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  1. Licensed NJ home inspector calls his client the "N" word and "C" word.
  2. Question for Norm Bushman about home inspector exams.
  3. All new members must hold a dipolma in home inspection?
  4. Terrible BC inspectors on Global tv News
  5. NACHI.TV coming to Ontario to shoot custom commercials for NACHI members.
  6. ProLab 8 hr Mold Certification
  7. Backwater valve in new homes?
  8. Help!
  9. To feed or not to feed
  10. Canadian GPS systems
  11. Single system inspection
  12. Bill Mullen
  13. Proposed Alberta legislation for HI's
  14. More on Grow houses
  15. Salut Québécoise
  16. Investor inspections??
  17. Mould inspection saves the day!
  18. Oil Tanks - how often do they get inspected?
  19. NACHI booth at Annual Simcoe Spring Home and Cottage Show in Orillia, Ontario.
  20. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Home Inspectors Supply.
  21. Is there a service that is offered for diverting water away from cracked foundations?
  22. Putting SOP on your web site??
  23. Canadian members ALSO get U.S. Chamber of Commerce benefits.
  24. New to NACHI
  25. Who wants to be Gil.Strachan?
  26. We just arranged an infrared camera workshop for the Toronto Convention.
  27. Yesterday I took control of InterNACHI.
  28. House of Horrors?
  29. Heros
  30. HomeGauge sponsors NACHI's Convention, Toronto, 2007. Be there!
  31. xl platinum
  32. ROYAL LePAGE opens huge new offices. NACHI was there.
  33. Answers about CAHPI that Roy and Raymond don't want you to have
  34. Inspecting Farms
  35. A lot of Gil Strachans
  36. Construction Safety Assoc
  37. The embattlement of R&R
  38. Interesting Links
  39. Nice little partnership for Roy
  40. Ищите и находите блоги на интересующие Ва
  41. Embarrasing!
  42. Ruling from the DPPC re Dave Bottoms an Open Letter to the BOD of OAHI
  43. My account's been hacked
  44. W.E.T.T. reports
  45. www.dirtminer.blogspot.com
  46. www.bugmenot.com
  47. The Kook and Wanker Show
  48. Should this board be changed to Members only?
  49. The gangs all here !
  50. Is it time to start a new forum? BUGMENOT
  51. Assistance, Please...
  52. Cook your mac and cheese, big guy
  53. Will the REAL bugmenot Stand up
  54. Vermiculite insulation testing
  55. Canada's Last Great War Veteran
  56. I want to be a HOME Inspector
  57. Good reception in the attic!
  58. Dear bugmenot:
  59. Uxbridge Tommorrow
  60. from OAHI central
  61. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Keith Swift & NACHI.
  62. Lets be a Detective
  63. PIC of CANACHI Logo and CMI Logo on inspector's truck.
  64. Pinchin
  65. Contract on web site!
  66. British Columbia, Canadian member Martin Csontus has passed away.
  67. 50,000 retail outlets to recommend NACHI members exclusively.
  68. Electrical Seminar- GTA Chapter
  69. Infrared cameras
  70. Housing prices in Canada
  71. New Credit Card Fraud Scam
  72. Secret Letter
  73. And So It Begins
  74. Toxic mould a threat to wheat exports??
  75. Stay tuned in Ontario
  76. Electrical Puzzle!
  77. Toronto Condo for sale.....
  78. FOR SALE Apple 60 GB iPod Vidoe….$150.00USD
  79. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Professional Inspection Mirrors.
  80. E&O for canadian
  81. Free listing for all members who took Dougie's course. Apply now.
  82. Update on Harry J.
  83. Toronto Star Why Purchaser Use Home Inspectors
  84. Home Inspection Article Toronto Star
  85. Furnace Question
  86. Canada South Chapter
  87. Advertising statements
  88. Home Builder & Renovator Expo
  89. G.T.A. Nachi chapter
  90. Hello Folks!
  91. Limited Liability Contract and Home Inspection
  92. Any CMI's want an inspection in Port Colborne?
  93. Booked a job Thanx to "Find an Inspector"
  94. test
  95. Group photo - Pro Lab in Toronto
  96. "11 Things You Need to Know to PASS YOUR HOME INSPECTION"
  97. avoiding litigation
  98. Practical Experiance
  99. HI Licencing in Ontario
  100. Presentations to Mortgage Lenders
  101. Pro-lab Mold Course Toronto Pics
  102. Pillar to Post
  103. Ottawa Eyes Privatization Of CMHC
  104. Branding Beyond the Obvious - Home Inspections
  105. GOOD Home Inspection Training
  106. Article in Toronto Star to-day
  108. CMI usage
  109. ESA Sticker
  110. Double Taps... Here we go again
  111. Check out Roy's NACHI plate cover, Bottom PIC.
  112. Tired of Canadian TV? NACHI.TV coming soon.
  113. How to make over 5 million dollars
  114. Information flow from CAHPI/National Certification
  115. Holmes on home inspectors
  116. WHY should I have to travel to Toronot?
  117. CANACHI Logo
  118. WETT Inspections
  119. Spam and Outlook
  120. 1-day HVAC/Plumbing Inspection course in Toronto, Canada on December 9, 2006.
  121. Marijuana Grow Operations Update Obc
  122. Mould Abatement / Labs
  123. Misuse of Title
  124. Can I offer Dave Bottoms a civil thread?
  125. Mould Killed 200>
  126. On the news at 6PM
  127. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by disposable-garments.com
  128. CAHPI advertise on Sympatico/MSN
  129. internachi
  130. HomeGauge coming to Toronto, Ontario... click this link and scroll down.
  131. PRO-LAB warning to chapter heads: Truth be told.
  132. Hot PICs of NACHI booth at recent REALTORs Without Borders Expo in Hamilton, Ontario.
  133. Just for fun only!
  134. Dave Bottoms is a slme Ball
  135. Anonymous reply to Raymond Wand's question about CAN-P-9.
  136. John Bowman and I will post anything anyone wants posted anonymously.
  137. Build and Renovate to Avoid Mold
  138. Happy THANKGIVING Canada (Oct8th)
  139. Canadian company did this for us. Check it out.
  140. Code Course At 2007 Convention
  141. NACHI applied for membership in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce today.
  142. Does Canada, like Colorado, require front & back license plates?
  143. Nachi Convention
  144. What is Canadian equivalent? We will join in Canada as well.
  145. Attic Ventilation
  146. Mario wins the Daily Door Prize of the Century. Hot PIC.
  147. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by PRO-LAB.
  148. Walk through inspection
  149. Increase your website presence.....
  150. NACHI membership in Canada topped 550 today.
  151. Persecution of NACHI-OAHI Members for use of CHI
  152. Info from a Friend (HI)
  153. 8 Hrs Mold Certification Class - Toronto ON - Oct.21 & 22, 2006
  154. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by PRO-LAB.
  155. Kick backs
  156. Carry Insurance?
  157. Carry Insurance?
  158. 22-Unit apartment building needs to be inspected, Hamilton, Ontario.
  159. What else do you do ?
  160. It wasn't a threat... it was an alert so that he didn't lose his home.
  161. Canadian REALTORs learn about NACHI, thanks to Roy Cooke. Hot PICS!
  162. Ontario Guys Please Read!!!
  163. Hello Nick
  164. NACHi E&O Discount
  165. Fall Arrest Training in Burlington Oct 4/06
  166. Home Inspection Licencing in BC
  167. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by PHII.
  168. What a BCIPI Inspector says about NACHI
  169. Email scam from Sympatico - CAUTION
  170. Fall Safety Course
  171. Attention Canadians
  172. Another National Certification Secret
  173. CANADA NACHI Convention
  174. Updates for the Sept. 20th Chapter Meeting
  175. Code of Ethics
  176. The Home Reference Book
  177. CMHC- You too can get this news letter!
  178. Challenge
  179. Message for Shawn Penny
  180. six plex
  181. Hot PICs of NACHI booth at recent Fairs in Canada.
  182. National Certification and Inability to meet CAN P9
  183. an OAHI Course
  184. Canadian made furnace Clare age?
  185. HomeInspection.ca lists NACHI, ASTTBC, CAHI, OAHI...
  186. Canadian reporter asking about associations. Help, I need the facts.
  187. Moles!
  188. www.homeinspectorreferencemanual.com
  189. Mold Training Course info
  190. E&O insurance for Canadian NACHI members...
  191. Someone invite the other Canadian Associations to this NACHI event on Wed please.
  192. PRO-LAB CEO speaking at Barrie, Ontario meeting on September 20, 2006.
  193. Code question
  194. Mold Class Cancelled - Thanks ALOT
  195. another furnace age question
  196. NACHI launches Canadian-friendly www.CorrectInspect.com
  197. Have you applied for National Certification
  198. Have You applied for the national certification
  199. Have You applied for the national certification
  200. Have you applied for National Certification
  201. NACHI on the radio yesterday.
  202. TSSA Gas natural draft boiler notice
  203. Test Inspection Peer Review
  204. NACHI acquires Canadian-friendly www.InspectorNow.com
  205. Furnace age??
  206. Canadian Insurance
  207. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Nick Gromicko
  208. Cahpi/nachi
  209. Property Disclosure Statement
  210. Doing The Right Thing
  211. Ice
  212. Attention Dave Bottoms
  213. Turmoil At The Top?
  214. E&O insurance
  215. CMHC does not check for what is best
  216. thermal imaging cameras
  217. Basement floor cracks and heaving!
  218. Electrical Inspections
  219. Mobile home
  220. Treated Foundations?
  221. Furnace Age
  222. who are these people ?
  223. From a Friend
  224. Housing Inspection Foundation
  225. OBC Info Sessions
  226. Can you guess what goofy inspection trade association requires all this?!
  227. H.I.T. Interactive Media releases new Inspecting Log Homes course.
  228. Is your Biz up or down for Aug. 2005 & 2006
  229. Reasonable Apprehension of Bias and Vexatious Actions of OAHI
  230. Talking About Scams!
  231. Funding of CAHPI in question
  232. Looks like Dee got us exclusive NACHI discount on E&O in Canada.
  233. Free 1-day mold certification course in Tornoto, Canada on September 16, 2006.
  234. NACHI booth at REALTORs w/o Borders Trade Show in Southern Ontario, Oct. 5, 2006.
  235. Radon, A Guide for Canadian Homeowners
  236. BC NACHI Board
  237. Health Canada rejects claims that radon deaths could be avoided.
  238. Go Larry Ewens!
  239. Only In Canada
  240. E&O insurance quote
  241. Central Ontario Chapter Under New Leadership
  242. Ottawa to stiffen radon guidelines.
  243. Horizon Reporting System
  244. Canadian Licensing ????
  245. Proper Complaint Procedures
  246. Reported to ASTTBC For Misuse of CHI
  247. Grow-Ops
  248. Vermiculite Insulation
  249. Home sprinkler systems
  250. Homeless homeowners