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  1. Truck of the year- Not So much
  2. Narrative needed
  3. Snowed In 7 Days
  4. E&O Protection For Inspection of High Value Properties
  5. Free 30-day warranty for InterNACHI members in ON, NB, NS & NF provinces.
  6. Response to Ministry of Consumer Services regarding licensing/grandfathering of CMIs.
  7. Food for thought .
  8. Don't BE Like Kansas
  9. OACIQ approves InterNACHI as a school for licensed real estate agents in Quebec.
  10. Radio news
  11. InterNACHI booth at Royal LePage Real Estate Expo in Truro, Nova Scotia on March 22.
  12. "Now That You've Had A Home Inspection" Books
  13. Nick and InterNACHI booth at Carson Dunlop Conference in Toronto on March 1-2, 2014.
  14. law deregulates home inspectors in Kansas
  15. Alberta New Home Warranty Act
  16. InterNACHI's Comments on Home Inspector Panel Recommendations.
  17. Hey French-speaking members, I have a question for you.
  18. I'm preparing comments for the government. Does anyone have any to include.
  19. Follow-Up: Jamison Family Windsor ON
  20. OntarioACHI
  21. Carson-Dunlop Conference - Toronto
  22. Letter from Hub InterNational
  23. Countdown Clock for Ontario Regulation
  24. Nationwide Home Warranty
  25. Toronto Ice Storm
  26. Labour Shortage
  27. Plug-in Furnace
  28. Merry Christmas
  29. Carson Dunlop graciously offered InterNACHI a free booth at their 2014 conference.
  30. InterNACHI inspector booth at Investor Forum in Mississauga on March 22-23, 2014.
  31. Another did not make it
  32. Please join me in wishing Ontario CMI Len Inkster a happy birthday. Member since 2008
  33. Mandatory Home Inspections recommended!
  34. CMI booth at Better Homes & Gardens Expo in Moose Jaw, SK on April 12-13, 2014.
  35. Personal Invite from me
  36. Mouse invasion as percieved by client
  37. Ontario Licensing proposal to be posted today.
  38. Please help if you can
  39. Attic ventilation
  40. Licensing will not Protect any one .
  41. Nelson Mandela dies at 95
  42. Please join me in wishing happy birthday to ON member Brian Jones. Member since 2008.
  43. this is mind blowing
  44. Comparer vos coûts d'énergie
  45. Ontario - Basement Stair Safety
  46. Ontario licensing. Hey Ontario members, I've never steered you wrong. Take my advice.
  47. Happy birthday Steve McRae, Ontario member since 2010.
  48. Banned in Vancouver
  49. InterNACHI member Jim Van Loosen on TV news show discussing licensing in Ontario.
  50. Is the mayor of Toronto the best or what?
  51. No mention of InterNachi
  52. Will ontario get licensing Now
  53. 12 States affected by Tornado's
  54. Here we go again
  55. Oahi info
  56. Response from RBC
  57. yellow pages Canada
  58. Canadian Inspectors
  59. Oachi
  60. ontarioachi is down for site repairs
  61. Everyone please take this government survey regarding home inspection licensing.
  62. Ontario Electrical Question
  63. IS CAHPI hardup?
  64. Now that you've had a Home Inspection...
  65. Supreme Court of Canada upholds duty to report environmental discharge in Ontario.
  66. Ministry of Consumer Services and their Consulants engaging the inspection profession
  67. Fees--We are suckers...
  68. Payments in Canadian Dollars Added to Chapter Events
  69. Licensing question
  70. Free Chapter Websites now accept Canadian dollars.
  71. Unified Standards for Ontario?
  72. Mike Holmes "Make It Right"
  73. CAHPI screws over another consumer.
  74. Number of InterNACHI members in Alberta tops 300.
  75. The importance of a Home Inspection
  76. Dryer Vent Safety
  77. Canadian Home Energy Audits?
  78. Home Inspector Qualification Project
  79. Guess The Defect
  80. Consumer Services Meeting
  81. See where your fellow members are. Zoom in.
  82. HRV Recall, Fire Hazard.
  83. "Come-on down!!!"
  84. Ontario Electrical Code Question
  85. Was this a bad Inspection??
  86. Just wrong
  87. Problem with Consumer Services
  88. Consumer needs mould inspector in Ontario. Can anyone help?
  89. Sault Ste Marie Area Flooding
  90. Alberta's 9th AGM coming October 28
  91. Ontario grandfathering reminder: Include this form with your CMI application.
  92. OBC - assistance designing an Apartment bldg
  93. new brochure and business card designs for Montreal Home Inspection Services
  94. Statistics needed for the Licensing process
  95. Inspector needed for Mississauga/Toronto
  96. O.a.h.i. ???
  97. Apology for OntarioACHI web site error
  98. Ontario Certified Master Inspectors
  99. New logo for Montreal Home Inspection Services Inc.
  100. Has anyone else been getting calls?
  101. Material in wall
  102. Nick
  103. WETT Courses for Ontario
  104. Chinese Drywall
  105. A Morning with Bryan Baeumler
  106. Should You Skip an Inspection
  107. new scam message
  108. Licesing in Delaware
  109. Mike Homes new show??? four USA??
  110. CCHI Come to Ontario
  111. Any Interest in a new Alberta Chapter
  112. High River Flood Update
  113. All new Certified Master Inspector site released!
  114. Ontario InterNachi Logo
  115. Brick wall code reference
  116. Local Franchise Inspector give Gov't Ammo
  117. Canadian Certified Master Inspector/InterNACHI member in the news!
  118. Who really wants Licensing!
  119. Who do you think the Colleges Support?
  120. My Letter to Aimee @ the Ministry
  121. approved service alberta contract
  122. Pass or Fail
  123. Le Langage Électrique
  124. lenders list?
  125. Horrible Disaster at Lac Mégantic
  126. My letter to the Ontario Government
  127. drip edge in french
  128. Very sad to see.
  129. Let the Ontario Government know your feelings
  130. Happy birthday Dan Levia.
  131. Ministry of Consumer Services meeting June 25th
  132. Les Panneaux de Distribution Électrique
  133. Too cool!!!!
  134. "walk through" just prior to taking possession
  135. Flooding in High River
  136. What is the going rate?
  137. Welcome to Sunny Alberta
  138. Summons as a witness
  139. Home Security in Canada
  140. Home Inspector Licensing in Ontario? Look South!
  141. Seeking Mentor in Vancouver-BC Area
  142. Bill Mullen is Gone where ???
  143. Watch out for Mark Pil!!
  144. Asbestos Awareness
  145. Ontario Gas Piping Question
  146. radon??
  147. Fault diagnosis - treasure hunt?
  148. Furnace age
  149. test lab near Montreal
  150. Why?
  151. I like this Rob Ford guy... he's a hoot!
  152. Safety Recall - Full face respirator
  153. A breath of fresh air!
  154. La Sécurité Électrique
  155. Oklahoma Disaster
  156. Tobacco smoke smell
  157. Mike Homes did not make it right this time.
  158. New string
  159. Quebec membership growing.
  160. cross border E&O
  161. IAC2 - Norme de pratique en français
  162. Added to the OntarioAchi MB
  163. L’Inspection des Clôtures Électriques
  164. Update on OntarioAchi
  165. NICK Please Help!
  166. InterNACHI membership in Canada tops 1,200!
  167. La Sécurité du Domicile des Personnes Âgées
  168. High fees for Licensing
  169. InterNACHI membership in the province of Ontario tops 650 today.
  170. Number of InterNACHI members in Canada about to top 1,200.
  171. Canadian vintage aircraft
  172. Protimeter Surverymaster
  173. New Canadian Internachi member seeking hands on experience
  174. Happy birthday Marc Beauchemin.
  175. Anybody see the film 42?
  176. Same old OAHI
  177. Questions regarding terms: "certified", "licensed", and "registered"
  178. A prayer for our American friends
  179. Your thoughts...more on licensing?
  180. Volonté d'entente de reconnaissante par l'OACIQ: l'effort d'InterNACHI
  181. Do You Think You Are Safe At the Hospital
  182. Someone pretending to be CAHPI is scamming newbies out of $6K for H.I. courses.
  183. What a mess!
  184. Home manuals for your report binder
  185. Opening Electrical Service Panels
  186. Should realtors have a background check?
  187. Free Seminar/Webinar HUB Managing Risk for Home Inspectors
  188. More french resources coming
  189. L’Efflorescence pour les Inspecteurs
  190. InterNACHI releases French home inspector exam.
  191. OntarioAchi AGM
  192. Did you know - WSIB - Ontario Inspectors
  193. Hub E&O
  194. Is your internet slow today
  195. Recall involving of Clamp Meters by Fluke Corporation
  196. is BC Home Inspection a failure
  197. Will InterNachi training be accepted?
  198. Ontario Inspectors - Straw Poll
  199. Ontario Inspectors - Straw Poll
  200. Should IR be part of the Standard of Practice
  201. To all Canadian Inspectors
  202. Carson Dunlop Launches RecallChek
  203. It is not a done deal
  204. Great Opportunity for ALL Canadian Inspectors
  205. InterNACHI inspectors booth at Home Show in Tatamagouche, NS on May 18, 2013.
  206. Coming soon.... InterNACHI's Home Inspector Exam is coming out in French.
  207. Inspection Relative à la Prévention des Risques Sismiques
  208. Is this the sign of change
  209. Ontario License Requirements
  210. Need help with forwarding service
  211. Ontario Home Renovation needs changes not Home Inspectors
  212. What $7000.00+
  213. another industry ignores the rules
  214. InterNACHI booth at 8000-attendee real estate expo in Yellowknife, NWT on May 11-12.
  215. Southern Ontario Free Seminar March 5
  216. New member but no log in yet.
  217. Scope of ESA audit?
  218. Stupid homebuyer fails to hire InterNACHI member and now is suing CAHPI President.
  219. Radon courses in Canada.
  220. CBC News Report
  221. CAHPI Strikes Again!
  222. WHY.....Unlicensed daycares operate free
  223. ESA wiring repair costs - who's responsible?
  224. A home i'd love to inspect
  225. Home Inspector Statistics Survey
  226. Canadian's warn the U.S... Gun registration leads to confiscation.
  227. Looks like Election Coming in Ontario
  228. Thank you Chicago
  229. Certification Process
  230. Member Vital Brouillette of Moonbeam, Ontario passed away on January 25, 2013.
  231. A licence does not protect the public .
  232. Professional Liability Insurance
  233. Insurance concerns
  234. FYI - All Canadian Home Inspectors
  235. Football game tomorrow??
  236. HUB Insurance
  237. Appraiser??????????
  238. Realtor and Home inspector, ethical?
  239. CANADIAN introduction to radon
  240. InterNACHI membership in Canada tops 1,100 inspectors...
  241. Inspector booth at Better Homes & Gardens Show in Moose Jaw, SK on April 20-21, 2013.
  242. Newbies at it again!
  243. CMHC Free Tip Sheets
  244. Flase Advertising
  245. Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services
  246. Ontario & WSIB
  247. WeWon!
  248. Inspection des Acariens
  249. Sécurité et Conduits d’Évacuation des Sécheuses
  250. InterNACHI inspectors booth at REALTORs Quest 2013 in Ontario on May 1-2, 2013.