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  1. Grandfathering long over in Maryland.
  2. Even MORE from Mallory....
  3. Exams with too many difficult-to-answer questions are harmful to consumers.
  4. Language to put on all reports, required by the State of Maryland beginning Jan 1, 08
  5. More From Mallory....
  6. Chesapeake NACHI Chapter has arranged Maryland approved licensing course.
  7. FL Home Inspection Bill
  8. You are not going to believe this....
  9. ASHI Screws its Missouri Members to Prepare to Support Next Licensing Bill
  10. 3 NY CEs at NY Capitol Region Chapter in Greenbush, NY on July 28, 2007.
  11. Licensing - Love it/Hate it
  12. Request for Missouri Home Inspectors
  13. How beneficial is it to get HUD certified
  14. Realtor Logic - Homebuyers Must Be Licensed
  15. ASHI Pushing Missouri Legislation...in 2002
  16. Missouri Passes New Law to Protect Consumers....from RE Agents
  17. Missouri Passes New Law to Protect Consumers....from RE Agents
  18. Missouri Passes New Law to Protect Consumers....from RE Agents
  19. Missouri Passes New Law to Protect Consumers....from RE Agents
  20. Missouri Passes New Law to Protect Consumers....from RE Agents
  21. Missouri Passes New Law to Protect Consumers....from RE Agents
  22. Feds Bust Missouri Real Estate Broker
  23. Advice for newbie, need customers
  24. Florida chapters
  25. Today's daily door prize donated by Nick.
  26. Washington State Department of Licensing meeting transcript.
  27. Visit My Blog, Missouri
  28. Washington Legislative Hearing Transcript
  29. Lincensing Coming to Minnesota?
  30. TAREI OAG Fund
  31. "Law & Disorder" Seminar Coming to New Hampshire
  32. Another ASHI Chapter Biting the Dust
  33. Today's daily door prize donated by D. Michael Green
  34. Historic Meetings In NY
  35. 2-day OK and AR state approved CE at NW Arkansas NACHI on Sept 13-14, 2007.
  36. early bird news
  37. Gov Christ signed SB2234 this evening
  38. Should Builders in Missouri Continue to be Unlicensed?
  39. Thank You Florida NACHI
  40. Today's daily door prize donated by NACHI.
  41. Local Realtors support FL legislation
  42. Licensing Law Repealed
  43. OHIO HB-257 Update
  44. Potential Fraud by West Virginia Inspector
  45. Listen to the ASHI President, People!
  46. TREC Update
  47. How to Turn a marketing Plan Into Legislation..
  48. The time to renew your North Carolina home inspector license is here.
  49. Action needed in NY
  50. Action needed in NY
  51. Texas - Is it true?
  52. NH state lisence requirements
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  54. State requires insurance? More EXCLUSIVE, NACHI-ONLY deals from Allen Insurance.
  55. Today's daily door prize donated by Krystal.
  56. New York COE & Standards need us!!
  57. Licensing Did Not Prevent This....?
  58. Today's daily door prize donated by NACHI's Krystal.
  59. New York Department of State seeking comments on proposed COE & SOP. Send now!
  60. ATTENTION Members!!!! Our attorney has made changes to your pre-inspection agreement!
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  62. Continuing Education
  63. WA. Inspectors - Email update from DOL
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  65. Florida Licensing Bill - Action Soon
  66. Today's daily door prize donated by Nick.
  67. Arizona legislation. This might catch on nationwide.
  68. New York State licenses C.A.T.S. as home inspector education provider (school).
  69. Today's daily door prize donated by NACHI.
  70. Any NACHI classes recommended for required 90 hour Tennessee state licensing?
  71. Want to save someone's life?
  72. Now REAL ESTATE AGENTS are required to do code inspections
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  74. Gov.Gregoire is on Ch.9 Live
  75. WA. STATE INSPECTORS (Email update from Mike O'Handley)
  76. Maine proposes model radon code.
  77. Another public hearing regarding Washington State licensing in Wenatchee on July 11.
  78. ASHI commits suicide, one state at a time.
  79. Voice your opinion on the New York State COE
  80. Voice your opinion on the New York State COE (duplicate - disregard)
  81. Ga. license bill...
  82. Rhode Island radon Bill scheduled for hearing today.
  83. RE Salesmen use legislation to restrict their competition, too!
  84. Ny State Inspectors - A Call To Arms
  85. New Washington Thread
  86. Public Hearing regarding licensing of home inspectors in Washington State on June 13.
  87. Illinois radon Bill HB 1425 passes Senate unanimously.
  88. Delaware State Housing Authority approves NACHI-DE to conduct mortgage inspections.
  89. Senator Robert Clegg speaking at NACHI's New Hampshire Chapter on May 30, 2007.
  90. New Jersey & Mass State approved CE, HI Survival Strategies, Boston, June 19, 20, 21
  91. E&O Survey
  92. Help me understand - Licensing is bad?
  93. Texas Legislative Alert mandatory E&O!!!
  95. ...and I thought the NAR was tricky...
  96. New law in Minnesota requiring all new homes to be built radon-resistant.
  97. CBS Takes On the National Association of Realtors
  98. Commercial legislation
  99. Does your state require insurance? Allen Insurance Group offers NACHI EXCLUSIVE deal
  100. Any News On SB 2234?
  101. Third attempt to regulate MI inspectors
  102. They Are Receiving The E-Mails
  103. in todays newpaper
  104. State of Illinois awards NACHI another H.I. continuing education license for wells.
  105. NY State publishes proposed home inspector COE and SOP for public comment.
  106. Inspection associations and licensing laws all on the same ethics page now.
  107. Stopping the ASHI/ITA Attempt to Control
  108. Still Firing Away Daily... How About You?
  109. ASHI Leads Legislation Drive In Michigan
  110. NJ State CE, 4-hour Survival Strategies course in Mt. Laurel, NJ on May 17, 2007.
  111. NJ State CE, 4-hour Survival Strategies course in Ewing, NJ on May 16, 2007.
  112. NJ State CE, 4-hour Survival Strategies course in Basking Ridge, NJ on May 15, 2007.
  113. Fl Sb 2234 On The Governors Desk
  114. What Happens if Nothing Gets Done By Friday?
  115. Latest Update on SB 2234
  116. MD license application
  117. Please HELP Defeat SB 2234 and HB 1399
  118. New -6/-7 LockBox Key Fees and requirements
  119. Call Charlie Crist's Office
  120. Reach Charlie Crist Here
  121. Send Letters To Gov's Office
  122. Fl Sb 2234 Passed Today
  123. State approved licensing course at Trident College in South Carolina beginning June 1
  124. Another Letter To Send To Brett Rayman.
  125. Help teaching Buyers about the Offer to Purchase!
  126. NYS Continued Ed Credits
  127. Canadian government official speaking at NACHI's Convention about licensing.
  128. Are All Florida NACHI guys Fighting This Bill?
  129. New Game
  130. This is Unacceptable
  131. Free legislative updates for NON-members. Opt-in here.
  132. Update From Today
  133. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  134. Today's Daily Door Prize donate by NACHI.
  135. NYS Has Approved Continuing Ed courses for Home Inspectors effective Today!
  136. TAREI letter about Texas HB3250
  137. Thanks
  138. Latest Version Grandfather Clause
  139. More Contacts to send letters to
  140. 10th largest newspaper runs article about unlicensed contractors & recommends NACHI.
  141. New Jersey approves Law and Disorder course for home inspector CE.
  142. All existing state licensing to be wiped out. Scumbag NAHI proposes Federal licensing
  143. Send Letters to Mike Thomas at Orlando Sentinel
  144. Another Letter to send
  145. Please Send Your Letters
  146. May is Sweeps Month - Look Out!!!
  147. Confession of a home inspection trade association founder.
  148. Keep sending Letters
  149. Interesting Development at Inspectionnews
  150. WA State Legislative update
  151. Maryland Director of Licensing Commission speaking at NACHI, Linthicum, MD, April 17.
  152. CMI President/NACHI member Michael Rowan awarded FL windstorm inspection contract!
  153. Mass & CT state approved Certified Well Sampler course in Wallingford, CT on May 25.
  154. New Jersey proposes legislation to test every home for sale for radon.
  155. Tennessee Licensing Division approves 4 more NACHI Certified Education courses.
  156. Tennessee Inspection Agreement
  157. ESSB 5778 on house 2nd reading??
  158. Wsahington State Sunrise Review
  159. Say "NO" to Grandfathering
  160. MAR is Publicly Backing Away from HI Licensing Bill
  161. Working in WA and ID???
  162. For those in favor of licensing
  163. Missouri Assoc of Realtors Want Right to Conceal Known Sex Offender Locations
  164. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  165. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  166. State of Colorado recommends consumers contact NACHI.
  167. Chinese government meets with NACHI regarding home inspections.
  168. 1-day TN state approved Certified Well Sample course in Brentwood, TN on May 5, 2007.
  169. 1-day TN state approved Certified Well Sample course in Memphis, TN on May 4, 2007.
  170. Washington 5788 public hearing
  171. Ashi In New Hampshire
  172. New Jersey and Mississippi approve all NACHI Certified Education courses for H.I. CE
  173. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by HomeGauge.
  174. Update on WASHINGTON Home Inspector Bill
  175. NY and SC reciprocity?
  176. Attorney letter
  177. Keep the E-Mails coming!!
  178. New Texas Rule: Forms
  179. Colorado State Division of Real Estate adds NACHI to their website.
  180. ASHI Monitors this board
  181. Fraudulent Missouri "Coalition"
  182. New Version of Washington Bill
  183. 5788 amended again
  184. 6 licencing CEs for both H.I. and NJDEP at 1/2 day WDO workshop, NJ NACHI, March 29
  185. For Sale Nokia N800....$200
  186. Type "missouri hb 978" into a Google search and see what comes up.
  187. CA Begins Transition From UBC to IBC
  188. Efforts to pass mold legislation in Wisconsin
  189. Illinois radon Bills.
  190. Massachusetts approves Certified Well Sampler course.
  191. Mississippi approves Certified Well Sampler course.
  192. Tennessee approves Certified Well Sampler course.
  193. Maryland Licensing Update
  194. I Sent This To All Of My Contacts In And Out Of Floridal
  195. NACHI member/trainer Mike Nelson gets core instructor approval in Texas (TREC).
  196. Texas (TREC) approved CE courses coming up.
  197. E-mail for Florida Legislation
  198. NACHI member discount on WDO recertification courses in MA, CT, PA and NY.
  199. I Sent This E-Mail. I Am Sure Many Can Relate
  200. Mississippi Inspector Regulatory Board approves all NACHI CE courses.
  201. For those of you who need E&O for licensing. Check this out!
  202. (WA. Legislation) Email from Larry Stamp of the WHILAG
  203. Florida Senate HI bill (SB-2234)
  204. Missouri HB Introduced
  205. Wa. State Inspectiors Only
  206. Top 10 Inspection and Construction Standards Organizations in the world.
  207. Md Licensing Update
  208. FL Gov. wants to raise sales tax to lower property tax
  209. Elwood Mosley, head of Maryland home inspector licensing called me today with update.
  210. NY Council, and help from around the country
  211. NH leg. update
  212. Kansas House Bill 2315
  213. Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing adds NACHI.
  214. Licensed real agents get CE for NACHI course by New Hampshire Real Estate Commission.
  215. Not only the state..
  216. How to beat the system....?
  217. States that have Licensing
  218. ASTM & Florida Legislation
  219. A thread for serious discussion of Washington Senate bill 5778
  220. TREC just approved the rest of our NCE courses for CE in Texas.
  221. New Jersey State approved CEs for both HI & radon license at NJ NACHI, Feb 15.
  222. Pa. licensing
  223. New York Licensing and CE Update
  224. Illinois: Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector Act
  225. Missouri Housing Industry Alliance meeting April 4, 2007. Can someone go for NACHI?
  226. What's ruling on New York State lead paint
  227. 16 hours of TREC approved CEU in Sugar Land, Texas on March 9-10, 2007.
  228. New Washington Legislation Submitted
  229. Bill 1851 to License HI in Puerto Rico
  230. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by iCourse.
  231. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Mike Holt.
  232. Montana HI Bill
  233. 2007 Florida Mold Bill
  234. New York State liability insurance?
  235. Totally different Daily Door Prize donated by Mike Holt.
  236. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Mike Holt.
  237. Nick Gromicko Blew the Room Away!
  238. New NACHI licensing in New Hampshire... all NACHI.
  239. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  240. New Kansas Bill submitted by Trial Atty's & KAR
  241. MONTANA Legislation Update
  242. 2007 - Kansas Home Inspector Bills
  243. Indiana approves my home inspection course for real estate agent continuing education
  244. Tennessee approves our Certified Well Sampler course for home inspector CE.
  245. FL NACHI at 1,450 members now larger than all other FL trade associations combined.
  246. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  247. Washington Inspectors and those who work in Washington
  248. NH Licensing
  249. Withdrawl From Coalition Agenda
  250. Tennessee home inspectors! Inspection agreement requirements.