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  1. dismissal of lawsuit
  2. How would you report this?
  3. Transport Canada umanned air vehicle
  4. Inspectors start when young
  5. Attention race fans
  6. Sold prices may become public
  7. In the attic
  8. Change to home inspector licensing coming to BC.
  9. Roof Settlement
  10. Any info on Ontarioachi
  11. Drone Inspections + Canadian Inspectors = No problem
  12. Hope you see Comet Lovejoy
  13. house made of....foam
  14. Radon Test Moniter ??????????
  15. Hockey Today
  16. Get a home Inspection
  17. The Most pleasing inspection we did .
  18. Happy New Year
  19. Canada / USA Hockey
  20. Rest in Peace.
  21. Heat pump water heaters ?
  22. For electricians and others too .
  23. Stay out of court
  24. Sump pump discharge
  25. Montrealer fined $1,000 for using a drone to take real estate photos
  26. Merry Christmas
  27. Report writing
  28. Tools
  29. First 10 members from Quebec who post here get free marketing packs for agents.
  30. greenland-ice-loss-underestimated.
  31. Building Science
  32. free heat
  33. Proud To be a Canadian
  34. Ontario going nuts over e cigs
  35. Bob Hope Christmas
  36. Drone flights face FAA hit
  37. 203k, 4 point inspection Question
  38. CSA & Electrical Code Guide
  39. BIG Changes for Google Ranking in 2015
  40. Running poll who has completed CSA comments?
  41. Not your friend Mike.
  42. 60% of Ontario's long-term need inspections
  43. motion against FSBO
  44. The hammer boys
  45. Mike Holmes being sued again.
  46. A Happy plumber
  47. Tap water burns
  48. Westjet Christmas 2014
  49. warmer winter than last year
  50. OAHI
  51. Climate change survey reveals Canadians' fears for future generations
  52. truly amazing
  53. Alarm Location Guidelines
  54. CSA Webinar
  55. Sump pump troubles?
  56. Canada's North (The polar sea )
  57. CSA's A770 Standard
  58. Dead battery
  59. When does a reno go from modifying existing to "new build"
  60. Home inspectors have issues with proposed CSA standard
  61. CSA standards my take so far
  62. CSA Standards draft making waves in Alberta
  63. Ontario Licensing ???
  64. U.S.-China climate deal
  65. CSA Home Inspection Draft Standard Public Review
  66. The scientists have come through again
  67. Congratulation's Ontario
  68. Inspection in a frozen house
  69. Lest we Forget
  70. Changes coming to Ontario College of Trades
  71. If you haven’t inspected a grow house yet, you probably will
  72. Winter is comming NOW!!!!
  73. Ontario electricity gets taken for a spin
  74. NOS - National Occupational Standards
  75. Lest We Forget
  76. waiver
  77. Ontario’s Water Heater Industry
  78. Prosperity index ranks Canada 5th in world
  79. UN report warns climate change may soon be ‘irreversible’
  80. Unfair fees
  81. Bummer, Doug Ford lost.
  82. Need help tracking down friend...
  83. Pranksters at work
  84. Canadian Water heater recall
  85. Who is the buyers' agent working for?
  86. CSA Straw Poll
  87. The Dirt On Antimicrobials
  88. Do not get electrocuted
  89. From phpic CSA standards for review
  90. The Cloudy Future of Arctic Sea Ice
  91. CO Alarms Now Mandatory in All ontario Homes
  92. Hope our USA friends enjoy Columbus day
  93. Happy Thanks giving Canada
  94. Happy Thanks giving Canada
  95. WCB Coverage
  96. Jail Time ????
  97. HRV replaces Kitchen exhaust?
  98. What Is Alternative Dispute Resolution?"
  99. Take Advantage of InterNACHI-Québec's exclusive E&O program NOW October 15th deadline
  100. lunar eclipse starting 4;15 a.m. ET.
  102. Canada Stair code change coming
  103. Please look close at all water heaters
  104. AlterNet energy does work
  105. Our search sites now anticipate if visitor is in Canada and display Kilometers.
  106. Illegal basement aptapartments
  107. Steel bars on the window
  108. Any other Canadians going to Vegas?
  109. Are most HI startup business incorporated, or are they sole proprietorship?
  110. OntarioACHI Update
  111. Errors in electronic Radon gas monitors ????
  112. Canada 4th best country in which to grow old
  113. Government supports Home Inspectors ??????????
  114. new career as a HI, but need help
  115. Ontario Electrical Questions
  116. Bad decks
  117. Not Happy with a Mike holmes Inspection
  118. Another consumer disappointed with Mike Holmes Inspections.
  119. BC - CP Update
  120. Employment Opportunity
  121. Just curious--is every thread going to turn into a "KWood versus the world"?
  122. Excellent Course Material
  123. Alberta Chapter's 10th Annual AGM
  124. Discount to IAQ/IH Workshop
  125. Affordable E&O insurance for members in Quebec.
  126. Proposed CEC Changes
  127. Canadian Home Inspectors Training Centre.
  128. Oh, cr*p here we go again!!
  129. InterNACHI Quebec.
  130. Vancouver area NACHI members?
  131. Provincal Licensing
  132. Burger King buys Tim Hortons.
  133. Inspector needed in Edmonton, Alberta.
  134. Voluntary Services
  135. Licensed inspector
  136. Ontario Licensing
  137. Misuse of regulation prevents us from doing our jobs
  138. Justice Served
  139. Download the New InterNACHI "Veteran-Owned" Icon for Canadian Veterans
  140. Live link to Italian marching band compitition
  141. Collective POS Solutions - the worst customer service ever
  142. Old systems just fascinate.
  143. Hope everyone had a good Canada Day
  144. Licencing Home Inspectors in Ontario
  145. Licencing Home Inspectors in Ontario
  146. OAHI and CAHPI
  147. New French Move-In-Certified logo released.
  148. Wall covering description
  149. For Public Consumption
  150. app for home inspection
  151. questions on next step
  152. alberta exams
  153. Need advice
  154. 1.2 billion reasons dont vote Liberal
  155. Exterior Periscope Type Dryer Vent
  156. As per PHPIC new Gov't Licencing Home Inspectors on Hold
  157. Alysse, our French translator, is scheduled to take the NY Bar Exam. Wish her luck.
  158. new FREE brochure and business card designs for Le Roi De L'inspection
  159. Never deal with Collective Point of Sale Solutions
  160. Election in Ontario
  161. bedroom quection
  162. Free Quebec (French) Real Estate Marketing Cards now available.
  163. CAHPI denies permission for a dual member to use InterNACHI's Marketing Dept.
  164. Stop the Trades tax petition
  165. Geothermal expert - Montreal area
  166. Almost made winter without
  167. Toronto InterNACHI member in the news.
  168. Evenings and Weekends
  169. GE Aquant Pinless Moisture Meter (BLD5765)
  170. Smart Electric Meters
  171. Ontario’s Energy Policy will affect every person in Ontario
  172. Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)
  173. RADON Seminar/Webinar Invite
  174. Ontario Electrical Code Question
  175. Huge news for Canadian members. Canadians only.
  176. InterNACHI inspector booth at Champlain Commercial Fair in Vankleek Hill, Ontario.
  177. Spam from Nachi?
  178. Mobil Homes Inspection
  179. Geothermal Expert
  180. Comments by President of
  181. Level II certification
  182. Alberta E&O
  183. Home Inspector Qualifications - Update Bulletin
  184. Canada InterNACHI Board Meeting
  185. If you are an InterNACHI member in Toronto but not coming to the conference...
  186. Regulation in Ontario
  187. Licensing will achieve nothing unless ........
  188. WETT
  189. Congrats to Canadian Hockey Team.
  190. Free Quebec Real Estate Agent Marketing Cards.
  191. Team Jacobs
  192. I just out of a meeting with the Ministry of Consumer Services Ontario....
  193. Where is the certification exam for Alberta???
  194. MCS Licence Update
  195. Classroom Portables
  196. new CMI Marston of interest
  197. Why it's good to learn
  198. Byelections in Ontario Feb 13th
  199. I'm not bringing much to the Carson Dunlop conference.
  200. HUB Insurance - Claims & Legal Process Free Meeting/Webinar
  201. Inspector pages
  202. Best thing for WETT at this time
  203. WSIB and how it affects us.
  204. For the UK NACHI members
  205. Remember to thank the Carson Dunlop people for providing InterNACHI with free booth..
  206. InterNACHI inspectors training booth at Calgary Home Show in Alberta Feb 27-March 2.
  207. Need a Inspector For Lindsay Ontario Canada
  208. More on Ontario Licensing
  209. We're working on the "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection" book in French.
  210. Insurance cost
  211. CMIs dominate longest article on home inspector licensing in ON in Biz X Magazine.
  212. Truck of the year- Not So much
  213. Narrative needed
  214. Snowed In 7 Days
  215. E&O Protection For Inspection of High Value Properties
  216. Free 30-day warranty for InterNACHI members in ON, NB, NS & NF provinces.
  217. Response to Ministry of Consumer Services regarding licensing/grandfathering of CMIs.
  218. Food for thought .
  219. Don't BE Like Kansas
  220. OACIQ approves InterNACHI as a school for licensed real estate agents in Quebec.
  221. Radio news
  222. InterNACHI booth at Royal LePage Real Estate Expo in Truro, Nova Scotia on March 22.
  223. "Now That You've Had A Home Inspection" Books
  224. Nick and InterNACHI booth at Carson Dunlop Conference in Toronto on March 1-2, 2014.
  225. law deregulates home inspectors in Kansas
  226. Alberta New Home Warranty Act
  227. InterNACHI's Comments on Home Inspector Panel Recommendations.
  228. Hey French-speaking members, I have a question for you.
  229. I'm preparing comments for the government. Does anyone have any to include.
  230. Follow-Up: Jamison Family Windsor ON
  231. OntarioACHI
  232. Carson-Dunlop Conference - Toronto
  233. Letter from Hub InterNational
  234. Countdown Clock for Ontario Regulation
  235. Nationwide Home Warranty
  236. Toronto Ice Storm
  237. Labour Shortage
  238. Plug-in Furnace
  239. Merry Christmas
  240. Carson Dunlop graciously offered InterNACHI a free booth at their 2014 conference.
  241. InterNACHI inspector booth at Investor Forum in Mississauga on March 22-23, 2014.
  242. Another did not make it
  243. Please join me in wishing Ontario CMI Len Inkster a happy birthday. Member since 2008
  244. Mandatory Home Inspections recommended!
  245. CMI booth at Better Homes & Gardens Expo in Moose Jaw, SK on April 12-13, 2014.
  246. Personal Invite from me
  247. Mouse invasion as percieved by client
  248. Ontario Licensing proposal to be posted today.
  249. Please help if you can
  250. Attic ventilation