosures Up 79%
  44. Nick - Clarification Please
  45. National Draw Inspection Companies.
  46. Live hit counters installed under each NACHI.TV episode in episode browser.
  47. The SuperBowl @ 75mph-))
  48. Termites?
  49. Hows this for a chainsaw?
  50. NACHI.TV Episode 18 Released (Nick,Russ Spriggs & Me)
  51. Global Incident Map, Very Interesting
  52. Are you "Linked In"?
  53. Nicest veiw yet
  54. Ghost Town
  55. InterNACHI & CalNACHI at Pacific West Assoc. of REALTORs Show, Disneyland, CA, May 2.
  56. New Trend In Sacramento: 'Intentional Foreclosure'
  57. New NACHI.TV episode browser.
  58. Insane $1,000 cash PRO-LAB Super Bowl XLII Contest. Place your guesses now!
  59. Great InspectorBoost.com Super Bowl XLII Contest. Place your guesses now!
  60. Great Home Inspector Pro Super Bowl XLII Contest. Place your guesses now!
  61. Great Scheduleze.com Super Bowl XLII Contest. Place your guesses now!
  62. Great InterNACHIGauge.com Super Bowl XLII Contest. Place your guesses now!
  63. Does 'staging' a house help sell it faster?
  64. Is it dove season?
  65. Thank you InterNACHIGauge.com! They just donated some great prizes for Super Bowl.
  66. Your Golden Ticket Has Arrived! Admit One.
  67. HOT PICs of InterNACHI 2007 Awards.
  68. Foreclosures Prompt Cities to Make Plea for Aid
  69. Engineer Botches Home Inspection...Suspended by Regulating Agency
  70. State's Decline In Home Prices Longest Since Great Depression
  71. The InterNACHI Newsletter Project
  72. FREA Flood Analysis
  73. 1st MIC inspection
  74. Texas Real Estate Directory sending buyers to InterNACHI members.
  75. I Will Pay $50 To Anyone...
  76. Search Engine Usage
  77. Open Message to All
  78. www.overnightprints.com - I'm impressed!!
  79. Tax Rebates!!
  80. Ford to offer buyouts to 54,000 workers
  81. Free Wireless Microphones
  82. Hot Pic! NACHI.TV got in new light boxes and my co-host Paige got a new hairdo!
  83. When Iran's president goes to Bagdad...
  84. Ladder Safety Video
  85. Tom Leykis Radio Talk Show.... I put the word out about Frivilous lawsuits!
  86. Past Member Died
  87. InterNACHI booth at the Three Chambers Tradeshow, Port Jefferson Station, NY April 17
  88. You Asked for it, Mr. Tedesco. Here it is....
  89. Drivers Licenses Viewable Online
  90. Highly Skilled And Out Of Work
  91. Help. What other things could we guess about for the Super Bowl prize?
  92. Aloha from Kauai, Hawaii
  93. CREIA approved our upcoming California Conference for CREIA CE purposes.
  94. 23 inspectors joined us today.
  95. Infrared Training Coming To Dallas & Denver
  96. InterNACHI booth at Jennifer's Garden Home Expo in Morris, Illinois on February 16.
  97. New Pricing
  98. ADA Inspectors and Consultants
  99. Feeling Misled on Home Price, Buyers Sue Agent
  100. Fetchreport Not Working
  101. Insurance
  102. InterNACHI booth at Pensacola, FL Association of REALTORs show in Florida on Feb 29.
  103. InterNACHI booth at Pensacola, FL Association of REALTORs show in Florida on Feb 29.
  104. InterNACHI booth at Business to Business Showcase in Waterville, Maine on April 9.
  105. NACHIChicagoland Chapter booth at the Old House New House show Feb 8-10.
  106. Nice Boat Motor...
  107. Greater Philadelphia Chapter of InterNACHI meeting on February 6, 2008.
  108. Free sew-on emblems for InterNACHI members.
  109. Home auction inspections
  110. Hot Pics Of Commercial Class In Dallas
  111. Dale Duffy...
  112. Another Home Inspector cartoon. Enjoy.
  113. Greater Philadelphia Chapter Informal Meeting, February 6th
  114. Geek Question
  115. Central Tennessee Chapter of InterNACHI meeting in Brentwood, TN on February 12, 2008
  116. Shoot the Sheep!
  117. The Dash of Life
  118. I'm another G-Dad
  119. Home Insp Agreement
  120. Hot PIC of one prize being given away at InterNACHI's online Super Bowl contest.
  121. Sometimes you just have to stop,...
  122. Home Construction Drops 25%
  123. Michalski writes
  124. State suspends Allstate's insurance license
  125. Free Websites to all InterNACHI Chapters
  126. Move In Certified going Green.
  127. SO CO Chapter Meeting w/Dominic & Russ
  128. Nupi
  129. Filming 3 NACHI.TV Episodes Firday
  130. Questions on Draw Inspections?
  131. Great Home Inspector Pro/Mike Crow NFL Playoff Contest. Place your guesses now!
  132. On line brochures?
  133. InterNACHI booth at Lancaster, PA Housing Opportunity Partnership event on Feb 21.
  134. Please send me your pictures
  135. Criminal background report for Nick Gromicko.
  136. NACHIOHIO Chapter of InterNACHI meeting in Dublin, Ohio on February 10, 2008.
  137. Beware of Home Inspectors
  138. How's Business?
  139. How would you write this issue?
  140. What days/times are NFL Conference games being played? I want to make a new contest.
  141. InterNACHI booth at the West Pasco, FL Board of REALTORs Trade Show on April 23, 2008
  142. Recent pageview comparison graph of 5 inspection trade associations by Alexa.com
  143. 2-day Radon Course at Greater Philadelphia Chapter of InterNACHI in PA on Feb 23-24.
  144. Nationwide Loan Inspectors, Inc.
  145. Anyone delt with ushud.com ?
  146. Pre-inspection agreements
  147. We've now incorporated as separate corps in 6 countries and working on about 40 more.
  148. January NYNACHI Chapter Meeting
  149. Certified Master Inspector makes the news.
  150. Returning to Colorado!
  151. WiNACHI Chapter Meeting - Inspecting Septic Tanks January 22nd
  152. InterNACHI dead?... the day I thought ASHI dropped the bomb on InterNACHI.
  153. InterNACHI booth at REALTOR Association of S. Central Wisconsin on March 13, 2008.
  154. InterNACHI booth at Home and Health Expo in Morris, Illinois on February 23, 2008.
  155. Looking for Florida Fishing Guide
  156. Go Farve
  157. WiNACHI Chapter meeting on septic inspections in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 22.
  158. Stairways Inspection document reviewed by stair manufacturer and proof reader.
  159. State Wants Remote Control Over Your Thermostat ?
  160. Official: Housing Slump To Be Worst In Lifetime
  161. Chesapeake Chapter of InterNACHI meeting on January 15, 2008.
  162. Nick, the new...
  163. Illinois State Chapter of InterNACHI DECK FRAMING/CONSTRUCTION COURSE
  164. 2-day educational (commercial and wells) in Atlanta, Georgia on February 23-24, 2008.
  165. Lennar's New Homes Fetch 60% Less as U.S. Market Slump Deepens
  166. 2- Day Educational Event Coming to the Atlanta Area
  167. Live Teleconference IR Course Jan 26-27
  168. A smokin' hot home inspector's website!
  169. poets day???
  170. NEWS: Hillary Lost... Party..!!!
  171. The Greater Philadelphia Historic Home Show
  172. What a place!
  173. We started a new Green Building forum.... Go here:
  174. Need more inspection work? Sign up for draw inspections from Nationwide.
  175. Join me in Congratulating Kenton Shepard, our new Director of Green Building.
  176. InterNACHI booth at RMLS show in Portland, Oregon on February 14, 2008.
  177. Great Home Inspector Pro/Mike Crow NFL Playoff Contest. Place your guesses now!
  178. Founding member of FL's 1st ASHI Chapter & FABI offering to speak at our meetings.
  179. InterNACHI booth at Realtors Association of South Central Wisconsin on March 13, 2008
  180. InterNACHI booth at the Flint Association of REALTORs Education meeting on January 31
  181. Full moon, April 1 or Halloween?
  182. Vector Image Tool
  183. Hot Pic of NACHI.TV crew shirt logo.
  184. Go Buckeyes
  185. InterNACHI booth at Jefferson City, MO Area Board of REALTORs on January 15, 2008.
  186. InterNACHI booth at Southeast Real Estate Show in Atlanta, GA on August 20, 2008.
  187. Coldwell Banker agent needs Spanish speaking InterNACHI member in Fort Lupton, CO.
  188. Ill State Chapter Comprehensive two day Commercial Inspection course
  189. Thank you Aram Sargisian for catching small error in our Green Building course.
  190. InterNACHI member John Onofrey receives Inventions and Innovations Award.
  191. New Website Hosting Service from Home Inspector Pro - Need Input!
  192. new logo
  193. CFL Already causes a DEP Clean-up
  194. Will somebody please send this to the ACLU
  195. Fra'gee'lay
  196. CFL Bulb Breaks: Leave For 15 min.
  197. quick thought
  198. Aspirations
  199. NJNACHI meeting in Bloomfield, New Jersey on January 24, 2008.
  200. NJNACHI meeting in Medford, New Jersey on January 8, 2008.
  201. The Nachi.org....
  202. Real Estate expert features only NACHI.org in his new book.
  203. It's finally here....
  204. Central Tennessee Chapter meeting in Nashville, Tennessee on January 8, 2008.
  205. Vendor overcharging for certification?
  206. Funny Slogans by TREC Inspector
  207. Green Building Downloads
  208. Not Running a NAHI chapter
  209. Nick teaching another Board of REALTORs approved course in Kittridge, CO on Feb 7.
  210. Member asked me to post this warning about Omega Property Services.
  211. 1 day a week job for electrical inspector in Corona, California.
  212. Asking for your input...
  213. Florida inspection firm seeks InterNACHI members. Salary, insurance, 401K, paid vacat
  214. Hey Nick...
  215. My Safe Florida Home
  216. sad but true (Dispute between neighbors)
  217. Enough is Enough!!!!!!!!
  218. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by InterNACHI: Multi-tool set.
  219. The man-woman communication dilemma
  220. Happy 2008
  221. Great InterNACHI Daily Door Prize NFL Wild Card Game!!!!!!!!! Place your guesses now.
  222. Help. We want to do a big Super Bowl Door Prize game. What teams are in the playoffs?
  223. What did Dominic Do to me---)))
  224. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by InterNACHI: Tripod Light.
  225. 2 year anniversary for this message board version, 286,000+ posts in 2 years.
  226. Scott Emerson, CMI Exect Dir in Texas is looking to hire InterNACHI members.
  227. Microwave oven testing?
  228. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Mike Holt.
  229. Master card
  230. Most amazing wildlife footage ever
  231. 2-day CMC Home Energy Tune-Up course in Columbus, Ohio on January 22-23, 2008
  232. Electricity and the Home Inspector at Pocono-NE PA Chapter in Matamoras, PA on Jan 10
  233. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by InterNACHI: 3 tape measures (U.S. and metric).
  234. Success Tips
  235. A little helper
  236. Not Sure How to Title This... Enjoy
  237. Computer repair...
  238. Thank You Kenton Shepard for providing the "Green Building" course!!!!!
  239. Consumer protection link info
  240. Where To Buy Your Gas
  241. Please Welcome New (Lady!) NACHI Inspector!
  242. 16-0
  243. Joe Farsetta Doing CMI Monthly Meeting
  244. The new millionaires
  245. Gm ABS recall
  246. Can you identify?
  247. Home Sales Plunge, Feed Recession Fears
  248. 10 minutes of required viewing...
  249. NACHI.TV Episode 16 Available
  250. NACHI.TV now has an RSS feed