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  1. French Drain Access, ...guessing
  2. Timer for what purpose?
  3. Stringer cut
  4. brick veneer on block foundation
  5. Fuel tank Vent Pipe?
  6. Not sure of the concept.....
  7. Cast stone caps
  8. CCST, lightning
  9. Need a Narrative
  10. What would cause this?
  11. Deck ledger applied over vinyl siding
  12. Spotting Tiled Deck Disasters
  13. Inspection disaster or expecting too much?
  14. Free webinar: "Tips for Inspecting the House Exterior"
  15. New patent for deck baluster bracket.
  16. What is this for?
  17. Moisture Intrusion
  18. Identify siding?
  19. New Construction: Vertical Crack In Mortar
  20. EIFS
  21. Stains
  22. Electric Service going thru chimney shoot?
  23. Concrete crop circle ?
  24. Detention Ponds
  25. Masonry info
  26. Stucco Flashing Type?
  27. Deck screws
  28. LP Gas Fireplace Direct Vent Technical Question:
  29. Results of bad roof flashing detail
  30. Need diagram for deck rail...
  31. Double Keyed Door
  32. Do you see it?
  33. Brick facing
  34. Rim joist serving as the beam???
  35. Window flashing and WRB
  36. New free Chimney Inspector logo available for members
  37. Exposed Insulation Under Deck
  38. New free, online "Exterior Safety for Inspectors and Contractors" video course
  39. Deck support posts
  40. basement vents
  41. Knoxville TN home inspector finds improperly applied stone work on home
  42. Strange Foundation
  43. Tyvek versus Building Paper
  44. T1-11 Siding Install Instructions
  45. Entry height
  46. Stairs Drain/Real Estate Agent
  47. Drip edge and Fascia cover
  48. Story, OSB board, mold, leaks
  49. Hidden Downspout Termination
  50. Precast concrete base
  51. Aerial Drone Inspections
  52. Pre-cast stone over brick veneer
  53. Knoxville Tn Home Inspector discusses unprofessional flip house addition
  54. Recommend sealing limestone?
  55. Horizontal siding no transition strips
  56. No Peeking!
  57. Brick
  58. Knoxville TN Home Inspector finds hidden water damage
  59. Water Damage behind Vinyl Siding
  60. 6"PVC next to foundation
  61. Guess how this roof is performing.
  62. Face Sealed EIFS
  63. First 20 to reply get How to Perform Deck Inspection book (hard copies).
  64. First 3 to reply win How to Inspect the Exterior book (hard copies).
  65. When will this leak
  66. Log Home 1970 Inspecting
  67. Deck flashing
  68. Fatal collapse of Wall
  69. Speaking of Hardie
  70. Stucco Below Grade in Florida
  71. TJI joist installed on wood deck
  72. Fiber cement siding
  73. EIFS
  74. Stucco Advice
  75. Lot Grading Question
  76. Gutters Required?
  77. dryvit vs EIFS
  78. Lot Drainage question
  79. Narrative Needed
  80. Foundation lumber
  81. White stains on EIFS
  82. Pet Door installed in Sliding Glass Door
  83. Nova Scotia Deck Collapse Injures Fifteen
  84. Exterior grade parallam question
  85. What are your thoughts of this deck
  86. Acrocrete/Acrodry
  87. What do you think of these stucco repairs?
  88. Exposed but painted OSB on rear storage shed
  89. 2x8 floor joists for a deck 2f oot OC
  90. New exterior stairs!
  91. Optical illusion water travels uphill
  92. Gas fireplace Glass Fogged
  93. Stucco inspector needed in Philadelphia.
  94. Type of siding/trim?
  95. To caulk or not to caulk
  96. Window Type
  97. Thoughts
  98. Another fine quality siding job
  99. correct installation of hard board siding
  100. How do you like this deck/beam post connection?
  101. Help Please
  102. Concrete Experts - Need Advice
  103. window air leaking in Summer
  104. How can this back deck float in air without posts? A 7'-wide balcony using 2" x 10"s?
  105. Crack in brick above garage door
  106. Deck stairs and railing movement
  107. What are these?
  108. Garage side egress doors
  109. What is the source of these stains?
  110. Photo needed: failed thermal pane
  111. Would you recommend a gutter?
  112. Jayfro cap in driveway
  113. PVC plumbing on exterior concrete deck surface
  115. Deck guardrail safety
  116. Rhino Shield
  117. Installing Helical Pier Deck Supports
  118. weep holes
  119. Deck / Balcony
  120. All double hung windows suck
  121. Make sure deck is properly attached to ledger.
  122. What bug does this in windows?
  123. Need heads up on wall covering
  124. EIFS Inspector in DC Metro Area
  125. Melting Siding
  126. Roof gutters
  127. Efflorescence - Cause?
  128. Porch question
  129. Can rust be cleaned off window frame?
  130. InterNACHI releases new Stucco Identification Field Guide.
  131. Low-E coating gone bad?
  132. Deck Issues Again
  133. Warped siding
  134. exposed snap ties
  135. Radon mitigation system - vent system doesn't terminate about roof line
  136. Is this patching?
  137. New, free, downloadable Deck Inspector logo.
  138. Fogged Window
  139. 1/4" foamboard insulation and housewrap
  140. Door Landing
  141. Get more Stucco Inspections with InterNACHI's free Stucco Inspector logo.
  142. zip walls and hardi board
  143. Window Glass Anomaly
  144. driveway question
  145. Kozy Kollar
  146. Cement Lap Siding Not Seated
  147. Help on EIFS
  148. Can you see the issue ? (s)
  149. Lick and Stick Stone Veneer
  150. Help identifying EIFS system
  151. Head metal flashing above windows?
  152. Window frame not lined up with the lintel?
  153. "Inspecting Means of Egress" video course now includes a 28-page downloadable book
  154. First One to Name The Concerns, Wins A Prize
  155. A truly green window
  156. Need advice please on stucco issues
  157. Dirt Streak Bellow Vinyl Siding
  158. Got any ideas about this issue?
  159. Exterior Outlet
  160. What is this?
  161. Window well Drains
  162. Exterior first
  163. Foundation/Re-Bar Question
  164. Exhibition related to inspection's techniques.
  165. Vinyl window flashing and rust
  166. Roof ventilation
  167. tell me I am seeing this wrong
  168. Z metal head flashing above wdws and drs
  169. Chimneys 101
  170. Downspouts above garage
  171. Weep holes
  172. Outbuilding
  173. Deck failures
  174. Weep hole location above windows
  175. retaining wall
  176. Interesting cistern next to POS in Cleveland
  177. Follow the water trail!!
  178. Man this one is a doozy
  179. Exterior wall-window issues
  180. Hardi board Panel
  181. Faux Window Trim Flashing
  182. Gas lantern clearance
  183. Attic structure defect
  184. Apparent Settlement of Patio Support Pole
  185. HardiPlank Follow up
  186. Anybody have graphics on wood balcony railing attachmt to wall and wood posts?
  187. Anybody have any graphics on wood balcony railing attachment to house wall and wood p
  188. Deck Inspections During Virginia Beach Home Inspections
  189. building paper
  190. Grout needed?
  191. Window jamb flashing?
  192. Any thoughts on this?
  193. Chimney brick question
  194. Stucco does not need weep screed
  195. Are these bricks deficient?
  196. Stone work installation help
  197. Window flashing missing?
  198. Deck / previously Inspected....
  199. Want to keep the grandkis
  200. Asphalt shingle siding around window
  201. Looking For A Good Narrative For No Flashing At Brick Ledges
  202. Exterior Step/Handrail Question
  203. Chimney leak or interstitial condensation
  204. No house wrap
  205. "The Fundamentals of Inspecting the Exterior" online video course
  206. Deck restore ???
  207. Siding type?
  208. Find the flaw: Stucco Exterior
  209. North Central Texas inferior building update...
  210. Stucco 101
  211. Stucco woven wire flush to tar paper for patch?
  212. Material Defect at Deck
  213. Gutter guards w/no perforations to allow rain to enter.
  214. Deck connections
  215. Crack in Brick Exterior Wall - 1950's Duplex
  216. Downspout Question
  217. Windows / New Construction
  218. Something I have never seen before
  219. Question From Todays Inspection
  220. Could this be tubes for snake dens?
  221. soffit vents
  222. Four people hurt after deck collapses
  223. Carpenter Bees?
  224. Handrails?
  225. Chimney chained to roof
  226. PSST Wanna see some really rusted lintels??
  227. Flashing Question
  228. Exterior Tile Rusting! Any ideas why?
  229. No weep holes
  230. Exterior Inspection requested by Mortgage Lender
  231. Garage door sensor
  232. Lintels
  233. Preview: 2012 New Ledger-Bolting Code Requirements
  234. Exterior Lighting Is Excluded By IN SOP
  235. Brick Veneer Cracks
  236. soil erosion
  237. Underground tank
  238. Questions about stucco
  239. How would you report on...
  240. house on a hill
  241. Deck columns etc
  242. Log home exterior with gaps
  243. Roof Question, Cedar Removal
  244. Decking wrapped with lattice
  245. Sidewall vent termination identification type needed.
  246. Client complaint about snow covered deck.
  247. Deck step landings
  248. How to Seal betw Stepped Brick&Vinyl siding
  249. Anyone seen this siding before
  250. Wow! incredible video of a deck collapse with kids on it.