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  1. InterNACHI's Roofing course approved by Illinois for 6 hours.
  2. Grade away from the foundation
  3. Snow filled window well
  4. Attic Venting, Attic Moisture and Ice Dams
  5. New Jersey approved InterNACHI's FREE, online Exterior Inspections course today.
  6. Snow in attic
  7. Oklahoma approves InterNACHI's FREE online Exterior Inspection course for 16 hours.
  8. Stringer install
  9. Is there any way to retrofit weep screed
  10. First 20 members to post win How to Perform Deck Inspections book.
  11. First 2 to answer correctly win InterNACHI sunglasses.
  12. First 12 to reply win How to Perform Roofing Inspections book.
  13. AK Department of Commerce approves InterNACHI's FREE, online Exterior course.
  14. One of the Most Impressive Trainers
  15. There are over 12 types of stucco and EIFS
  16. EIFS or Stucco
  17. Tile roofs
  18. InterNACHI acquiring Exterior Design Institute (EDI).
  19. AR Home Inspector Registration Board approves InterNACHIs FREE online Exterior course
  20. valley or ski run!!
  21. Poppong Sounds
  22. Name that roof?
  23. Do you walk the roof?
  24. Nice chimney cap
  25. Kentucky approved InterNACHI's FREE, online Exterior Inspection course today.
  26. Slash Piles. Please proof this new inspection article.
  27. Simple Chimney Question
  28. Very nice Tab Uplift graphic.
  29. Tile wall...needs a drainage system?
  30. Help with stucco issues--calling all experts!
  31. What's the proper way to remove moss from a roof?
  32. Ledger Strip
  33. Damp proofing?
  34. Nice SPF~~;)
  35. Cut off vent stacks?
  36. Good Brick Veneer Graphics
  37. Great stucco work
  38. Roofing behind the redwood curtain
  39. Your comments would be great
  40. slotted gutters (dispersion type): any good?
  41. Underlayment
  42. Old wood shingles still bleeding sap?
  43. Photo needed: California cut valley
  44. New chinese problem?
  45. Tech Shield history?
  46. Requirements for 200 amp?
  47. Siding Stains
  48. Composite Wood Shakes
  49. Roof Valley
  50. Kickout
  51. Concrete roof tile manufacturing
  52. Emergency escape windows under porch
  53. Garage door opener Question
  54. Pabco HO-25 Defective shingles.
  55. What say you?
  56. Illinois approves InterNACHI's FREE online Deck Inspections course.
  57. Patio Flashing Optional
  58. Kickout details made easy.
  59. Woodpeckers
  60. InterNACHI releases new How to Perform Roofing Inspections book.
  61. Cement poured against Hardi Siding
  62. Another way to support a house
  63. Brand new stairs with shoddy workmanship
  64. TN Home Inspector Licensing Board approves our free online Exteriors course 16 CE.
  65. Exterior Rubber Seals
  66. Wood Rot, Repair or not repair?
  67. Compressor lines through shingles
  68. warped vinyl siding
  69. Damaged (warped) Vinyl Siding
  70. Double Shingles
  71. Today's Daily Door Prize! First Member to Reply Wins!
  72. What Melted this Vinyl Siding?
  73. Patio door installation question
  74. Cool Roofs. Please proof this new inspection article.
  75. What do you inspect ? (Garage)
  76. Guardrail height question
  77. Metalbestos flue pipe
  78. Another FINE deck!!!
  79. Shake shingle damage
  80. KD HT lumber vs PT lumber for deck
  81. Roof Vents
  82. has anyone ever saw...
  83. LP Identification
  84. No excuse for missing a structural defect in the roof
  85. #$&* Seller
  86. Electrical Hazard
  87. Kentucky approves InterNACHI's FREE online Deck Inspections course.
  88. South Dakota R.E. Commission approves InterNACHIs FREE online Deck Inspections course
  89. New Jersey approves InterNACHI's FREE, online Deck Inspections course today.
  90. New Elec Code Requirements for Decks
  91. Stucco/EIFS inspection tips episode of NACHI.TV.
  92. Mold or Ash
  93. Hope they use plenty of Ice Melt this winter.
  94. Flashing at stone
  95. Jim bob's roof repair.
  96. 1900 Brick Foundation
  97. Proper sealing method of exterior door at concrete porch
  98. Staining at chimney
  99. Does anyone know what this pipe is?
  100. Stucco Installation Detail
  101. Roof Height?
  102. Saturated Window Facing Trim
  103. OSB at eaves
  104. Who Needs Weather Barriers?
  105. Roof of the Week
  106. Another FINE deck!!!
  107. Firewall penetration
  108. Uneven Rafters - Job in Progress HELP!
  109. Flashed for weep holes, but no weep holes
  110. Is this Masonite?
  111. Tree Dangers. Please proof this new inspection article.
  112. Will This Gutter Work?
  113. metal chimney near deck
  114. InterNACHI's free, online Roofing Inspection course revamped.
  115. Garage door
  116. Related Photos of Deck Support
  117. Unique Deck Roof Wow!
  118. Gasmeter
  119. What makes a roof do this?
  120. Trees
  121. Deck support barely adequate?
  122. Another GREAT deck!!!!!!!
  123. Garage Rafters NEED HELP!
  124. Deck support
  125. Emergency escape and rescue windows
  126. Roof Valley
  127. Roof Flashing???
  128. *** Garage Ridge Vent ???
  129. Online stucco/EIFS video course for home inspectors.
  130. Lean-to roof shingle installation
  131. Trim
  132. Sidewalk to front door
  133. Harry Homeowner-Yet again
  134. Siding installation
  135. ** Roof Deck in question
  136. Leak???
  137. Deck installed on grade
  138. Waterfall on exterior siding
  139. Deck Issues
  140. Overhang
  141. Algae staining
  142. 3 tab shingles on a very low sloped roof
  143. Skylight flashing
  144. Tennessee approves InterNACHI's FREE online Deck Inspections course.
  145. What do you think of this roof
  146. Egress?
  147. Pests in the siding?
  148. EFIS?
  149. Doing a Home Inspection is Big Bear Calif.
  150. And another retaining wall issue
  151. Another beautiful retaining wall
  152. InterNACHI releases FREE, online, How to Inspect the Exterior course.
  153. French Drain Question
  154. Ridge cap
  155. OK Construction Industries Board approves InterNACHI's FREE online Roofing course.
  156. Roofing tar on chimney cap?
  157. Band joist
  158. Flashing
  159. Nice counterflashing graphic.
  160. tile ridge vent
  161. Coming soon... Deck Inspections book.
  162. Please identify these wires
  163. Brick issues
  164. Roof 3-4 yrs, corners raised
  165. Staples
  166. issues
  167. exterrior
  168. Cedar Re-roof with Tear-off & Original Deck Help
  169. code always best?
  170. No one uses the front door!!!
  171. Tile Roof
  172. Kansas City Kickouts
  173. What's an appropriate material for this application?
  174. Nice wood retaining wall graphic.
  175. Vinyl Windows. Please proof this new inspection article.
  176. 2 Separate Inspections No Flashing
  177. Decra Metal Shingles
  178. How many issues do you see?
  179. Roof shingles for siding
  180. How to tell aluminum from galvanized gutters.
  181. Which is correct?
  182. The BEST non-invasive, visual-only inspection techniques
  183. beam
  184. ** New Roof in question! Need Advise!
  185. Safety Locks on Windows
  186. Foam roof repairs
  187. Gas fireplace chimney
  188. Concrete Pad
  189. Need some information on cantilever Balcony
  190. Wood siding section added to Inspection Graphics Gallery.
  191. The Inhaler
  192. Swimmim Hole
  193. Leaking ????
  194. Historical Criticism of Inspectors in Relation to Stucco & EIFS
  195. DIY Stucco???
  196. Rolled Roofing, Flat Roof???
  197. Inspecting Window Bars: Please proof this new inspection article.
  198. Nice headwall flashing graphic.
  199. comp roof install
  200. Hail Damage
  201. Using the Prescriptive Residential Deck Construction Guide
  202. 2007 IRC Supplement requires 2 hold-down tension devices per deck now.
  203. If you inspect Stucco/EIFS, get more work with this agent-targeted marketing video.
  204. Problems with planters against exteriors. New inspection graphic for you reports.
  205. How to Inspect Stucco/EIFS
  206. Free Stucco/EIFS inspection tips.
  207. Security Bars Question..Pics included
  208. Coming soon: Free Stucco/EIFS online mini training video.
  209. Porch construction issues...comments?
  210. Minnesota Lath & Plaster Bureau has updated their site
  211. Difference between a deck, porch, balcony, patio, verandah. Please proof new article.
  212. I see several issues with this Deck
  213. Patio door & window issues
  214. Exterior step requirements
  215. How to inspect a deck. Deck Inspections, Illustrated. Please proof this new article.
  216. Southern State Inspectors
  217. WDI or WDO?
  218. Roof Ladder Hooks
  219. Masonry construction at windows
  220. Under the gutter
  221. Deck Rim Joist
  222. Bay window metal roof and Log home.
  223. Roof Opinion
  224. Harry strikes again
  225. More deck construction
  226. House Numbers: Please proof this new inspection article.
  227. Lag screw in rim joist
  228. Riding Lawnmower
  229. Flashing wall/roof junction
  230. Deck construction
  231. Need help with roof flashing question
  232. Exterior inspector needed in Pennsylvania, please call.
  233. Bathroom ceiling paint defect....pic included
  234. New roof drip edge flashing on the market
  235. Metal shingle roof install
  236. Brick veneer wall shakes
  237. comp roof install
  238. Possible abestos siding...pic included
  239. Please Identify Recalled roof shingles
  240. Ledger Board Flashing
  241. More on Split faced block
  242. Challenge: What's wrong here?
  243. Shingle cracks
  244. little roof help
  245. Drip edges
  246. aluminum siding corrosion
  247. Window Well
  248. Balcony FUBAR
  249. Question on Valleys
  250. Help with French drains