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  1. Has Kansas HB-2315 Passed
  2. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by BootieShoeCover.com
  3. Washington Licensing board members?
  4. All of our free, online courses are now awaiting approval by the State of Alaska.
  5. Tennessee approves InterNACHI's free, online Plumbing Inspection Course for 8 CEs.
  6. Canadian government awards Registration of CMI today.
  7. Trademark Office rules in our favor against ASHI's infringement on our mark.
  8. NEC common violations recognition course coming soon.
  9. State of Tennessee just approved our free, online Plumbing Inspection course for 8hrs
  10. New Final Exam added to Online Safety Course. Cert includes TN CE approval #.
  11. Walking the roof
  12. President Bush harms home inspectors on Monday.
  13. School is open for Florida HI License
  14. John McKenna and Nick Gromicko debate licensing and have a fist fight caught on tape!
  15. Joe Farsetta and Nick Gromicko discuss licensing and CMI.
  16. TREC approves another course.
  17. If the government wants to raid any more communities with underage pregnant girls...
  18. I just got a verbal that Joe Farsetta's well course will be approved by TREC...
  19. US Patent and Trademark Office Awards InterNACHI a new Federal Certification Mark!
  20. Interesting Article in Atlanta's AJC
  21. InterNACHI files for "Certified Commercial Inspector" Federal Certification Mark.
  22. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by InterNACHI.
  23. Online approved courses now have Tennessee CE approval #'s printed on them.
  24. Wa. State Dept. of Licensing: "Home Inspector" page created
  25. State Licensure Grandfathering
  26. State of Oregon approves ALL InterNACHI FREE, online courses for licensing.
  27. State of Illinois Dept of Fin. and Prof. Regulation issues InterNACHI more licenses.
  28. Kansas City Business Reporter Says "No" to Missouri HI Licensing
  29. Guess who the industry's biggest inspection education provider is?
  30. 980 Questions/Answers to the NHIE....Free!
  31. TREC - Proposed SOP update
  32. Ohio HB257 Update
  33. InterNACHI now a Florida approved course provider!
  34. House builders get federal bailout
  35. We set up a proctoring system for the State of Illinois today.
  36. What a tangled web we weave...
  37. TREC approves InterNACHI's Law & Disorder course for core or renewal CE hours.
  38. Code Alert OHIO - 3 APR 2008
  39. Ohio Licensing Update
  40. Substitute to Georgia HB 1217
  41. Substitute for Kansas HB 2315
  42. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by InterNACHI.
  43. Texas - Required to move items
  44. Hot PICs: Industry comparison of professional designation + association requirements.
  45. More Tennessee State approved continuing education, get it here.
  46. Kansas Needs Your Help
  47. Federal Bill Introduced - Hb 4776
  48. A first in State Licensing. An ONLINE course is approved for 8 full hours of CE!
  49. Full Text Ammended Kansas HB 2315
  50. New amendment to Kansas HB 2315
  51. Over 1,400 letters going out to inspectors in Tennessee reminding them that...
  52. State of Michigan approves InterNACHI's Thermal Imaging Course for real estate agents
  53. Georgia to License Home Inspectors ?
  54. KansasCity.com Debate heats up over home inspection Bill.
  55. PA SB359 March 11 2008
  56. Today's Hearing....Mo HB 2057
  57. PHIC scam going broke.
  58. Kansas HB 2315 hearing continued
  59. Plumbing and Log Home courses added to InterNACHI's membership requirements.
  60. Tennessee approves InterNACHI's IR/Building Science course for 16 hours of CE.
  61. Texas Real Estate Commission approves InterNACHI's Building Science course for 16hrs.
  62. Prostitutes and State Legislators
  63. Florida-Any Changes
  64. Hey Dan Harris and Dom D'Agostino... you are correct and I fully agree with you.
  65. Wisconsin Governor Signs Electrician Licensing Bill
  66. washington inspector legislation passes
  67. Kansas House Bill 2315 Senate Reading
  68. iNACHI Quits Missouri Housing Industry Alliance
  69. Another group comes out against Missouri licensing.
  70. Another state approves InterNACHI's Thermal Imaging course for agent CE purposes.
  71. An Insurance Update for NYS Inspectors
  72. Consumer Advocacy Group Announces Opposition to Missouri HB 2057!!!
  73. Missouri Legislative Efforts Heating Up...
  74. ASHI Busy in Washington State
  75. Mr. Obama versus The Real Estate Salesman
  76. Michigan Builder's License
  77. Click here to take action now regarding Arizona BTR!
  78. 2-day HVAC/Plumbing for inspectors at Central Tennessee Chapter with Kenny Hart.
  79. Missouri HB 2228
  80. Another state approves InterNACHI's course for real estate agent CE purposes.
  81. Hb 2057
  82. Washington State update Feb 21,2008
  83. Another real estate commission approves InterNACHI's REALTOR Guide to Infrared course
  84. A special message from the Chesapeake Chapter President.
  85. TREC draft SOP
  86. Georgia's HB
  87. Maine Requires A level II Chimney Inspection?
  88. Ohio Update
  89. Proposed change to COMSOP's definition of "unsafe." Suggestions?
  90. Washington State Dept. of Ag (WSDA) free LISTSERV. Sign up.
  91. State of Georgia removes ASHI from pending legislation making it association-neutral.
  92. Trcc
  93. State of Tennessee approves InterNACHI's FREE, Online, Safety for Inspectors course.
  94. Life-safety section added to Commercial SOP.
  95. New Chapter forming in Western New York!!
  96. States HI license legislation
  97. State of Michigan approves InterNACHI's course for real estate agent licensing.
  98. WAHI considering removing ASHI and that association-sounding for-profit company.
  99. Attention Ny Nachi Inspectors !!!!
  100. Missouri HB 2057, HI Licensing, Finally Filed
  101. Code Alert: WISCONSIN - 4 Feb 2008
  102. Code Alert - NEW HAMPSHIRE 6 Feb 2008
  103. InterNACHI's SOP reviewed and loved by insurance underwriters.
  104. New sewer lateral inspection law requiring inspections in Santa Barbara.
  105. Arizona Bill would take inspectors out from under BTR.
  106. Home Inspector Licensing Prayer
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  112. New York Home Inspection Council Meeting
  113. Here Comes The Kansas Bill
  114. Taxing Customers Florida
  115. State of Tennessee approves InterNACHI's Thermal Imaging course for CE purposes.
  116. Calling All Florida Inspectors
  117. Licensing ever coming to California?????
  118. Washington HI Legislation
  119. Code Alert - INDIANA 24 Jan 2008
  120. Ohio City law requiring all homes to be inspected. InterNACHI members run task force.
  121. 2008 Missouri HI Bill Has Been "Filed"
  122. Washington State and contract limitation of liability
  123. State of Illinois issues InterNACHI Deck Framing course license.
  124. Code Alert - WISCONSIN 11 Jan 2008
  125. ASHI Leaders Admit "Licensing Solves Nothing"
  126. The MAR Opposes This Legislation
  127. Proposed Texas Standards
  128. Code Alert - MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA 10 Jan 08
  129. Code Alert - WISCONSIN 7 Jan 2008
  130. State and Municipality CO Laws
  131. Minnesota CO detector requirements reminder
  132. Code Alert - Shelby County, ALABAMA
  133. Indiana SB 0009
  134. Massachusetts 266 CMR SOP
  135. General Liability requried? Get it here for free from FREA. InterNACHI exclusive.
  136. Indiana Home Inspector
  137. United States versus National Realtor Association
  138. Protecting Consumers; ????
  139. Dear Missouri Association of Realtors....
  140. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by InterNACHI: Tripod Light.
  141. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Mike Holt.
  142. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by InterNACHI: 3 tape measures (U.S. and metric).
  143. InterNACHI Inspector Picks Up Realtor Endorsement
  144. Meth legislation passes Senate. National Standards to be developed.
  145. State law compliance reminder! We've made it easy to comply with state licensing laws
  146. Liability question
  147. Code Alert - OHIO
  148. Code Alert - WISCONSIN
  149. Code Alert: PENNSYLVANIA
  150. 121007 TREC Meeting results
  151. North Carolina Inspector Test
  152. North Carolina Inspector Test
  153. Code Alert: NEW YORK
  154. Code Alert - INDIANA
  155. Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) approves Joe Farsetta as an inspection instructor
  156. EIFS Ban - Oregon
  157. Attention Kentucky Inspectors: New Advisory Bulletin from KBHI
  158. Texas Real Estate Commission approves our "Certified Commercial Inspection" course.
  159. TREC approves InterNACHI member/CMI Head John McKenna as a Texas Instructor.
  160. NH update
  161. State of Tennessee approves InterNACHI's ONLINE Structural Course for 4 hours of CE.
  162. Texas Atty. General Renders Opinion about Liability Insurance
  163. Texas AG issues E&O Opinion
  164. InterNACHI releases new Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Property.
  165. Thank You, Missouri Association of Realtors
  166. California arbitration
  167. What should be changed to Florida License
  168. Michael talks much about Texas licensing and how licensed inspector can succeed.
  169. NACHI Inspectors are stupid
  170. **HOT** Texas Inspectors use of REI-7A-0
  171. Washington State Licensing meeting at Dept. of Agriculture in Olympia, WA on Dec 13.
  172. Florida State Licensing meeting in Jacksonville, FL on November 30, 2007.
  173. NC - Board Delays Decision on Facts-Only Home Inspection Reports
  174. Code Alert - WISCONSIN
  175. Code Alert - ILLINOIS
  176. Another State Governor joins NACHI in opposition to standardized inspection reports.
  177. Today's Daily Door Prize by NACHI.TV: 9 LED Aluminum Flashlight plus LED Key Chain.
  178. Limiting liability in Wisconsin
  179. Little association out of Minneapolis releases new position on Adolf Hitler.
  180. Op/ed piece by NACHI member on North Carolina home inspector licensing.
  181. Today's Daily Door Prize by NACHI.TV: 9 LED Aluminum Flashlight plus LED Key Chain.
  182. I need a volunteer to be on the Missouri Housing Industry Alliance.
  183. Standard mold inspection agreement template for all states and provinces.
  184. We'll be hosting a licensing meeting in Alberta on January 21, 2008. All invited.
  185. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by iNACHIReporter.com
  186. InterNACHI's accessibility checklist being used in approved real easte course.
  187. My Safe Florida Home Program
  188. Today's (Monday's) Daily Door Prize donated by iNACHIReporter.com
  189. Free disabled accessibility reporting form for commercial buildings.
  190. Survey of Texas Professional Inspectors
  191. TREC Inspectors Committee Notes
  192. Code Alert - MICHIGAN
  193. Maryland is this new
  194. Code Alert - OHIO
  195. MONACHI Recognizes MAREI as the true Missouri Home Inspector Coalition
  196. Real Estate Commission approves NACHI course being given to agents Dec 6, 2007 in NH.
  197. Florida Fires Home Insection Company
  198. Update: State of Florida adds NACHI to Home Inspector Licensing state website.
  199. Online Continuing Education
  200. Association of REALTORs publishes full-page "NACHI Is Compliant With PA Act" article
  201. SW ASHI may be closing it's doors
  202. New E&O for Texas, TREC approval of PayPerView reports, Dallas, TX, Oct 16, Be there.
  203. SC inspectors please read
  204. See list of Virginia approved CE's given by NACHI trainer.
  205. Continuing Education
  206. Please contribute to NACHI member's run for public office.
  207. Washington State Sunrise Review
  208. TREC Meeting Notes from Oct. 8th
  209. Licensing meeting at Florida State NACHI Chapter meeting in Orlando on Oct. 25, 2007.
  210. North Carolina new rule is hindrance
  211. Maryland To Licence Home Inspectors
  212. TREC E&O Form?
  213. REALTOR Association just awarded 3 CEs for our "MoveInCertified" course to agents.
  214. US Patent and Trademark Office has issued IAC2 a Notice of Allowance.
  215. Ohio licensing Bill a nice SEO windfall for NACHI & InterNACHI.
  216. TREC authorizes MoveInCertified's Pay Per View inspection report project.
  217. Georgia licensing: Excerpts from ASHI response to GORRC.
  218. Indiana - Proposed Legislation and Letter from Rep
  219. Pa Hb 1805
  220. Missouri Housing Industry Alliance Meeting, Oct 3. Can anyone go for NACHI?
  221. Florida Licensing. This is the ACTUAL Bill signed into law by the Governor.
  222. Texas Inspector Rule Change
  223. Citizens Property Insurance officially approves NACHI's Universal 4-point form.
  224. Inspection report saves agent from penalty in non-disclosure suit
  225. Approved Home Inspectors Training Provider For Maryland
  226. New home inspector requirements for Texas.
  227. NACHI Inspector Running For Public Office
  228. NYS Home Inspection Continuing Ed 9/29/07
  229. NYS home inspection licensing course.
  230. ...but they wanna license home inspectors...
  231. WI and IL CEU's at Sept 25th Milwaukee Course
  232. ATTN! Cititzens Property Insurance has made changes to our 4-Point Inspection Form!!!
  233. Find out how to get your Florida Home Inspectors License.
  234. Please Share your Personal Experiences with Real Estate Salesmen
  235. Illinois State CEUs at State Chatper, SW Community College.
  236. Attention Texas home inspectors! TREC meeting October 8, 2007.
  237. What would get you to attend?
  238. Hot PICs: NACHI's Joe Farsetta speaks at NY State HI Advisory Council meeting.
  239. Licensing solves all problems
  240. $5000 Reward Offered for Real Estate Salesmen Breaking the Law
  241. MD Licensing Course
  242. 6 State approved CE's for Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, NACHI roofing course.
  243. New York State H.I. license update?
  244. I think this a first. NACHI gets licensed to offer thermal imaging for state CE.
  245. NACHI files response in US Court to Mallory's recent attacks for personal gain.
  246. Interview with sponsor of Florida Home Inspector Licensing
  247. Today's daily door prize donated by BestInspectors.net
  248. New York State Home Inspection Council To Meet
  249. Another association leader says Mallory's association/ASTM meeting unfair.
  250. Licensing - Sowing the Wind