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  1. NACHI Chicago Education Meeting - Roofing
  2. Ny Continuing Ed For Inspectors
  3. I just landed the educational door prize of the century for NACHI members.
  4. Here is a joint project we doing with the National Institute of Workplace Safety.
  5. NCT- Nachi Certified Training ( Electrical )
  6. Looking for training
  7. NACHI welcomes industry leader Mike Nelson to its list of educators.
  8. Free! NACHI Chapter Electrical Inspection Seminars
  9. !!!!!!!!!! Thank's Joe Ferry !!!!!!!!!!
  10. 10-hour Phase 1 Environmental Inspections course in Bohemia, NY on October 11, 2006.
  11. 1-day training at Chesapeake Chapter of NACHI in Frederick, Maryland on Oct. 20, 2006
  12. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by PRO-LAB.
  13. Radon training from RADALINK.
  14. 92% Pass Rating at latest NCT Radon Class with NEHA Test!
  15. Certified Master Inspector - Requirements?
  16. 1-day Certified Well Sampler Class Comes to Wisconsin on November 11th
  17. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by 24-7 Scheduler.
  18. Gerry Beaumont is the BEST!!!!!
  19. October 21st Seminar Update For Long Island
  20. 1-day Electrical for Home Inspectors course in San Diego, California on Nov 4, 2006.
  21. 1-day Electrical for Home Inspectors course in Phoenix, Arizona on November 3, 2006.
  22. Open for discussion
  23. Is the NEC accessible on a PDA?
  24. Manufactured Housing Inspection course at Southwestern Illinois College on Nov. 18.
  25. Nachi Certified Training??
  26. NACHI Training Myrtle Beach, SC
  27. Chicagoland
  28. Southern Illinois
  29. 1-day Illinois state-approved inspection course in Chicago on October 21, 2006.
  30. mini-golf website!
  31. Free Education & Biz Info For Inspectors
  32. How do I view my education log??
  33. 1-day inspector training in Denver, Colorado on October 28, 2006.
  34. Knob and tube
  35. 1-day Electrical for Home Inspectors course in Sacramento, California on October 26.
  36. 1-day Electrical for Home Inspectors course in Federal Way, WA on October 25, 2006.
  37. Continuing ed requirements
  38. 2-day inspection training with the NACHI Caravan in St. Peters, Missouri on Dec 9-10.
  39. 1-day HVAC training and marketing course in Greenville, South Carolina on October 21.
  40. Many Links to Benefit NACHI Members
  41. NACHI/ASHI approved Advanced Training Institute
  42. Hundreds of Free Courses
  43. NYS Inspector Continuing Education for NACHI Members
  44. Gerry B. releases another State Approved course: Manufactured Housing Inspection.
  45. CEU for voluntary inspection related matter
  46. ICC Study Program
  47. Here is a first: Save My License offers NACHI member discount.
  48. NACHI Certified Training Schedule heating up!
  49. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  50. NACHI Training Myrtle Beach South Carolina
  51. !!! LI NACHI Sept 28th meeting update !!!
  52. Vancouver/Portland Home Inspection Training
  53. Well sampling course coming to a NACHI Chapter near you.
  54. i-course
  55. New York City meeting?
  56. ICC Boot Camps in October
  57. NACHI Caravan
  58. New Licensing Program in NY State
  59. Get Well Inspection Certified with Joe Farsetta, New Hampshire, October 7, 2006.
  60. Advanced Technical Consultants offers NACHI member discount.
  61. Ride Alongs
  62. ICC Boot Camps in September
  63. Online CEU's
  64. AHIT and TREC (Texas HI Question)
  65. Intro to New Construction Inspections, NACHI Greater Tucson, Arizon Chapter, Aug 28.
  66. H.I.T. Interactive Media releases new Inspecting Log Homes course.
  67. Nick are your serious with the post reguarding ce providers????
  68. Question about the National HI Exam
  69. NACHI member Christopher Kirkman only one to score perfect at structure course exam.
  70. CertainTeed On-Line
  71. eletrical coarse
  72. 2-day Inspecting with Infrared Thermography course in Dallas, Texas, Sept 11-12, 2006
  73. Equipment for sale
  74. !!!! Li & Nyc Metro Inspectors
  75. Bellingham Technical College Class Update
  76. ICC Boot Camp Tampa
  77. NACHI member Kenny Hart holding 1-day training, Alpha College, Virginia Beach, Aug 26
  78. Reference Material
  79. !!!! L I Inspectors meeting UPDATE !!!!
  80. 3-day Advanced CMI workshop in Orlando, Florida on October 26-27-28, 2006.
  81. 3-day Advanced CMI workshop in Columbus, OH on September 28-29-30, 2006.
  82. 2 FEMA Certification classes coming in September. NACHI member discount.
  83. New Construction Inspections
  84. Free reporting forms from ITA for NACHI educators and students.
  85. ASHI New England fall conference
  86. NACHI Chapters Free Electrical Training Available
  87. Log NACHI Online Training???
  88. Long Island Inspectors Meeting
  89. 2-day radon course in Frederick, Maryland on August 18-19, 2006.
  90. ICC Boot Camp
  91. 1-day mold certification class in Erie, PA on August 18, 2006.
  92. 1-day EIFS training in Charleston, SC on December 8, 2006.
  93. Home inspection training in Charleston, SC beginning on October 13, 2006.
  94. NCT seminars and news.
  95. 1-day electrical course with NACHI's Paul Abernathy, Greenville, SC, Aug 19, 2006.
  96. 1-day HVAC inspection training in Denver on August 2, 2006.
  97. NCT Radon Measurement course with free NEHA Exam.
  98. NCT offers non-member attendees discount on 1st years dues at NACHI.
  99. A marketing question from a beginner
  100. A 3 Day ADVANCED Building Inspection Workshop
  101. Education Administrators- How's it going?
  102. 4-hour electrical course at NACHI Atlanta Chapter on July 22, 2006
  103. 1-day home inspector cram course in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  104. Is anyone certified for Termites?
  105. You can't throw a dead cat these days without hitting a NACHI Education Approved Seal
  106. Become a licensed home inspector in NY State. Supervised training.
  107. Certified Well Sampler course on CD.
  108. NACHI member developing 3-day advanced CMI course.
  109. Wood boring insects certification N.Y.?
  110. 2-day mold inspector & assessor training in Seattle, WA on July 28-29, 2006.
  111. On-Line CEU
  112. NAHI Fall Conference 2006 - 9/8/2006 - 9/10/2006
  113. Gromicko, are dense or????
  114. NACHI partners with Dept. of Energy, Weatherization Conf. in Columbus, OH, Aug 15-17.
  115. Attend a energy inspection training class in Philadelphia, PA 7/18/06
  116. CO Detector Calibration / Testing Now at all NACHI Certified Training Seminars!
  117. LI Nachi & Ed Chapter Electrical Seminar
  118. Free Mold Remediatior course for FloridaNACHI Inspector
  119. Donating School Computers
  120. Veterans - Good News
  121. Maine Chapter Seminar
  122. Termite certification
  123. Mid-Maryland Chapter Meeting
  124. Denver NACHI Certified Training Seminar a Success!
  125. Certainteed Education
  126. Can't find
  127. North American Conference on energy Efficiency in Multifamily Buildings
  128. Check out bottom right hand corner of this website's homepage.
  129. CEU's
  130. NACHI Certified Training coming to S. Carolina
  131. NACHI Training Materials
  132. NACHI instructor Paul Abernathy teaching Electrical for Inspectors, Denver, June 21.
  133. Defensive Report Writing
  134. Learn and play games!
  135. NACHI Certified Training has great repsonse!
  136. Education in Toronto Ontario
  137. Need Advice On Getting Started
  138. NYS Radon Testing Notice
  139. NEHA radon courses. NACHI discount.
  140. Greater Milwaukee Chapter Mold Class June 30, 2006
  141. Carolina Educational Seminars
  142. Meth Lab Cleanup Company offers training to NACHI members.
  143. Long Island Mold Class
  144. Connecticut Sponsor
  145. NAHI Fall Conference 2006 - 9/8/2006 - 9/10/2006
  146. Clark College in Vancouver, WA offers home inspectoin course.
  147. New ConstructionTraining Info Needed
  148. Macomb Community College teaching NACHI approved courses in Michigan.
  149. Night of Education in Ft Lauderdale on Thursday.
  150. Common Defects List by Age of House
  152. Animated Audio for Inspectors
  153. University of Illinois offering NACHI approved Healthy Homes courses.
  154. Maintaining membership requirements
  155. SERVARE offers Online-Offsite Backup Services to NACHI Members!
  156. Thanks Nick !!!!
  157. REMINDER !!!! Mold Class 5/19/06
  158. Best way to start my Home Inspection career?
  159. Construction management and law courses May 30-31, June 1-2, Phoenix, Arizona.
  160. Inspecting Electric Panels at Sacramento Valley NACHI Chapter meeting May 17th.
  161. 4-day (2 weekends) advanced log home inspection course at NACHI DuKa, Ontario May 27.
  162. Hey Nick Radon in Kansas
  163. 2-day education, Mid-Maryland NACHI (mold, marketing, elec.) Frederick, June 23-24.
  164. Don't miss NACHI's National Education Consultant teaching in Maine on June 23, 2006.
  165. Illinois state approved continuing education and pre-qualification courses.
  166. Free outside, online, continuing education courses.
  167. 1-day mold certification course at Chicago NACHI on May 13th.
  168. 8 Hr Advanced Mold Certification Class Suffern NY
  169. Radon Home Study course now available.
  170. NACHI free Online education
  171. Gerry Beaumont teaching 5-day HI course in Mason, OH on May 15-19, 2006.
  172. Speaker(s) For Greater Milwaukee Chapter Kick-off
  173. NH members anouncment
  174. Free Online Electrical course
  175. We Teach House offers NACHI member discount on commercial inspection course.
  176. Platinum Power Training, a monthly series of premium inspection training seminars.
  177. NACHI releases Free online Electrical Course.
  178. Seeking Instructor for New York Home Inspection Course
  179. Electrical Seminar Materials for NACHI Instructors
  180. FEMA Classes
  181. 1-day Structural & Electrical Course at Colorado NACHI in Denver on June 21, 2006.
  182. 1-day Meth Labs & Radon Course at Colorado NACHI in Denver on May 24, 2006.
  183. 10 hour Phase 1 Environmental Inspection Certification course offered by NACHI member
  184. Training and getting started
  185. Electrical Inspection Training for Home Inspectors
  187. Mold Certification at NACHI Chapter in Duluth, MN, May 31.
  188. Join SC NACHI - Great Educational help
  189. Home inspector training
  190. IAQ seminars galore.
  191. NACHI's Gerry Beaumont teaching inspection course in Ohio, April 24-28, 2006.
  192. Free 1-day Educational Event, Orlando FL, April 15.
  193. Building Science & Energy Seminar in Ohio
  194. Attend ACI Home Performance Conference at special NACHI rate.
  195. 100 Hour Course Completed!
  196. Building Codes, Design, and Inspections course.
  197. Bill Merrell offers Educational Presentations to NACHI Chapters for free.
  198. Courses are Available for NACHI
  199. Mike Rose teaching inspection course. Graduates get membership in NACHI.
  200. Home Inspector Training New York for NACHI Members
  201. Healthy Home Course for home inspectors.
  202. New York Asbestos Training
  203. Home Inspector Training Ohio
  204. Home Inspector Safety Course, PowerPoint Presentation.
  205. Termite Information
  206. Online Course
  207. New York State Education Administrator?
  208. CE's from convention
  209. Mike
  210. Mold classes?
  211. Question when starting out
  212. NACHI House of Horrors, An Overwhelming Educational Experience.
  213. Structure Course Completed, Sent out
  214. Coming soon, defect recognition CD.
  215. Dan Harris... Your association wouldn't lie, would they?
  216. N.Y. Merrell Institute ?
  217. April Event
  218. For State Educational Administrators / Representatives Only
  219. Chicago Special Education Event
  220. The Mephanphetamine and housing workshop
  221. Nick. You wouldn't lie
  222. Home study pool/hot tub course.
  223. i-Course inspection courses
  224. NACHI welcomes Joe Hagarty and Timothy Gardner to State Ed Admin Committee.
  225. Illinois / Educational Course
  226. Allow NACHI to use your educational material with this license.
  227. looking for a little guidance
  228. Termite certification in Mass
  229. Water Wells educational workshop, March 27 Tampa, March 28 Gainesville, FL.
  230. I start my first course tomorrow
  231. 1-day training at W. Central FL NACHI, March 18th.
  232. Mold Certification
  233. State NACHI advisor chart added to edcomupdate page.
  234. Educational Admistrator Representatives list.
  235. PA education - recommendations please
  236. Inspection Universe
  237. CT is accepting NY Licensees- See Legislation Post for Details!
  238. NYS Continuing Education
  239. NACHI Convention Seminar Handout 4ownloads?
  240. These AHIT Guides are really good.
  241. Education and Training in California
  242. New to the board, looking for direction please help.
  243. Attention NY Chapters
  244. New York State Update
  245. Illinois approved CE: Advanced Inspection & Safety Overview, April 5th.
  246. Illinois approved CE: Inspection & Safety Overview, April 4th.
  247. 1-day energy inspection course in Boise, Idaho, March 28.
  248. 1-day energy inspection course in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, March 27.
  249. Inspect the Unexpected... good class coming to Kentucky.
  250. Florida NACHI Appoints First Executive Director of Education