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  30. InterNACHI’s $10,000 Honor Guarantee for inspectors.
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  69. InterNACHI Founder Nick Gromicko quoted in WebMD article.
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  80. One million readers find InterNACHI in magazine.
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  140. Become an insurance adjuster with InterNACHI’s free, online course.
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  144. InterNACHI’s Nick Gromicko quoted in article about preferred vendor schemes.
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  153. Half a million free click-thrus generated for inspector’s websites.
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  165. New article on the pros and pitfalls of “for sale by owner”
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  170. Child-Proofing Windows and Stairs.
  171. InterNACHI now has 641 inspector education approvals and accreditations.
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  173. New article on residential fire sprinklers
  174. New article on furniture and TV tip-over hazards
  175. New article on home repair rip-offs
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  180. New 2011 Edition of the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial
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  182. New article: Fire Safety for the Home
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  184. New article on lightning damage to wind turbines
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  187. InterNACHI: Winner of a Gold Star Certificate from BBB!
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  196. Writing Inspection Reports in the Past Tense
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  214. Inspectors working in the dark.
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  225. How to Inspect Portable Fire Extinguishers.
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  227. Ghosting for inspectors. It doesn’t mean the house is haunted.
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  232. New article on advantages of solar energy
  233. How to write inspection report narratives.
  234. What to Expect from your Home Inspection Report.
  235. How to inspect a home that was built using alternative methods.
  236. What to do when you miss something on a home inspection.
  237. Are you properly evaluating structural framing?
  238. Inspecting Underlayment on Roofs.
  239. Three types of underlayment used beneath roofing materials:
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  241. New article on eco-friendly relocation
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  243. New article on aerogel
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  249. Just in time for Spring: Free, online How to Inspect Pools and Spas course.
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