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  1. You asked for a CMI payment plan option through PayPal. Done.
  2. Canadian Certified Master Inspector in the news.
  3. Bring your cameras to California event. I'm bringing CMI awards.
  4. Hot PIC: Certified Master Inspector/InterNACHI booth at Ottawa Home Show.
  5. Change to CMI
  6. Booked another job because I am A CMI
  7. This is just wrong.
  8. Ohio Certified Master Inspector Darrell Freshour featured in TV news report.
  9. CMI given an entire, fully-operational, profitable inspection business for free.
  10. Other Master Inspectors
  11. Another news article. First sentence links to CMI inspector search page.
  12. News article live links to all Certified Master Inspectors to download free book.
  13. Kansas City Certified Master Inspector
  14. Hot PICs of CMI-IAC2-InterNACHI travel mugs, to be delivered to real estate offices.
  15. Hot PICs of CMI/InterNACHI booth at Indianapolis Home Show.
  16. CMI hat at AFC Championship game
  17. U.S. Patent & Trademark Office renews Certified Master Inspector for another 10 years
  18. First 10 CMIs get 2 packs of CMI marketing rack cards.
  19. Certified Master Inspector Will Decker in the news.
  20. CMI certifications on web site
  21. CMI requirements compared to other inspection association's in DORA Industry Review.
  22. Hot PIC of CMI chopper at Vegas Convention.
  23. Free PICs in Vegas of you being awarded your CMI designation.
  24. Stop by the CMI booths in Vegas, manned by MICB board member George Wells.
  25. Thanks nick
  26. over 2000 inspections performed BUT that was 10 years ago
  27. Turn every call into a scheduled inspection job with CMI. New testimonial:
  28. Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson in a CMI shirt.
  29. Ok Beat me up
  30. Hot PIC: CMI inspection vehicle in Los Angeles.
  31. Another helpful CMI aknowledged by a consumer.
  32. Coming soon: CMI caps with built-in head protection.
  33. SpecWorx Truck
  34. Reminder, we removed CMI resources tab from site but resources are still available.
  35. Hot PICs of InterNACHI/CMI booth at Reatly Council Breakfast in Denver.
  36. Hot PIC: Inspector correctly leading with CMI on his banner.
  37. Hot PIC: CMI banner of world's largest inspection company by volume.
  38. CMI. gets mentioned in a cover story.
  39. Marketing success
  40. At several CMI's suggestion, we removed the RESOURCES tab from the site.
  41. June 2011
  42. CMI Logo
  43. AtticHat
  44. A vendor dropped out of the Orlando Convention and so CMI bought their booth space.
  45. Hot PIC of CMI / InterNACHI booth in Kentucky.
  46. $1,000.00 Best-Looking Certified Master Inspector Vehicle Contest.
  47. Am I still a member of InterNACHI if I'm a CMO?
  48. I am very sorry to announce that CMI Darrel Hadler of AB has passed away.
  49. CMI requested by a consumer in West Virginia.
  50. MICB sponsoring the Marketing for Inspectors event in Utah on May 1. $15/person.
  51. Carson ,Dunlop Conference
  52. Certified Master Inspectors in Canada now get a 10% discount on E&O insurance.
  53. PIC: Mark Ellison, Certified Master Inspector
  54. PIC: Yuri Olhovsky, Certified Master Inspector
  55. Hot PIC of members and CMIs in Toronto, Canada conference on March 1, 2014.
  56. Free CMI shirt patches with latest CMI logo.
  57. PIC: Bobby Hamilton, Certified Master Inspector
  58. PIC: Troy Pappas, Certified Master Inspector
  59. PIC: Jerry Linkhorn, Certified Master Inspector
  60. PIC: Hank Richter, Certified Master Inspector.
  61. PIC: Reece Welch, Certified Master Inspector
  62. A CMI near Youngstown, Ohio?
  63. Free CMI photo I.D. cards for InterNACHI members who are CMIs.
  64. We're mailing out some snailmail to all Alberta InterNACHI members.
  65. Please join me in welcoming industry leader Dale Duffy to our family of CMIs.
  66. Master Inspector?
  67. "CMI is the inspection industry's top professional designation" - Biz X Magazine.
  68. I'll be bringing CMI awards to the following 5 events. Meet me and we'll take a PIC.
  69. CMI Marketing Cards #1
  70. Response to Ministry of Consumer Services regarding grandfathering CMIs in Ontario.
  71. Certified Master Inspector's website passes ASHI's.
  72. Figuring how many CMI's in your State?
  73. We snail mailed every CMI a marketing tips letter with a sample.
  74. We hand changed the syntax on all CMI's phone numbers.
  75. CMI Vehicle Decals
  76. CMI website updated to include new 2014 application fee.
  77. New CMI logo
  78. Tomorrow (Tues) is the last day to apply for CMI, save $1500 and get a 2013 deduction
  79. Do not delay become a CMI today
  80. CMI booth at the National Association of REALTORs 2014 Convention.
  81. Worth reading
  82. Final Prize for CMIs only. First one to reply wins big from HomeGauge!
  83. For CMIs who haven't won a flashlight yet. First CMI to reply wins.
  84. For CMIs who haven't won a flashlight yet. First CMI to reply wins.
  85. For CMIs who haven't won a flashlight yet. First CMI to reply wins.
  86. For CMIs who haven't won a flashlight yet. First CMI to reply wins.
  87. For CMIs who haven't won a flashlight yet. First CMI to reply wins.
  88. First 10 CMIs to reply get packs of 50 CMI rack cards.
  89. Free for CMI only
  90. CMI Christmas Party online here on Monday, December 16, 2013.
  91. Visit the Master Inspector Certification Board's booth at upcoming Orlando convention
  92. Small Change to the CMI Certificate
  93. Verified and Vetted??
  94. Join me in wishing Tennessee CMI David Crowe a happy birthday. Member since 2007.
  95. Every CMI now has their own custom Safe Home book for consumers and SEO purposes.
  96. Free, heavyweight cotton, gorgeous Certified Master Inspector shirts. Free shipping.
  97. Certified Master Inspectors now get $25 subsidy toward their custom brochures.
  98. Happy birthday Chris Walsh, Ontario CMI.
  99. Hot PIC of Jesse from behind...
  100. Free Certified Master Inspector caps in RED.
  101. Coming soon... Certified Master Inspector caps in red.
  102. Hey Nick
  103. Canadian Certified Master Inspector in the news. Ask the Expert section.
  104. Starting Work on a CMI Dashboard
  105. Logo in HTML?
  106. Stats Question For Nick or Chris
  107. Another hot PIC of an inspection truck with a CMI decal.
  108. Coming soon, new eBook for CMIs to use to market themselves directly to consumers.
  109. The fee for CMI goes to $2,500.00 soon.
  110. Free Certified Master Inspector caps. Order yours now.
  111. One of the largest inspection companies in N. America goes CMI all the way.
  112. Step-by-step instructions for CMIs to market to consumers on this message board.
  113. CMI logo was featured above the stage podium at the Vegas Convention.
  114. Certified Master Inspector awards for website marketing purposes.
  115. Free Certified Master Inspector name tags.
  116. Free marketing opportunity for CMIs who are coming to the Vegas Convention.
  117. Coming soon... free Certified Master Inspector caps.
  118. The big, bad, 6500-lumen CMI flashlight will make its debut at the Vegas convention.
  119. Coming soon... free gold-plated Certified Master Inspector name tags.
  120. If you are a CMI and an InterNACHI member and want a photo I.D. card...
  121. Consumers and agents can now view and download your CMI certificate.
  122. You can now download unlimted number of free CMI certs for marketing purposes.
  123. Coming soon... free, unlimited, downloadable copies of your CMI cert for marketing.
  124. Coming soon... free Certified Master Inspector photo ID cards.
  125. New, free, Certified Master Inspector truck decal set.
  126. CMI Application
  127. There will be a Certified Master Inspector booth at the Vegas Convention.
  128. New rack cards to promote Certified Master Inspectors.
  129. New CMI brochures being mailed to real estate agents across North America.
  130. We've Expanded the CMI Search...
  131. You can now become a CMI for nothing down and $41.66/month for 24 months.
  132. InspectorSEEK.com link added to the bottom of every CMI search.
  133. Coming soon... new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team to promote CMIs.
  134. All new Certified Master Inspector site released!
  135. New CMI site coming... New CMI logo here! Check it out.
  136. Whats Up With CMI
  137. New CMI Site Design
  138. Transparent logo
  139. I would like to congratulate Steve Wessler
  140. We now have our first Certified Master Inspector in the Virgin Islands.
  141. Houston Home Inspector and Certified Master Inspector
  142. MICB welcomes our newest CMI-approved school.
  143. Link broken?
  144. Help
  145. Certified Master Inspector launches French site..
  146. add a layer to the CMI.
  147. CMI's on Agent Office Vendor Lists
  148. CMI improvements.
  149. Certified Master Inspector wins HomeGauge's video report contest.
  150. Can I be a CMI without ever having performed an inspection?
  151. CMI history
  152. CMI and who enforces it?
  153. InterNACHI has graciously licensed use of its inspection gallery to the MICB.
  154. Master Inspector Certification Board opening operations in South Africa.
  155. Rockville, Md Inspection
  156. CMI Header color variations
  157. Certified Master Inspector page header added to Inspector Graphics Library.
  158. Coming soon: CMI getting an entirely new website.
  159. InterNACHI Exclusive E&O Insurance Program Effective Immediately
  160. Grey Cup Game Today
  161. Government of Alberta releases "Hiring a Home Inspector" TipSheet that promotes CMIs.
  162. Alberta has 35 CMI's
  163. Nova Scotia CMI
  164. Ontario Certified Master Inspectors
  165. CMI's will be grandfathered in Delaware.
  166. CMI publishes very good article on building science.
  167. Sault College supports "Mike Holmes Group
  168. Licensing meeting in Alberta to discuss government grandfathering of CMIs on June 16.
  169. Free CMI Emblems
  170. CMIs automatically qualify for a home inspectors license in Alberta.
  171. CMI logo been used in websites Illegal???
  172. We'll have 0% financing for InterNACHI members who want to appy to be a CMI...
  173. I Want to File a Complaint Against CMI
  174. Dilema
  175. Free Credit Card Systems for Free for CMIs.
  176. CMI testimonial
  177. New: Certified Master Inspector brochures.
  178. New: Shiny gold, mini CMI logo stickers.
  179. New tagline for Certified Master Inspector.
  180. Certified Master Inspector booths at many Home Shows this Spring.
  181. Hot PIC of CMI booth at annual REALTOR RALLY.
  182. Promotional packets being shipped to major brokers throughout N. America.
  183. CMI in the news. Helps homeowner with collapsing floor.
  184. CMI runs full-page ad that hits over 100,000 Florida REALTORs.
  185. Realtor rally colorado, March 8th 2011
  186. Did anyone get a call to confirm/update your CMI contact info?
  187. CMI Link Exchange
  188. Why CMI?
  189. The one-time, lifetime fee for CMI has been raised to $1,000.00.
  190. At the risk of sounding like General Patton...
  191. This is why CMIs paid no dues again in 2010.
  192. Advice: If you are going to apply for CMI, do it soon.
  193. Certified Master Inspector required in Nevada.
  194. What can CMI do for you?
  195. Another CMI Trademark infringement.
  196. CMI Infringment
  197. CMI Marketing, Inc. We're going to efficently promote CMI Inspectors
  198. Can one become a Certified Master Inspector with no inspection experience?
  199. There are now 397 Certified Master Inspectors in the world.
  200. Just made CMI
  201. Do we?
  202. CMI's busy in Asia?
  203. CMI needed in Idaho.
  204. Hot PIC of CMI booth at Colorado Home Show.
  205. Once again, CMI will be due-free this year! See IRS 990 public tax return to see why.
  206. All I have to say is WOW!!!
  207. There are now 365 Certified Master Inspectors in the world.
  208. Message Board Question
  209. Frank is offering these awesome CMI postcards for marketing purposes. Check them out!
  210. Please join me in congratulating Frank Magdefrau, our first CMI in Mississippi.
  211. Question for membership?
  212. Please join me in welcoming Guam's first Certified Master Inspector.
  213. MSI suspends its certification program to support CMI.
  214. Update
  215. CMI usage
  216. New sample press release to help you dominate your local market.
  217. If anyone wants CMI but can't afford the one-time $375...
  218. CMI Approves Free Webinar Energy Audit Class
  219. Free online class: Electrical
  220. CMI Class/ Video on Starting an e-mail newsletter
  221. President
  222. New "Gold" CMI decals. FREE.
  223. We called every CMI last week and updated their online contact info.
  224. Just made CMI
  225. MICB welcomes its first Louisiana CMIs.
  226. About.com consumer video features InterNACHI and CMI.
  227. Hot PICs: Certified Master Inspector featured in major newspaper.
  228. Hot PIC: Another Certified Master Inspector inspection truck.
  229. I got this cool email from a CMI today.
  230. CMI presentation piece?
  231. CMI posts home maintenance tips for August.
  232. Free Online Electrical Class 05 August. Free and open to Everyone.
  233. Free Online Class Tuesday July 8, 2008. Pricing Strategies
  234. Free Class Tuesday May 20, 2008. 2 CEUs. Online
  235. Free CMI Class Wednesday May 07, 9:00 pm EDT
  236. Canadian government awards Registration of CMI today.
  237. More CMI logos: gifs, jpgs, pngs.
  238. MICB attorney's going after those who use "CMI" and "C.M.I." without permission.
  239. Free platinum CMI decals.
  240. New MICB department to audit CMI designees and new applications
  241. Hot PIC of CMI vehicle in Canada.
  242. May 10th HUD FHA Class- New York
  243. Canadian government awards Certified Master Inspector Trademark. Thank you Roy Cooke!
  244. FREE CMI Class on 4-2-08
  245. April 4th class with Joe Farsetta
  246. Pretty nice CMI / ASHI member website.
  247. Coming soon: New, free, CMI decals.
  248. CMIs will be getting a phone call in April. We're doing a survey.
  249. Free CMI emblems.
  250. Next Free CMI Educational Meeting