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  1. Chimney opening in attic
  2. Orphaned Water Heater
  3. Loose sandy insulation
  4. What kind of insulation is this??
  5. Carbon Monoxide Detector Question
  6. Wallpaper Inspection. Another new inspection related article from InterNACHI.
  7. Radon test cans
  8. Cabinet Bolts
  9. Range Hoods
  10. Shower Stall Watch your head
  11. Foam Insulation on roof rafters
  12. vapor retarder?
  13. FHA accepted?
  14. Step over to balcony
  15. Would i be out of line by performing monthly interior inspections?
  16. Anti-tip bracket requirement
  17. Step up from garage
  18. Range Hoods and Exhaust Ducts
  19. First time I've come across this....
  20. poked holes in attic insulation
  21. Wood burning insert with a turbine vent??
  22. Floor Slope
  23. Faced or Unfaced in California?
  24. Plywood support for fireplace
  25. Redneck saferoom
  26. Baluster Spacing
  27. First time seeing EIFS ... need advice
  28. Peel and Stick Vinyl
  29. Los sistemas de aspiración centralizada.
  30. Corrosive drywall
  31. bath exhaust vent pipe size
  32. Smoke deteectors
  33. First 10 to reply win How to Inspect Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and Interior book
  34. This how to build them stairs....
  35. 15,000 Dryer Fires Happen Every Year
  36. Asbestos Vinyl Sheet Flooring Backing
  37. Attic pull down stairs
  38. Advice on bath exhaust vent termination.
  39. PVC manifold. Any ideas of what it's for?
  40. Manufactured homes: what's a "safety door check" for outward opening doors"
  41. Bathroom ventilation and adjacent plumbing stack vent
  42. Radiant ceiling heat insulation
  43. Why would you do that?
  44. Rubber Flooring Inspection. Another new InterNACHI inspection article.
  45. Stairway to heaven
  46. Condo (Shared Attic Region)
  47. Water stains on the inside of the North exterior wall near the ceiling???
  48. Anything wrong with ceiling joist hanger?
  49. Help with stove top / microwave distance. Narrative suggestions please.
  50. Master closer glass doors
  51. Insulation in the attic...Home built in 1929..Need advice
  52. Linoleum Inspection. Another new InterNACHI inspection article.
  53. Kitchen Sink Tie-Downs
  54. Crawl space problem
  55. Common mold under the sink......what is the write up?
  56. Ceiling Support
  57. Seeing light from the Attic ...but no moisture intrusion. Question.
  58. How or Would you write this up?
  59. Stair Handrail Compliance?
  60. Old house finished ceiling question
  61. Older Sliding door glass question
  62. New Kitchen and Old Subfloor
  63. Black stripes on sheetrock at each stud
  64. Gas Fireplace In All Electric Building
  65. vents
  66. Gas Fireplace
  67. Have not seen this in a long time
  68. How Not to Vent Dryer Exhaust
  69. What is an appropriate location for a Carbon Monoxide Detector?
  70. Appliance age
  71. Styrofoam????
  72. Under stairs closet ...house built in 1965...need advice
  73. Firewall attic access question
  74. Gas fireplace doohickey
  75. Attic insulation
  76. Rail spacing in older homes greater than 4 inches ...Question
  77. Fireplace Damper
  78. Unvented (Spray Foam) Attic and other questions
  79. Fire safety - engineered wood
  80. Range vent into attic
  81. Firewall question
  82. acceptable humidaty levels in gypsum?
  83. Advice on effective sound removal
  84. Chair lift graphic.
  85. Climb it!!!!
  86. Anti Tip
  87. Basement Inspections
  88. Gap between slab and stem wall
  89. Lead Paint Testing
  90. Is this a Defect? Some various pics attached
  91. How do you test this?
  92. Bathtub height
  93. Help name this window style
  94. Rock wool?
  95. Cork Floor Inspection
  96. Encased Roof Shingles
  97. Best vapor barrier graphic
  98. Fire Treatment
  99. Fungus Amongus
  100. Mirror glass on an Interior wall...questions
  101. Interesting wood shavings and sawdust insulation
  102. Foam Insulation 1970 or earlier
  103. interior wall
  104. Insulation Question
  105. What is this
  106. baseboard trim...bulge...question
  107. Stains on attic nails
  108. Failures of suspended portland cement plaster ceilings
  109. Inspection tip guys
  110. Common Interior Concerns on Home Inspections
  111. Houston, Texas - Self Closing Hinges
  112. Stains of walls
  113. See anything wrong with the stair rail?
  114. Window Question
  115. Laminate Floor Inspection
  116. More Pictures on Wall cracks
  117. Small cracks rising from the front door ?
  118. When is a garage not a garage?
  119. Townhouse firewall
  120. Unknown attic insulation.
  121. If it is in the way, remove it.
  122. Black Stuff Inside Thermal Pane Windows
  123. Fireplace Insert
  124. basement insullation - vapor barrier help
  125. Not sure where to post this one...
  126. shower tile board
  127. Close but not quite right
  128. And this is why primer is important!
  129. Bedroom is cold, could you fix?
  130. Is this structural?
  131. Insulation Above Suspended Ceilings- Revisited
  132. Garage Doors
  133. Special Oven Feature
  134. attic ladder install
  135. Floor Inspection
  136. Some drip water and some drip wires
  137. Fireplace question
  138. Attic stair "leg extensions"
  139. Talcum powder on squeaky floor?
  140. Help Identify Old Batt Insulation
  141. Rafters showing through the ceiling
  142. Disgusting red stuff
  143. Cat urine
  144. Does this fireplace inserts need to be replaced immediately.
  145. Air of vapor barrier?
  146. Is this Chandelier suspended correctly?
  147. Consolidating Smokies for Better Performance?
  148. Do you disclaim black painted subfloor and components?
  149. Stairway Width Question
  150. Grout cracking in shower - best way to repair?
  151. Is this material likely to contain asbestos?
  152. Smoke chamber in old home.
  153. Need help Identifying insulation type
  154. Gas appliances in a bedroom...or not a bedroom?
  155. Drywall gosting
  156. Need Specifications for Moisture Meter
  157. burned appearance on flooring
  158. Insulation requirements
  159. this looks like a cool site to quote
  160. Can someone provide the right answer?
  161. Can someone provide the right answer?
  162. Do you think its time
  163. Dangit
  164. Finishing a "mud room"
  165. Weeping windows or wicked water
  166. Avoid the gotcha
  167. Fireplace clean and scan
  168. outline of studs through wall??
  169. attic ladder fastening
  170. testing the pole
  171. Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation. Another inspection article from InterNACHI.
  172. Odor in kitchen Pantry
  173. Under cabinet lighting temperature?
  174. Asbestos?
  175. Reall? Stucco on Adobe?
  176. GE recalls 174,000 dishwashers because of potential fire hazard.
  177. Closed Cell question
  178. Fire stopping
  179. Peeling paint
  180. Attic access ladder with shoes
  181. Radiated Heat
  182. hot refrigerator
  183. fireplace heat circulator?
  184. Witches Bend in Chimney
  185. Smoke Alarm Inspection. Please proof this new inspection article.
  186. Ceiling Fan Inspection. Please proof this new inspection article.
  187. What is this??
  188. under sink mold...Question
  189. insulation between floors?
  190. Garage fire wall question
  191. A header in a recently constructed house
  192. Mold killer
  193. Wet Crawl Space
  194. Installing Attic Insulation. Another InterNACHI inspector article.
  195. Engineered Wood Flooring. Another InterNACHI article.
  196. Sheet Vinyl Flooring. Please proof this new inspection article.
  197. Question about wall stud size
  198. Foam Insulation
  199. Maytag washer recall
  200. New Dryer Exhaust Duct?
  201. Vote For Your Best Picture Defect for Attics, Ventilation and Insulation
  202. Paperless Drywall. Please proof this new inspection article.
  203. Firebird heat disperser
  204. Moisture reading in shower wall
  205. Requesting Pictures for Best Defect Award
  206. Drywall Blistering...What could be the cause?
  207. Question about open stairway.....
  208. Structural or Normal Settlement?
  209. Holes in the floor?
  210. Safety glazing next to a door...one more time
  211. Combustible insulation (crawlspace)
  212. Line of Sight
  213. Ceiling fan rotation
  214. Crib Safety and Inspection. New inspection article.
  215. Non-Conforming Bedrooms. Please proof this new inspection article.
  216. Firestop question
  217. Central Vacuum Systems. Please proof this new inspection article.
  218. Ceramic Tile and Stone Inspection. Please proof this new inspection article.
  219. cement sinks
  220. Bathroom venting
  221. Basement ceiling insulation?
  222. Insulation type??
  223. New article on Chinese drywall
  224. Question about door at top of stairs
  225. reason for airgap/high loop
  226. Need some help here
  227. Firewall question
  228. Unique Stringer Construction
  229. fire extinguishers
  230. Soy-Based Insulation.
  231. The Dangers of Brominated Fire Retardants. Please proof this new inspection article.
  232. vinyl flooring ages...
  233. chinese drywall identification
  234. Stairway Inspection. Please proof this new inspection article.
  235. Vitreous floor tile in basement
  236. Information regarding condensation/ attic foam insulation and ventilation,
  237. Fence in a window
  238. 6" step up
  239. Bsmt egress
  240. Open area at sub floor
  241. Exercise Equipment Dangers. Please proof this new inspection article.
  242. Sealed Fireplace Flue
  243. How can we make it cheaper and crapier?
  244. Do you report the probable absence of wall insulation...
  245. $150.00 mistake
  246. Removal of basement carpet
  247. CPSC info on Chinese Drywall
  248. Hearth Question?
  249. hazardous attic access
  250. Judge Awards $164K in Chinese Drywall Case