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  1. ITC October Newsletter
  2. National magazine wants to interview an IR inspector in Boston area. Contact me if...
  3. We mailed out a snailmail invitation to Infraspection course.
  4. Type of IR Cameras Used
  5. Bogus stuff on the web
  6. Standard Li/Ion battery for the ThermCAM® E Series.
  7. InterNACHI mentioned in New York Times' article about infrared camera inspections.
  8. Bad Me
  9. Looking for TI news letter for realtors!
  10. Looking for before and after shots.
  11. Courier left Thermal Camera at Door!
  12. Interested in a Flir BCAM?
  13. What do you know about...
  14. Need Tampa, FL Infrared Inspector
  15. 2 Day IR Course - $100 Off InterNACHI Dues
  16. Flir B-50/60
  17. Trade show
  18. BCam to Video recorder
  19. Thanks Will Decker
  20. FREE Level I Certified Infrared Thermographer Course
  21. Leasing Programs
  22. IR at Inspector Success Seminar in Florida on October 3, 2008.
  23. Flir's NEW Line of Imagers
  24. Window leak
  25. What say ye?
  26. September ITC Newsletter
  27. Happy Birthday Kevin!
  28. Infrared Marketing Tip #3
  29. Avoid broken equipment
  30. Infrared Marketing Tip
  31. New IR FLIR Fussion - $5000
  32. Mounting IR camera to remote control helicopters to inspect commercial buildings.
  33. Show & Tell # 7
  34. is it good?? only 1000$
  35. Introductory Class 9-15 on Long Island
  36. In need of bcam education
  37. 6 month old bcam sd on ebay
  38. Illinois approved our Infrared Thermography online video course for state CE purposes
  39. Help!
  40. IR Marketing Tip
  41. I want to buy IR camrea how can i buy it in Quebec Canada?
  42. Thermal Imaging Next Steps
  43. Curosity kills the cat
  44. The Next Big Thing in HI Technology!!!
  45. Angieslist.com founder quotes Nick Gromicko in IR camera article.
  46. IR inspection needed in Greensboro/Winston Salem, NC area.
  47. And ONE MORE additional inspection industry benefit of IR cameras.
  48. FLIR's New Camera... Coming Soon.
  49. Alaska Home Inspector Program approved our online video IR course for CE today.
  50. Appliances
  51. An additional inspection industry benefit of IR cameras.
  52. Your Opinion Counts
  53. New! DVD Making Money with Infrared
  54. EZTherm IR camera for sale
  55. My new camera.
  56. Go on an inspection with an IR camera. Watch new episode of NACHI.TV.
  57. White Paper: Testing Building Envelope Systems Using Thermal Imaging
  58. Infraspection 2-day IR course in Mount Laurel, New Jersey on October 2-3, 2008.
  59. Last Call For Texas IR Students
  60. Cool images of refratory failure
  61. Just got home from John's Toronto Class
  62. Are you scanning electrical the panel
  63. Toronto IR Class
  64. 10 minute power point presentation.
  65. Thermal Imaging Fundamentals
  66. FLIR E Series 36mm 2X Lens
  67. Texas Real Estate Commission approved InterNACHI's online video IR course.
  68. Texas Inspectors
  69. New Intro Class September 15th, 2008
  70. August ITC Newsletter
  71. Just Got This From FLIR
  72. IR Camera for underground detection
  73. One house, several Finds
  74. IR Camera for underground detection
  75. Edmond
  76. South Dakota Real Estate Commission approves infrared course and John Mckenna.
  77. Infrared Video
  78. Letter Sent to Nick
  79. IR Class - Ft Lauderdale (Miami)
  80. Coming To Ohio, Indiana, Florida
  81. Free Live Training by Dept of Energy
  82. Shower Stall Mystery
  83. Thermography for ballasted rubber roof?
  84. Energy Audit Software
  85. Help finding IR inspector
  86. Quiz Time!
  87. building sceince
  88. Scorch Mark on Furnace
  89. leak on exterior wall
  90. IR Courses Across North America
  91. 2-day Infrared Certified course in Los Angeles on September 27-28, 2008.
  92. New, free, online course includes Commercial Thermal Imaging Addendum section.
  93. Fluke TIR-1 and Flir Bcam2
  94. Thermal scan contract
  95. Check your competitors equipment...
  96. Buy FLIR Cameras
  97. Types of IR cameras
  98. Reporting system
  99. Thank the man above for little green apples and IR Cameras
  100. Your recommendation
  101. IR Inspector Yellowpages Listing
  102. Pricing Commercial Roof Infrared Thermal Scans
  103. My new case for my STUFF
  104. NYS Approved Thermography Class for Inspections
  105. Marketing Infrared while driving
  106. Hot PICs of IR camera at InterNACHI booth at recent Home Show. Energy Star Partner.
  107. We used the IR camera on location in this crawlspace inspection video course.
  108. Still Amazes me
  109. Energy Audits
  110. Atlanta & Houston IR Class
  111. Is this because of no ventilation?
  112. To honor another true American hero!
  113. IR Business
  114. Calif Structural Pest Pest Board & IR
  115. Tennessee Dept. of Com & Ins just approved NACHI.TV's online VIDEO Infrared course.
  116. One advantage for Thermal
  117. What would be some advantages?
  118. Electrical Temperature Alarm Settings
  119. IR Presentation aT July 8 NJ NACHI Chapter Meeting
  120. Finding Undergroud Pipes
  121. New IR Site
  122. I think I just invented a way of determining karat of gold coins using an IR camera.
  123. FREE Infrared Certified certificate. Download and print yours now.
  124. State of Nevada approves InterNACHI's thermal imaging course for real estate agent CE
  125. Infrared inspection for electrical problems
  126. David A. Here is one for your files
  127. Very funny IR camera cartoon.
  128. New House
  129. San Antonio, TX Infrared Class
  130. PRO-LAB to begin marketing InterNACHI/NACHI.TV pay-per-view courses.
  131. Thermal Imaging Marketing
  132. Google Front Page & News Update
  133. Focal Plane Array
  134. NEW! E-Book: Making Money with Infrared for Home Inspectors - $39.99
  135. I'm Done.
  136. The cheapest IR camera I have found yet.
  137. Got my first "lowballer" IR inspection today
  138. Flat roof question again!
  139. Infrared Thermography for Inspectors course, course material, exam, certificate: $50.
  140. See Through Walls?
  141. Infrared Certified logo everywhere.
  142. House flood
  143. Love my PRO-LAB
  144. Today's Daily Door Prize from BootieShoeCover.com
  145. RAZ-IR Thermal Camera
  146. June ITC Newsletter
  147. What do you think of this Charlie B?
  148. Fusion
  149. Energy Loss: Leaky Ducts
  150. IR Class - NY, CA, TX, GA, Canada
  151. Radiant Floor/ Flat roof question
  152. New GREEN section of www.nachi.org released today.
  153. IR Class Coming to San Fransico - Oakland
  154. Show & Tell # 6
  155. Show & Tell # 6
  156. IR Class Coming To Newburgh, NY
  157. GC says not to worry
  158. Today's Daily Door Prize. First 10 members to reply to this post wins.
  159. Flir B Cam Sd - $4595.00 1 Only At This Price
  160. 2 Day IR Class Coming To Toronto
  161. I wouldn't recommend this IR camera to anyone...
  162. His American flag draped over his casket
  163. How to make money with IR webinar, online, June 5 w/Steve Ramos.
  164. June 5th - Making Money with Infrared Webinar
  165. IR Presentation June 4 Philadelphia Chapter Meeting
  166. Electrical infrared inspection safety
  167. EZTherm 880 Infrared Camera
  168. IR to the rescue!
  169. Rain good for IR business
  170. Call from an Architect
  171. Citizen Information Center adds Consumer's Guide to Infrared Thermography.
  172. 2 Day Infrared Certification in Atlanta GA
  173. 2-day Infrared Certified course in Atlanta, Georgia on July 12-13, 2008.
  174. Builder and Plumber challenge moisture finding
  175. Embed IR Video Into Your Web Page
  176. Look for the Infrared Certified logo when seeking IR training.
  177. Something is working
  178. Thermography safety
  179. Hot Wire
  180. Water Damage
  181. Inspection prices for IR
  182. Nick Zooming In On Bears
  183. Boulder IR Class & New i5 Camera
  184. For the IR guys...
  185. Show & Tell #5
  186. Show & Tell # 4
  187. Hey John McKenna, check out a PIC of your banner you sent us....
  188. PRO-LAB deal on IR Camera: $2,995.
  189. Houston TX - Infrared Class on July 19-20
  190. Show & Tell #3
  191. Show & Tell #2
  192. Get paid for your commercial building thermal imaging pics.
  193. Get paid for your commercial building thermal imaging pics.
  194. I spent the last day of Turkey Season.....
  195. Found this twice this week
  196. Found this twice this week
  197. This month's ITC Newsletter
  198. Emissivity Values from Fluke
  199. Purchasing Fluke Tir
  200. Failed radiant floor heating
  201. I smoked um again today???
  202. NACHI.TV picks up another advertiser who sells IR cameras.
  203. Charging for Infrared
  204. Delta T can be tough
  205. Show and Tell Time
  206. Flir Extech i5 We have 5 units in stock
  207. You need more than just some paint
  208. Latent Moisture - Part Two
  209. EXTECH i5 on Sale Now
  210. DFW Infrared Class
  211. Cold air intrusion detection
  212. Infrared TV Video is Producing Calls for IR
  213. Latent Moisture
  214. Great Article
  215. I watched John's show for the second time tonight.
  216. Dallas is rough
  217. Hot infrared website...
  218. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Infrared-Certified.com.
  219. Flir (ITC) Courses
  220. New episode demonstrates IR camera in use. FREE.
  221. Hot Spot On Furnace
  222. Just got this email.
  223. See New Cheap IR Camera Here
  224. Promotion of IR services???
  225. EXTECH i5 From FLIR
  226. Teleconference Class Completed
  227. Fluke 1 hour courses
  228. Forgot something?
  229. Yet another IR market
  230. We talked a bit about IR in this interview.
  231. IR lunch presentation in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho on April 25, 2008.
  232. Webinar: April 24 Making Money with Infrared
  233. Infra Red Chicago
  234. Firestone Seminar
  235. Upcoming IR Classes
  236. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by InspectorBOOST.com $315 value.
  237. What is this
  238. hvac/r-value question
  239. IR whats that?
  240. Illinois approves 2 more InterNACHI Thermal Imaging courses.
  241. Orlando IR Class Completed
  242. Building Science
  243. Thermal Imaging Books?
  244. New Infrared Training Event - Making Money with Infrared
  245. Infrared inspection
  246. InfraredCertified.com part of this big project...
  247. Hot Tub FYI
  248. FLIR Infrared & GPS
  249. Is this OK
  250. Pic of member's IR booth at home show.