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  1. EPDM membranes
  2. Coming next week: How to inspect fire extinguishers course.
  3. Homeowners Associations vs. the Green Homeowner.
  4. Another FREE episode. Inspecting electrical system of a warehouse.
  5. FREE episode. Inspecting a Bakery.
  6. Dentist Office Commercial Inspection. FREE episode.
  7. Some free training videos on commercial inspections
  8. 1-day Intro to Commercial Inspections/electrical course, Boulder, CO, March 24, 2010.
  9. Fall Arrest Systems. Please proof this new inspection article.
  10. Commercial section added to free, online Pool and Spa Inspection course.
  11. How much do you charge for a commercial inspection?
  12. No Meaningful Recovery in Commercial Real Estate Before 2011
  13. Quality Insulation Job
  14. Good news for commercial property inspectors.
  15. Inspector Outlet now carrying ComInspect Markeing Packs.
  16. Commercial Sales Jump
  17. Commercial
  18. Commercial Propety Inspection Marketing Packs on sale.
  19. Do you inspect commercial properties?
  20. Noise Mitigation. Please proof this new inspection article.
  21. InterNACHI releases "How to Perform Energy Audits" FREE online 3-day course.
  22. Copy of ASTM E 2018 08
  23. Nevada approved InterNACHI's FREE online Commercial Property Inspectoin course 8 hrs.
  24. A quintessential picture representing a commercial property inspection.
  25. ComInspect commercial inspector marketing packs nearing completion.
  26. 4 unit apartment building quote
  27. Commercial electrical inspection training. Online video. Watch it now.
  28. Interested in a live training class?
  29. Here come the commercial foreclosures.
  30. Hey Nick, What's Up With The Cominspect Network?
  31. Introduction to Blueprint Reading for Inspectors.
  32. InterNACHI's free online Commercial Inspection Prerequisite course approved by IL.
  33. InterNACHI releases FREE Advanced Commercial Code Inspection Exam Prep Tool.
  34. Coming next week: FREE, Advanced Commercial Property Code Inspection Exam Prep Tool.
  35. Firt 20 members to post the URL of their webpage that links to ComSop win.
  36. Building Permits. Please proof this new inspection article.
  37. Getting into commercial property inspections? Join the ComInspect Network today. Free
  38. Anatomy of a Commercial Property Inspection Report.
  39. Creating a Team of Expert Consultants for your Commercial Inspection Business.
  40. Home Inspector Pro - InterNACHI Fireplace Template
  41. Electrical Inspection Training Video
  42. Ballast Disconnects
  43. Personal Safety at a Commercial Property
  44. Pest Birds.
  45. How to buy commercial property without using your own money.
  46. Fire Alarm Systems.
  47. Standard ASTM E2018-08
  48. Commercial Water Towers.
  49. International SOP for Inspecting Commercial Properties being printed in 4 languages.
  50. Commercial Office Checklist.
  51. Green Strategies for Commercial Buildings.
  52. Commercial Property: Buy or Rent?
  53. Shopping for a Commercial Loan? Avoid these Mistakes.
  54. Going Commercial: Moving the Office out of the Home.
  55. Inspectors and Commercial Leases.
  56. Commercial Real Estate Terms Inspectors Should Know.
  57. Say "No" to Sprinkler Heat Collectors
  58. Today's Daily Door Prize! First Member to Reply Wins!
  59. Fire Door Inspections
  60. Multi-inspector firms. This is NOT the way to climb a ladder.
  61. $1 trillion in commercial real estate to be refinanced
  62. Phased remodel
  63. Reserve Studies. Please proof this new commercial inspection article.
  64. comm sop
  65. Commercial inspector for a condo buyer needed in Massachusettes.
  66. TREC approves InterNACHI's free online Commercial Property Inspection Course.
  67. How to Price Commerial Inspections?
  68. Carpeted Bathrooms.
  69. Residential/Commercial Stucco EIFS online video course.
  70. Residential/Commercial Stucco EIFS online video course.
  71. Distance commercial education
  72. EPDM Question
  73. Occpancy load signs. Please proof this new article.
  74. 1-week Commercial Property Inspection course/convention... coming soon.
  75. Connecticut approves InterNACHI's free online Commercial Property Inspection course.
  76. Confirmation
  77. Order your FREE, BIG, 64-page ComSop book now. No charge.
  78. Mississippi approves our HVAC Training course for home and commercial inspectors.
  79. Coming next week. InterNACHI's Commercial SOP in book form.
  80. Please proof this new article on Defensible Space.
  81. Urinals.
  82. ComSop in book format (pdf) for those who want to print it.
  83. Unbelievable -- Client wants concrete block walls between units as "major defect"
  84. Commercial SOP updated April 27, 2009.
  85. Commercial Building pressurization question
  86. Commercial Building pressurization question
  87. Talk about square footage!
  88. Hot PICs from a commercial fire door inspection I did today on an historic building.
  89. Advanced commercial inspection graphics library. Coming soon.
  90. SD approves InterNACHI's free online Commercial Inspection course for 8 CE hours.
  91. Hot PICS: New tool for inspecting tall commercial buildings. No ladder needed.
  92. InterNACHI's free, online Commercial Inspection Prerequisite course updated.
  93. HOT PIC: Industry trainer Mike Nelson in the house, producing a new 40 hour course.
  94. InterNACHI's online inspector Glossary has been expanded to include commercial terms.
  95. Illinois approves InterNACHI's free, online Commercial Inspection course.
  96. Home Inspector Pro Releases Another InterNACHI Commercial Template
  97. Hotel Inspection
  98. Existing Building Green Check List Fee
  99. NJ Attorney General approves InterNACHI's FREE, online Commercial Inspection course.
  100. For those that do properties with public pools
  101. New Building Science and Thermography with Will Decker, online video course.
  102. York Rooftop HVAC equipment age
  103. A personal guaranty when doing a commercial inspection for an LLC or corporation.
  104. Maybe Commercial buyers are coming back?
  105. Shocked me
  106. New Federal Pool pode
  107. Coming soon: Free, online Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection course.
  108. We released a new Radon Mitigation System Inspection SOP for commercial installations
  109. www.FireDoorInspector.org
  110. Commercial Fire Door Inspection Course with bar code inspection management system.
  111. NACHI.TV Studios expand to 10,200 sq. ft. for new Commercial Inspection Division.
  112. And another state approval for our online Commercial Inspection course.
  113. Not to shabby
  114. Our free, online Commercial Inspection course earns another State approval.
  115. Condo & Townhome Wind Mit. Insp.
  116. Commercial Inspector Needed-Atlanta
  117. InterNACHI releases Phase I S.O.P. for Inspecting Fireplaces and Chimneys.
  118. How would you like to preface your report with this?
  119. The new Moisture Intrusion Course is for commercial inspections too.
  120. Fire Door inspection narratives added to world's largest library of narratives.
  121. FREE 2-day, hands-on Stucco/EIFs inspection training course.
  122. Coming soon. Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Kitchens.
  123. InterNACHI releases International S.O.P. for Inspecting Commercial Fire Doors.
  124. Coming soon. Certified Fire Door Inspector online course.
  125. Next Canadian Commercial Inspection Course?
  126. NFPA Running Exhaust through Firewall
  127. Watch the new show on HIP Commercial SOP template.
  128. State of Arkansas approves InterNACHI's online Commercial Inspection Course today!
  129. HOT PIC: Dominic of Home Inspector Pro... in the house.
  130. commercial inspections
  131. Marketing Your Business
  132. InterNACHI partners with National Institute of Fire and Safety Training.
  133. Online, video, commercial HVAC inspection course.
  134. Pricing question
  135. Today's Fiasco
  136. Commercial Inspections Slow
  137. New to Commercial pricing
  138. Florida Wind Mitigation
  139. Commercial SOP
  140. Commercial building inspector needed in Massachusetts. Very large job.
  141. HomeGauge pushing InterNACHI's ComSop.
  142. 1-day commercial inspection course in Alexandria, VA on October 25, 2008.
  143. Fire Exit Question
  144. Home Inspector Pro releases InterNACHI ComSop template version.
  145. Building had many issues for a 1998
  146. Question. Do you all ask the new owner for an annual inspection contract?
  147. We're developing an 18 page, 4-color, commercial inspection brochure for member use.
  148. From Todays site visit
  149. Copy of ASTM E 2018-01
  150. Which Format for Consultants?
  151. Professional Services Contract.
  152. ComInspect to inspect multi story buildings using remote control helicopters/cameras.
  153. We incorporated a new non-profit commercial inspector association.
  154. Coming soon: Forensic Inspection of Commercial Roofs online video course.
  155. PA, NY, & NJ Inspectors - Commercial Class in Scranton PA in September
  156. Texas Inspectors - TREC Approved Commercial Course in Houston this September!
  157. ComInspect Network Member logo released today.
  158. Multi unit inspection needed in Kansas City, MO.
  159. Commercial HVAC online video inspection course in development.
  160. Commercial Reporting Software
  161. Wind Mitigation
  162. 3 Years New, Roof Shot Already--:)
  163. Refigeration room problem
  164. Oops--:))
  165. Many thanks to Russell Spriggs for his work on the Commercial Inspection Course.
  166. Lucky Duffy
  167. Nice from far, but far from nice-:)
  168. 15 Minute 2400 sq ft Inspection-:)
  169. New site and page
  170. Federal Government using InterNACHI's ComSop in new Guide to Commissioning Buildings.
  171. Get your head around Commercial Inspections. InterNACHI's new, free, online course.
  172. Natural defense
  173. Performing Commercial Inspections article.
  174. Tenent questionair or survey
  175. We just hired an in-house commercial systems and components technical writer.
  176. Construction Inspector Review calls us "the highest caliber of inspectors"
  177. Commercial inspection book
  178. Newbie Here Just Joined NACHI
  179. ComInspect logo design released.
  180. So. Cal. Commercial Training Course
  181. Self
  182. US Reports?
  183. Status update of ComInspect, our plan to corner the commercial inspection market.
  184. Commercial Course in Ontario in July!
  185. Laundry Equipment
  186. Today's Daily Door Prize. First 10 members to reply to this post win.
  187. Look to the left in the blue navigation bar... Commercial SOP link now.
  188. Distance Commercial course?
  189. Certified Commercial Inspector course in Spokane, Washington on July 26, 2008.
  190. InterNACHIGauge releases COMMERCIAL inspection software!
  191. GCI seeks InterNACHI members for residential and commercial inspections. Call now.
  192. Travesty
  193. Commercial Inspection
  194. Certified Commercial Inspector & Certified Well Sampler classes in Boulder this June!
  195. Get paid now for submitting your PICs!
  196. Request for Documents and Person(s) with Knowledge sample language added to comsop.
  197. Commercial Building HVAC Identification and Info
  198. Informal discussion on commercial inspections with Joe Farsetta, Boulder, CO, May 13.
  199. Performing a Commercial Inspection
  200. TPO Roof Systems Guide Lines by Firestone
  201. Certified Commercial Inspector & Certified Well Sampler - Houston, TX in June
  202. Mortar Quality
  203. Commercial Property Conditions
  204. InterNACHI files for "Certified Commercial Inspector" Trademark in Canada.
  205. Commercial Inspector Link Exchange
  206. Watch this show on infrared camera use in home and commercial inspections.
  207. New, "International"-style commercial property report binder with globe watermark.
  208. Wood Decks and Balconies section added to Commercial SOP.
  209. ComSOP 6.5.2 F
  210. InterNACHI comsop vs. ASTM E2018
  211. Send Your Comm'l Narratives to Dominic!
  212. Should I add Life-Safety section to my Commerical Report?
  213. Cooking Area section added to Commercial Standards of Practice.
  214. Coming soon: new "We Perform Commercial Inspections" brochure for members to...
  215. Joe Farsetta gives tips on how to do a commercial inspection.
  216. Experts directory?
  217. Want to get your foot in the door?
  218. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by InterNACHI.
  219. ComSop revised yesterday.
  220. InterNACHI files for "Certified Commercial Inspector" Federal Certification Mark.
  221. Commercial Inspection $650?
  222. On the set shooting an episode on inspecting access ramps on commercial properties.
  223. We're working on a new, add-on, observed green features section of COMSOP.
  224. Final Walkthrough-Brand New
  225. Tucson Arizona
  226. Commercial Inspection Class coming to NY metro area
  227. Canadian government indexes CMI in part as "commercial inspection services"
  228. Commercial inspection couse ORLANDO FL May
  229. Moisture in riding arena
  230. Inspection Agreement (which one)
  231. new york commercial inspection
  232. Get commercial inspection work now.... see how...
  233. HELP Nick & HIP with COMSOP Comments
  234. PICs of packed house at InterNACHI's Commercial Inspection course, Atlanta, yesteday.
  235. Commercial Inspection Course with Joe Farsetta April 19th
  236. InterNACHI ComSop document pack now includes commercial thermal imaging addendum.
  237. Saved some lives in a 6 flat
  238. Another big commercial insurance inspection deal for InterNACHI members. $$$
  239. Written Proposal
  240. Another first com inspection
  241. Commerical Insp wavier
  242. 1st commercial inspection, questions
  243. WARNING! Avoid CREIA rip-off! California Real Estate Inspection Association thieves!
  244. Commercial Inspection Course By: Joe Farsetta April 19th in Columbia Mo
  245. Hot PIC of Commercial Inspection Course, graduating class, Ohio, Feb 2008.
  246. Commercial inspection course at Central Missouri Chapter in Columbia, MO on April 19.
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  249. First member to reply to this post wins Show Me How Video.
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