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  1. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.TV.
  2. How would you write this up?
  3. Commercial Inspection Course-Ontario
  4. Moderated board poll
  5. New radio ad with "NACHI"
  6. Nick Was Right Again
  7. Time to Nominate for a possible Award
  8. Help...with commercial Inspection
  9. Unwanted feathered tenants
  10. As of just now... InterNACHI membership in Canada hit the 500 mark!
  11. Class Action Settlement for Canadians,
  12. being on roof's & the MOL
  13. Ah marketing shmarketing... let's not forget education and training!
  14. NACHI.TV releases an advanced training pay-per-view show.
  15. Infrared Camera For Inspections
  16. FREE platinum CMI decals!
  17. LP Inner Seal siding
  18. Biggest Canadian inspector marketing project ever undertaken! Buckle up and hang on!
  19. Hi-Efficiency Furnace Claims
  20. Nick Endorses Canadian National Certification
  21. Nick Endorses Canadian National Certification
  22. It's cold in Canada, learn how to inspect fireplaces...
  23. Fellow NAHCI members I need your opinions & help!!
  24. New MICB department to audit CMI designees and new applications
  25. Hot PIC of CMI vehicle in Canada.
  26. Sharondale Academy in Ontario using InterNACHI training material exclusively.
  27. The ESOP ?????
  28. Ikco Furnace ?
  29. bowing wall in basement
  30. Gibson Furnace
  31. IR Course Building Investigations
  32. Canadian government recognizes CMI. Thank you Roy Cooke!
  33. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by InterNACHI.
  34. If someone can get me CAHPI's and OAHI's I'll add them...
  35. Internachi Announces Strategic Alliance With Canadian Association
  36. Nachi Announces Strategic Alliance With Canadian Association
  37. Zurn PEX Fittings
  38. EBPHI Survey
  39. Why home inspectors are getting into trouble
  40. Canadian IR Camera cost
  41. Update on Nominations for Awards
  42. Property Information Statements
  43. Canadian National Occupational Standards Survey
  44. Canadian National Occupational Standards Survey
  45. Icynene Insulation
  46. InterNACHI booth at Colchester County Home Show in Truro, Nova Scotia on April 25-28.
  47. Tssa
  48. ABC Courses
  49. Live exhibit at Canadian Home Show of InterNACHI member's IR camera and mock wall.
  50. Inspection Check List
  51. InterNACHI is such a help.
  52. Radiant Ceiling Heat
  53. Carrier Furnace Class Action Suit
  54. REM Online
  55. Build Smart with BluWood
  56. older homes with Mario Kyriacou,
  57. Consultations
  58. A steel House
  59. Heat Recovery Ventilator recalls
  60. Seo
  61. National Occupational Standards
  62. Canadian Member of the Year Nominations 2008
  63. Getting tired of Caphi in BC
  64. Canadian member to open InterNACHI Chapter in Brazil!
  65. A canadian snow flip
  66. Great site to list your Mold Inspection Business!!
  67. Bushfart inane ramblings
  68. Questions for Bill Mullen
  69. Moisture around attic hatch
  70. Oahi Agm Date
  71. Canadian Government's Radon Links
  72. Farsettas Non Nachi email
  73. Bill Mullen
  74. Joe Farsettas letter that sent shockwaves through Nachi
  75. Red wine drinkers
  76. Outdoor furnaces
  77. Question for Roy Cooke - Electrical
  78. radon
  79. HI Training was for the birds
  80. The Power-Pipe For Homes
  81. Jeff Healey
  82. Another deck Collapse
  83. Greetings
  84. vermiculite
  85. Welcome home Roy!
  86. Huge news for InterNACHI members and real estate agents in Canada!
  87. Bob Francis resigns from NACHI
  88. Natural Gas Supply Piping Into House From Underground
  89. I am moving to California
  90. Clearing The Air Over The N.c.p.
  91. Messages Pulled
  92. Mortgage Field Services
  93. InterNACHI booth at the Erin Home Show in Ontario on May 3, 2008.
  94. AFCI breakers
  95. InterNACHI booth at HomeLife Hayes REALTY show in New Brunswick on March 12, 2008.
  96. More about BC Licensing
  97. I'm a new grandpa!!!
  98. I'm very pleased to welcome message board regular, Brian Jones to InterNACHI.
  99. I offered my help to Bill Mullen and OAHPI today.
  100. National Occupational Standards focus group
  101. Anyone going to the Commercial inspection...
  102. Inspectors needed in Saskatchewan, Northern Ontario
  103. Truss Uplift
  104. Inspector in hot water after approving unit without drain
  105. Do you fellas want IT to delete a couple of these threads???
  106. Kingston Feb 23 CAHPI Heritage Training
  107. Shhhhh.... Bushfart at work
  108. A sad sad day for Canada
  109. Just my thoughts guys...
  110. Awards Nominations Page With Easy Access
  111. We're building a free, online radon course. Please direct me to Canadian info.
  112. National Occupational Standards
  113. Alden E Gibson R.H.I.
  114. Home Sales in Toronto
  115. Home Sales in Toronto
  116. Looking for 86 OBC
  117. Chemical Chimney cleaners do not work
  118. B.C. to License Home Inspectors
  119. Saskatchewan Chapter of InterNACHI meeting in Moose Jaw, SK on April 12, 2008.
  120. InterNACHI releases stairway inspection document based on Canadian codes.
  121. Justice, Free Speech Still Lacking In Afghanistan
  122. NACHI client agreement.
  123. How to build a deck
  124. CAPHI caught in a little lie to the Ministry in B.C.
  125. InterNACHI booth at Stettler Trade Show in Alberta, Canada on April 11-13, 2008.
  126. InterNACHI booth at Red Deer Home Show in Alberta, Canada on March 7-9.
  127. Canadian Exhibitors @ IBS Feb. 13-16
  128. First member to post wins 101-Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Set & case thanks PRO-LAB.
  129. First member to reply to this post wins Show Me How Video.
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  131. Join NACHI NOW!!!!
  132. Winter in Canada
  133. meaningless “Designations” awarded by the various associations
  134. Radon Class in Oakville and Ottawa
  135. Site for website traffic
  136. Canadian Equipment Inspectors Needed!
  137. Grow-ops outed by Ottawa Police
  138. Is secrecy a major structural defect in buyer protection?
  139. Engineer Disciplined for poor inspection
  140. Canadain Home Inspectors Liciensing
  141. Medical Plans?
  142. Alberta AGM/CMI Designation
  143. Thank you Alberta, Canadian InterNACHI members!
  144. Hot PICs from Canadian home inspector licensing meeting tonight.
  145. J'comprends pas
  146. Do you like Windows XP
  147. BC Government consultation on home inspectors
  148. Is our Government a little Two-faced?
  149. how do you charge for an inspection?
  150. Hot PIC of Canadian InterNACHI member with his IR camera at Calgary Real Estat Show.
  151. New member to the boards
  152. Holmes on Homes
  153. Three Month Real Estate Probe Yields Disturbing Results In Guelph
  154. AGM InterNACHI Alberta
  155. disimilar metals
  156. I'm coming up to the Canadian licensing meeting on Sunday. Brining NACHI.TV too.
  157. How will your report read for this equipment?
  158. E&O Insurance
  159. Excellent customer service
  160. There is hope.
  161. CHAPI not Happy
  162. Dakar Rally Canceled Due to Terrorist Threats
  163. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by InterNACHI: Multi-tool set.
  164. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Mike Holt.
  165. Commercial Course in March
  166. National Occupational Standards Review
  167. Do not use Propane on Natural gas equipment
  168. Today's Daily Door Prize by NACHI.TV: 9 LED Aluminum Flashlight plus LED Key Chain.
  169. Inspection trainer/instructor wanted for new inspection school in Toronto area.
  170. Radon testing comming to Canada
  171. Looking for a Tag Along
  172. Could this "defect" have been prevented?
  173. Need Brampton Home Inspector
  174. new member of NACHI
  175. Welcome Aboard!!
  176. Canadian Cell phones are expensive
  177. Auto updated InterNACHI North American map.
  178. O'Fallon homeowner sues for mold
  180. Good by OAHI,CAHPI & NCA
  181. Mould Inspection Company Wanted
  182. I don't get it
  183. WETT added to InspectorLocator.com
  184. Future of electricity prices in Ontario
  185. Canada Launches Clean Energy Software
  186. From us to all our great Friends
  187. Canadian - Construction Links Newsletter
  188. don't use u.p.s.
  189. How many chapters in Canada?
  190. Greater Kingston Area Chapter Meeting
  191. International Association of Certified Home Inspectors Open for business
  192. Door from home to Garage
  193. 100% financing offered to Canadian InterNACHI members from Inspect4u.ca.
  194. Help. We are adding WETT to www.InspectorLocator.com
  195. Link Needed for Systems
  196. OAHI Out Of Control - Bylaws Breached - Documented Proof
  197. New Canadian Home Inspector Association popped up!
  198. This free course important to those in northern climates.
  199. National Certification Authority NCA Elections Reminder
  200. Has this ever happened to you?
  201. Canadian tax expert sought for upcoming Pillar to Post Conference. Leads?
  202. Honour A Fallen Constable
  203. Ontario Meetings
  204. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by InterNACHI.
  205. Western BC Chapter has a lot of members.
  206. Message for Rudolf
  207. pre-purchase not a guarantee
  208. President elect of the Edmonton Real Estate Board joining me at our meeting in AB.
  209. Coming soon in French.
  210. Crack Control Joints
  211. OAHI in a tail spin.
  212. Cam Allen Kingston Meeting - Nov. 24
  213. Hey Vern Mitchinson... will you accept a seat on InterNACHI's new Board of Directors?
  214. Greater Kingston Area Chapter meeting in Ontario on December 8, 2007.
  215. 2 year comparision ,CMI, NCA
  216. Asbestos Siding
  217. I need to know who can do a Wett inspection
  218. what is this...
  219. Nominations for Awards 2007
  220. Can someone email me changes in red to accessibility to make it Metric?
  221. Fs:Nokia N95(8Gb),Iphone 8Gb,Ps-3,Qtek 7070, ETEN M600+
  222. Client is not listening to me.
  223. Roys Radio show
  224. how would you report this?
  225. Think you're getting blocked from posting on this message board? You are wrong.
  226. Today's Daily Door Prize by NACHI.TV: 9 LED Aluminum Flashlight plus LED Key Chain.
  227. Kingston Cahpi Ontario Training Session
  228. New Kingston Chapter
  229. CMI Certification Board to be expanded
  230. Today's Daily Door Prize by NACHI.TV: 9 LED Aluminum Flashlight plus LED Key Chain.
  231. Engineering Licensing Body Obtains Order Against Home Inspector
  232. Wood Solutions Fair
  233. Another licensing meeting at Western BC Chapter in Surrey, BC on November 22, 2007.
  234. W-5 CTV Nov. 3 & 4
  235. Real Estate broker and FREA rep, additional speakers to licensing/marketing meeting.
  236. BC is acting on the new bill
  237. Mold inspection agreement template good in Canada.
  238. First Canadian inspector licensing meeting in Edmonton, AB on Jan 21, 2008.
  239. British Columbia Certification?
  240. what is the fee?
  241. Opening Electrical Panels.
  242. Link for Roy
  243. Law prohibits DIYers from tampering with electrical wires
  244. Before 1st Inspection....
  245. Rob Parker The Inspector
  246. Message from Claude Lawrenson
  247. Mr. Lloyds last words (message)
  248. Mr. Guihans last words (message)
  249. Home Inspector needed for Collingwood Area
  250. Mould Inspector needed Bancroft area