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  1. Videos of my FLIR ONE iphone infrared camera
  2. FlirONE
  3. Flir Junk!
  4. Flir I7, E8 or E40
  5. Nice training roof
  6. GTi20 or 30 camera info
  7. Flir ONE
  8. Where is the class discussion forum?
  9. Better than climbing roofs
  10. Thermal Narratives
  11. Camera
  12. Mississippi approves three more InterNACHI energy courses.
  13. FLIR T440BX sale
  14. heat loss?
  15. Home Energy Inspector monthly eNewsletter.
  16. Updated Training Content on the Home Energy Report Webpage
  17. Hot outlet - Vacant House
  18. Free $400 Infrared Training Webinar to the first member who replies to this thread.
  19. Infrared Training Center
  20. Free online training event, "Making Money with Home Energy Reports"
  21. IR Night School Webinar
  22. Air Duct Leak Inspection - Clarksville
  23. Infraspection Institute training
  24. Infrared Roof Survey
  25. Transparent material for thermal imaging
  26. Infraspection Releases New Standard for IR Inspection of Solar Panels
  27. FLIR Sale !!!
  28. FLIR e8 Sale ... Wow
  29. Fluke TI-32
  30. Level II + Thermographers only
  31. InterNACHI releases new Home Energy Inspector monthly eNewsletter.
  32. Can someone explain "FREE" Thermal Imaging
  33. IR video camera by Toshiba
  34. Ti-25 Fluke Camera For Sale
  35. Tennessee TREC Approves InterNACHI's Home Energy Efficiency course for agents.
  36. FLIR Promotion
  37. Thermal camara
  38. U.S. D.O.E. running home energy audit pilot with InterNACHI's members in Michigan.
  39. Testo 875-1 pro&cons
  40. Home Show Display for IR
  41. FLIR T420/T440 Issues
  42. InterNACHI's free Home Energy course approved for real estate agent CE in Michigan.
  43. IR for Insects!
  44. Info on Snell Infrared
  45. Possible to get a Level III without ever having done a fee-paid IR inspection?
  46. IR never gets old
  47. Hacking a FLIR e4 into an e8
  48. Help me out here
  49. First IR camera
  50. Can you see air
  51. Problems With Flir Imager
  52. I love getting emails like this
  53. Infrared camera for sale:Flir E40 for sale
  54. Delware approves InterNACHI's course "Home Energy Efficiency" for real estate agents
  55. Alaska Real Estate Commission approves InterNACHI's "Saving Home Energy" course
  56. Alaska Real Estate Commission approves InterNACHI's "Home Energy Score" course
  57. Alaska Real Estate Commission approves InterNACHI's "Home Energy Efficiency" course
  58. New FREE logo designed for Infrared Spect
  59. infrared thermographer needed in Virginia
  60. What am I?
  61. How to get a battery
  62. I thought it was a joke
  63. Looking for an Experienced Animal IR Guy
  64. Trying to beat IR security
  65. Washington approves two more InterNACHI energy courses.
  66. Interesting IR article from Infraspection's attorney.
  67. InterNACHI partners with Infraspection Institute.
  68. TAREI Seminar
  69. FREE IR Training
  70. Flir Bcam For Sale
  71. Question about IR elec. & mech. inspections
  72. Attend IR/INFO 2014 and Earn 24 InterNACHI CEU's
  73. Electric Bills Increase 4-fold after Energy Audit
  74. Errors in C to F delta conversions
  75. Oh my..!
  76. Testo Super Resolution Wins Frost and Sullivan Award
  77. Thermal Imaging Profitability
  78. Testo 876 with super res
  79. Monroe Technology
  80. Smartphone thermal camera
  81. Next IR Webinar - Jan 25-26
  82. Fluke TiR1
  83. Fluke TiR32
  84. IR Camera Specs
  85. Possible to get Level I cert without taking bogus courses?
  86. More free CE courses approved by OK Real Estate Commission
  87. Testo 890 review
  88. Patent Trolling Legislation Update
  89. Flir B50 or B60
  90. First to post wins a very expensive rechargeable flashlight.
  91. First 17 to reply win 5-packs of Energy Savers book in Spanish.
  92. First 5 to reply win Inspecting the Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and Interior Book
  93. First 10 to reply win How to Inspect for Moisture Intrusion book (hard copies).
  94. First 3 to reply win 50 packs of "While I'm Here" home energy brochures.
  95. First 3 to reply win 50 packs of the Home Energy brochures.
  96. New imager choice
  97. Big AZ Inspection
  98. Testo SuperResolution
  99. FLIR e8 and e60
  100. FLIR E8 Infrared Camera Cyber Monday Special
  101. E Bay
  102. Partnership Between U.S. Department of Energy Building America Program and InterNACHI
  103. InterNACHI member discusses using an IR camera on tonight's news.
  104. Is Infrared worth $
  105. Fluke Ti25 for Sale - Recently Calibrated
  106. 4th Quarter FLIR Promos
  107. Data about IR cameras
  108. Camera
  109. Washington approves InterNACHI's free Home Energy Audit course for 24 CE credits.
  110. I.R. Patents ,now NACHI's
  111. energy report discussion
  112. FLUKE Rebates For Old Cameras
  113. T640 cam question
  114. Canadian Tire thermal camera
  115. Flir t600
  116. Flir e4 e5 e6 e8
  117. Ontario Energy Audits?
  118. New Jersey Real Estate Commission approved our Home Energy course for agents.
  119. New Flir Line
  120. NC Real Estate Commission approved InterNACHI's Home Energy course for agents.
  121. InterNACHI's Next IR Webinar
  122. Fluke TiR for Sale
  123. Flir t200
  124. DEWALT DCT416 Imaging Thermometer
  125. Level I
  126. InterNACHI's Next IR Webinar
  127. New Hampshire approves InterNACHI's Home Energy Efficiency course for agents.
  128. Predator series cameras
  129. Mississippi approves InterNACHI's home energy efficiency course for real estate pros.
  130. InterNACHI's Infrared Webinar
  131. Fluke FLK-TI9
  132. Panorama with Tools +
  133. Alaska approves our Home Energy Efficiency for Real Estate Professionals coure.
  134. Washington State approved our Energy course for real estate agents.
  135. Bpi or resnet
  136. InterNACHI Joins New U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Residential Network
  137. Ohio Department of Commerce Approves InterNACHI Energy Course for Real Estate Agents
  138. Moisture levels in basement with infrared and moisture detector
  139. Builder with his pants down?????
  140. Home Energy Inspection Fee
  141. Mu optics?
  142. City of Boulder, Colorado, approves InterNACHI inspectors as Home Energy Inspectors
  143. Why do I need all this training?
  144. InterNACHI's Next Infrared Certified Webinar
  145. interperting infrared images
  146. Energy audits required part of home inspections in Michigan?
  147. Flir T440BX or Testo 885-2 V-Set
  148. Free webinar: "Free Inspection Software for Michigan Home Inspectors" on July 2, 2013
  149. Blower door equipment needed
  150. IR recommendations?
  151. Recertify With Flir / ITC
  152. InterNACHI's Next Infrared Webinar Class
  153. Price on older Bcam?
  154. NJ approved InterNACHI's FREE online How to Perform Energy Audits course.
  155. Milwaukee 2260-20 TI Camera
  156. Missouri Real Estate Commission approves InterNACHI's Home Energy course for agent CE
  157. Colorado.gov announces partnership with InterNACHI and Home Energy Inspectors™
  158. "Calibrating" message on my Fluke TiR1
  159. fs: fluke ti55ft
  160. Analyize these
  161. Selling My FLUKE TiS
  162. InterNACHI's Next IR Webinar - May 25 - 26
  163. FREE Admission to MARTS 2013 Conference
  164. 2 FLUKE TI-32's For Sale
  165. Heating Up
  166. Hey Ir guys
  167. IR under $900 with no training needed.
  168. Can radiant flooring have a shape of a rug
  169. Applications for higher temp on imagers...
  170. Free IR Training opportunities with TIC 2013
  171. wood stove certifications
  172. Free, downloadable Home Energy Auditor logo.
  173. Are IR-only Camera's close to extinction?
  174. InterNACHI's Next IR Webinar is LIVE
  175. Funny image (maybe)
  176. In the program, dubbed “Two Techs in a Truck,”
  177. When to actually call a window defective?
  178. Should of brought my Blankie
  179. Moisture Intrusion under windows??
  180. Best time of day to do a flat roof IR scan?
  181. Any ideas on how to get The News interested in Thermal Imaging?
  182. TN Home Inspectors with Thermal Imaging
  183. IR training options
  184. Testo 882 Promo
  185. TiR1 For Sale
  186. Best image from a portable yet?
  187. FLIR offers freebies
  188. thermography
  189. Milwaukee Camera
  190. Pricing for thermal imaging services
  191. What is the issue here?
  192. Open Box Sale
  193. Flir i3 i5 i7
  194. New marketing strategy for Colorado-only members
  195. Thermal Images - Some different cameras
  196. An interesting delimina
  197. Fluke Ti50 for sale
  198. InterNACHI's Ben Gromicko presented at U.S. Dept of Energy webinar
  199. Infraspection home and building class question
  200. Thermal Home Inspection Nashville, Tn.
  201. Home Inspector Brentwood, TN
  202. FLUKE offers 4 year warranty, Plus more news....
  203. More guessing fun with images
  204. New video about CFLs
  205. New video for the Home Energy Report™
  206. Nick Gromicko joins NACBI as Director of Operations
  207. Fluke TI-32 For Sale
  208. Testo 875-i1
  209. Whats wrong here?
  210. Oklahoma city Tulsa Oklahoma Dry stack stone
  211. Two for the price of one
  212. Fluke Ti-32. Precision and warm-up time ?
  213. Infrared IR Thermal Imaging Camera Rental
  214. Difference between Flir B400 vs T400
  215. IR for lie detection?
  216. Our energy courses are beginning to be awarded approval for real estate agents.
  217. Friendly fire
  218. Attic Access Can Be Like an Open Window 24 Hours/Day All Year Long
  219. Will this example work?
  220. Is the DOE backing down?
  221. What are your statutes of limitations using IR?
  222. Washington State considering energy audit requirments for home inspections
  223. FS: Brand New FLIR B400 on EBAY
  224. Department of Energy Approves InterNACHI Members to do Home Energy Scores in Colorado
  225. Home Energy Report: Age of Occupants Influences the Calculations
  226. IR Training
  227. InterNACHI's Next IR Class
  228. New, updated logos for Home Energy Reports™
  229. Another new Home Energy Inspection Brochure:
  230. New home inspection brochure: "While I'm here...."
  231. Home Energy Report Update: Number and Age of Occupants
  232. Well-Designed Inspection Website Promoting Home Energy Inspections
  233. Free Infrared Certified patches.
  234. Home Energy Report Update: Lighting
  235. Home Energy Report Highlighted in Dept of Energy Presentation and Report
  236. "urea got me"
  237. Black eye
  238. Feedback on InterNachi IR Class
  239. Understanding IR
  240. New Thermal Imager Home Inspector Package. 2-year, no-questions-asked full warranty.
  241. Best deals on IR Camera?
  242. FLIR i7 Compact Infrared Camera w/ Black Housing - 140x140
  243. AFCI & IR Cameras
  244. Really? 2 Degrees? Your Kidding right?
  245. New "Home Energy Inspection Agreement" Template
  246. U.S. Department of Energy puts InterNACHI Energy Report video on government websites.
  247. Would you call this a scam
  248. Home Energy Score for Colorado Members
  249. New Logos for Certified Energy Savings Specialist
  250. Free Webinar on Monday, Dec. 10, 2012. Increase Inspection Fee by 20%