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  1. Good news for canadain inspectors
  2. I am sad to report that long-time member Jeannot Cote has passed away.
  3. Question about tools
  4. EcoEnergy Equiptment for sale.
  5. Welcome back Roy!
  6. Please join me in welcoming back my dear friend Roy Cooke.
  7. Too important to hide
  8. What is this apparatus?
  9. Need help! What is the name for this?
  10. I heard OAHI Board of Directors resigned today. T or F?
  11. Developments
  12. InterNACHI membership in Ontario tops 500!
  13. Alberta Annual General meeting 2010.01.25
  14. It's official
  15. You can look up Canadian lawsuits here...
  16. CSST Question
  17. Termite Certification
  18. Some important news
  19. Toranto inspector needed
  20. Sued and lost...
  21. wrong area
  22. Any word on licensing in Alberta?
  23. Scare Tactics for Licensing in Ontario
  24. Pre Inspection Contract
  25. full time vs partime
  26. Wow ......scary flu !!
  27. Cannachi
  28. Fan Appreciation Day - Saturday, Nov 7th @ 1 pm vs. Montreal
  29. Insulation
  30. InterNACHI, IAC2, Move-in-Certified.com booth at Alberta Home Show.
  31. Construct Canada 2009
  32. Free Seminar on Basement repairs Nov. 2 in Burlington
  33. Energy Retrofits for Houses Conference
  34. InterNACHI booth at Calgary Real Estate Board Tradeshow on Jan 20, 2010.
  35. Renovating Your Basement for Livability
  36. Insulating Your House from CMHC
  37. Home Renovation Tax Credit
  38. Better late than never
  39. InspectorOutlet.com now accepts online credit card orders from Canada.
  40. A pretty good idea
  41. Infrared camera wanted
  42. This is a Joke, Right?
  43. Canadian E&O
  44. A "FREE" Guide to Residential Wood Heating
  45. STC Ratings
  46. Alberta InterNACHI membership tops 100.
  47. InterNACHI booth at the Edmonton REALTOR Trade Show in Alberta on Oct 22, 2009.
  48. Not the Whole Story!
  49. Insurance?
  50. US Inspect Re-location inspections
  51. Mike holmes again oahi style !
  52. Home Inspection Software for new and seasoned Inspectors
  53. Insurance?????
  54. Canadian membership in InterNACHI tops 700!
  55. Mike Holmes Inspections expanding to Alberta
  56. Holmmes Inspection show
  57. Holmes
  58. Thanks guys!......NOT
  59. Electrical Panel ?
  60. InterNACHI inspector booth at International Home Show in Mississauga, ON on Oct 9.
  61. Licensing Symposium postponed
  62. Inspection Support Services Inc.
  63. Expert witness job in NB, NS or PE island. Email me if interested.
  64. Carson Dunlop -Home Reference Book-
  65. Before You Start Repairing or Replacing Roof Finishes from CMHC
  66. Home Inspector from 360 Degrees Building Inspections...........
  67. Second open symposium on home inspector licensing in ontario
  68. Unique Price Method
  69. I'm pleased to learn OACETT accepted our online courses toward membership recently.
  70. GTA Member seeks expience Via "Ride Alongs"
  71. NACHI Members Invade Argos Game!
  72. Combined master bedroom and bathroom
  73. InterNACHI booth at the Suites and Homes Show in Edmonton, Alberta on Oct 28, 2009.
  74. Tornado Hits The GTA
  75. Quintie Real Estate Education Day
  76. Flir b50 infrared camera for sale
  77. First one
  78. Criminal mind
  79. Marijuana grow operations big in Canada.
  80. CanNachi up and running?
  81. Job Prospects in Ontario
  82. Where am I ?
  83. Home burglary rate higher in Canada than U.S.
  84. Toronto Argos looking forward to this years season
  85. Ontario Home Inspector Licensing
  86. Happy canada day...
  87. Canada Revenue Agency assigns InterNACHI a business number.
  88. 2-day Infrared Certified class in Ontario on Jul 25-26, 2009.
  89. Canadian-specific Home Maintenance Book
  90. IR Class Coming To Ontario, CA
  91. Looking for E&O insurance in Quebec.
  92. And the beat goes on . . . .
  93. InterNACHI at REALTOR Golf Tournament in Edmonton, AB on July 9, 2009.
  94. InterNACHI membership in Canada tops 675.
  95. Lowballers, Please go away!
  96. Neat Tool Bag System
  97. Mentoring Again
  98. Energy Audit Service Provider
  99. Supra Keys
  100. InterNACHI members can join National Foundation of Certified Inspectors for free.
  101. Best price for IR Cameras in Canada?
  102. Infrared Cameras
  103. Canada and U.S. now own GM.
  104. Pay per inspection E&O insurance. Voice your interest now.
  105. Phishing Emails
  106. E & O Insurance
  107. Four campbell river area home inspectors among first to be licensed
  108. Government of Alberta mentions InterNACHI by name in inspection industry paper.
  109. Alberta public discussion paper
  110. What can you find in attic
  111. I'm sure that you have better stories - share them !!
  112. Do we need a W.E.T.T certification to pass the wood burning stove.
  113. Thousands of Alberta homes could rot
  114. Alberta Home Inspector Licensing/Regulation meeting in Edmonton on May 25, 2009.
  115. Where Can I find section 9 of The Canadian Building Code.
  116. ESA and MOL Inspectors Conversation Opening Panel Covers
  117. Bidets
  118. Hiring a Home Inspector
  119. Graphics, Yes or No?
  120. Sorry folks about the mentoring
  121. Hot PIC of MoveInCertified.com booth in Moose Jaw, SK.
  122. Mentoring
  123. Good news about National Certification fees
  124. Ran into my first geothermal system today
  125. To our fallen soldiers!
  126. BPCPA where to put your number
  127. Fellow Canuck
  128. My Greeter on today's inspection
  129. Nationally Certified Inspectors
  130. InterNACHI booth at New Glasgow Home Show, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia on May 1-3, 2009
  131. InterNACHI booth at Colchester Home Show in Truro, Nova Scotia on April 24-26, 2009.
  132. InterNACHI booth at REALTOR Quest Conference, Toronto Congress Centre, May 6-7, 2009.
  133. Announcement from PHPIO
  134. It works both ways Wanker
  135. Hot PIC of InterNACHI/IR booth at Peterborough, Ontario Home Show. 6,000 attendees.
  136. Mr. Roy Cooke has been appointed as a Moderator on the CanNACHI MB!
  137. New Fire code for ALBERTA
  138. iNACHI member appointed Chair of NCC
  139. C.f.i.h.i. News letter
  140. Stippled ceilings in Bathroom and Kitchen
  141. InterNACHI discount on Home Energy Audit training in Ontario.
  142. Upcoming Education - Toronto Area
  143. OAHI / CAHPI Ontario AGM
  144. Changes proposed for NBC to improve radon requirements
  145. Ontario Plumbing Question
  146. Mike Holmes invasion
  147. Mandatory "Green" Audits
  148. RetroFoam
  149. More on Home Inspector Licensing
  150. HRV's
  151. Taday's Inspection referred by Mr. Steve Ramos!!
  152. 2-day Infrared Certified training in Alberta on March 5-6, 2009.
  153. Edumacation
  154. IR Class in Western Canada
  155. Air Vent Inc. "FREE" Seminar in Toronto
  156. Alberta InterNACHI Chapter releases their own logo.
  157. Bpcpa
  158. Home Inspector Licensing in British Columbia
  159. wrong post
  160. Help wanted
  161. OAHI Education Conference
  162. Found this in cold air return
  163. The truth can..........
  164. Training in Ontario
  165. Open Invitation to Tag Along
  166. New Inspection Vehicle
  167. Hot PIC of InterNACHI booth at REALTOR Show in Calgary. 1,200 agents stopped by.
  168. Alberta AGM Update
  169. Mike Holmes new show
  170. Ontario is now InterNACHI's 5th strongest market per capita.
  171. Check this Out!!
  172. Finally! An answer.
  173. I have been asked and have applied to be on the Board of Directors for OAHI.
  174. What's Up With This
  175. Joe Farsetta Back in Canada?
  176. Durham College offering InterNACHI/IAC2 radon course.
  177. New site to help members increase their SEO now lists # of members in each province.
  178. We had a good time in Canada
  179. EnerHouse 2009 Conference
  180. Alberta Chapter membership growth
  181. Thank you Health Canada! Health Canada contributed to our new course.
  182. Six (6) References Prior to Booking Inspection!!
  183. Tonight W5 Inspection Episode
  184. Never Again!
  185. Cold Air Returns
  186. InterNACHI has some lousy inspectors as members. Yes I said it!
  187. The hipe may be gone
  188. Some interesting reading
  189. Don't blame the wrong people
  190. New commercial promoting inspector education in Canada.
  191. NACHI's relationship with Vendors
  192. InterNACHI booth at Peterborough Home Show in Ontario on March 20-22, 2009.
  193. Home Inspector from 360 Degrees Home Inspections
  194. Canadian Professional Equipment suppliers??
  195. Toronto Home Inspector asks: Why is a Home Inspection Important?
  196. Toronto Home Inspector asks: What is a Home Inspection?
  197. Toronto Home Inspector offers tips
  198. Dominion home inspectors now serves anywhere it is warm
  199. Toronto Home Inspector now serves Durham, York and Peel Regions
  200. Toronto Home Inspector now serves Durham, York and Peel Regions
  201. Canadian members can attend this course for free, anytime.
  202. I will meet you in Canada
  203. Electrical service rating
  204. CanNACHI website
  205. Ontario’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer
  206. Distribution and Installation of Plumbing Product That Does Not Meet Applicable Stand
  207. Lead Legislation Update
  208. New building code and recognizing Grow-Ops at Alberta-InterNACHI meeting.
  209. Star Article
  210. hi everyone
  211. Beware of the owners - they may be felons
  212. A Provincial Day of Mourning for OAHI.
  213. OAHI raised their dues again.
  214. RHI chastises OAHI.
  215. where can i get the business plan of Home inspection free sample?
  216. hello every canadian home inspector
  217. Posted upon request of someone who wants to remain anonymous.
  218. InterNACHI and BuyWise offering Energy Star training in Ontario.
  219. Two weeks and Santa is here
  220. Another big convention coming to Ontario in 2009.
  221. Vote!! Canadian Member of the Year
  222. inspecting 83 year old home
  223. AGM International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
  224. Last Call For IR Class
  225. Do not verify your bank info!
  226. Are there any particular courses you'd like to see?
  227. Poetic Promotion for Canadian inspectors
  228. Its time the oahi members know
  229. After 3 years we finally got our Canadian Trademark Registered for OverSeeIt.com.
  230. Clothes Dryer Circuits in Ontario
  231. strictly for non-INachi members
  232. Re: NCProgram - short article in National post
  233. Coming from Canada? I'll pay for your hotel too!
  234. FREE 2-day, hands-on Stucco/EIFs inspection training course. Just get here.
  235. Total number of InterNACHI members in Canada topped 600 today!
  236. Cell Phone Do not call #'s
  237. What comes next
  238. Offer your clients something they might be able to use.
  239. Full moderation, no obscene posts.
  240. InterNACHI releases International S.O.P. for Inspecting Commercial Fire Doors.
  241. HVAC venting system
  242. The Cup Goes West
  243. Please link to CanNACHI website!
  244. Got an email today?
  245. Time To Look For A Sideline?
  246. Costumer Referrals
  247. Hot PIC of CanNACHI boys!
  248. InterNACHI booth at Trade Show in NW Moose Jaw, SK on April 18-19, 2009
  249. Alberta InterNachi Chapter AGM
  250. InterNACHI's membership in Ontario topped 400 today.