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  1. TREC approved courses under new rules
  2. Inspector needed in El Paso, Texas.
  3. 1-day FREE grounding & bonding seminar in Kilgore, Texas on August 23, 2014.
  4. TPREIA / InterNACHI Annual Conference at Texas A&M University on October 4-5, 2014.
  5. Online video ad for Texas home inspector.
  6. San Antonio Inspection
  7. Find Inspector By City
  8. TPREIA Inspector eNewsletter.
  9. Anyone in the Belton/Temple area?
  10. Short inspectors survey from TPREIA. Take it now.
  11. TREC Inspector Insight.
  12. Form 7-4
  13. Hot PIC: InterNACHI Dallas says "hi."
  14. Relocating to the Austin area
  15. Additional revenue stream for inspectors. Seminar coming to Dallas, Texas on June 3.
  16. Additional revenue stream for inspectors. Seminar coming to Houston, Texas on June 2
  17. New Free Logo Design for Capital Area Home Inspections
  18. Did anyone get a reminder letter from TREC regarding continuing education?
  19. TPREIA's The Professional Inspector eNewsletter.
  20. Texas InterNACHI inspectors now get discounts to these Texas attractions.
  21. Texas TREC Approves InterNACHI as an ICE Provider
  22. Texas TREC Approves InterNACHI's Continuing Education Instructor for Home Inspectors
  23. April -- TPREIA Greater Austin Chapter (TGAC) Meeting Recap
  24. Inspectors Under Real Estate Commision?
  25. IC classes for Texas license and other questions
  26. TPREIA's The Professional Inspector eNewsletter.
  27. Need a church inspection
  28. March Recap -- TPREIA Greater Austin Chapter (TGAC) Meeting
  29. April -- TPREIA Greater Austin Chapter (TGAC) Meeting
  30. new FREE brochure and business card designs for Texas House Check
  31. Free 1-day inspector educational event in Kilgore, Texas on April 5, 2014.
  32. Hello and looking for information on becoming an inspector in Texas
  33. New TPREIA Chapter: East Texas Chapter.
  34. Free 2-day educational event in San Antonio, Texas on April 11-12, 2014.
  35. Opportunity with established company?
  36. March -- TPREIA Greater Austin Chapter (TGAC) Meeting
  37. TPREIA's The Professional Inspector eNewsletter.
  38. February -- TPREIA Greater Austin Chapter (TGAC) Meeting
  39. Latest TREC Advisor.
  40. TPREIA announcement.
  41. New TREC form
  42. Guess who is moving to Texas?
  43. Do I need to bring my passport to get into Texas tomorrow?
  44. New FREE logo designed for Texas House Check
  45. Austin Tpreia/Internachi Chapter
  46. Austin Chapter of TPREIA TGAC
  47. TPREIA The Professional Inspector eNewsletter.
  48. First TPREIA Greater Austin Chapter (TGAC) Meeting
  49. Pest Inspection ?
  50. 2-day Free TREC SoP/Legal/Ethics update course in Georgetown, TX on Feb 21-22, 2014.
  51. Public comment to TREC Commissioners regarding CSST by John Cahill.
  52. TREC Advisor. Inspector Insight section starts on page 5.
  53. TPR valve testing? The New SOP
  54. Free 2-day TREC SOP/Legal/Ethics and Electrical course in Georgetown, TX on Feb 21-22
  55. Nick Gromicko speaking at 3 Days of Secrets Revealed in Dallas, Texas on February 26.
  56. Greetings from TPREIA's President.
  57. Important TREC education information.
  58. Austin Seminar
  59. New, free TREC Standards of Practice booklet. Texas inspectors only please.
  60. New chapters
  61. Spanish-speaking clients? Spend $2.70 and capture that niche.
  62. TPREIA and InterNACHI published a new, free TREC SOP booklet.
  63. TAREI Seminar in Jan
  64. Ride along
  65. Join me in wishing Dallas member David Selman a happy birthday. Member since 2009.
  66. TREC Advisor: Inspector section at the end.
  67. Home Inspector Pro 3.8 Released with TREC 7-3 Template
  68. Please join me in wishing happy birthday to Texas member Brownie Stonecipher.
  69. 1-day Texas SOP/Legal/Ethics course in Kilgore, TX on January 11, 2014.
  70. 1-day Texas SOP/Legal/Ethics course in Conroe, TX on January 7, 2014.
  71. EIFS inspection needed in Lumberton
  72. Can an older guy do this?
  73. Texas exam
  74. I need a restaurant inspected in Houston. Anyone want to do it?
  75. Fort Worth Texas home inspector Ted Menelly is a thief. Don't hire him to inspect.
  76. SOP changes for 1-1-2014
  77. Plumbing SOP according to TREC
  78. TPREIA Christmas Party.
  79. 2-day free TPREIA/InterNACHI educational event, Port Aransas, TX on Nov 15-16, 2013.
  80. CCST information
  81. Texas Inspectors Need To Weigh In
  82. 1-day Plumbing according to the TREC standards course in Georgetown, TX on Nov 2.
  83. TREC's Inspector Advisory Council approves changes to OUR report
  84. TPREIA/INACHI Conference in College Station Texas
  85. Texas Inspector IC courses
  86. Important TPREIA notice.
  87. TPREIA SOP/Legal/Ethics Update in Cedar Hill, TX on October 26, 2013.
  88. We released the Texas Introducation to Wood-Destroying Insects, Treatment & Reporting
  89. TPREIA's The Professional Inspector eNewsletter.
  90. InterNACHI inspectors booth at Home Show in San Antonio, Texas on October 24, 2013.
  91. Free InterNACHI/TPREIA/Texas A&M lanyards with inspection video 8GB usb flashdrive.
  92. Limit of Liability
  93. PIC of Paul Roebuck, Founding President of TPRIEA and Nick.
  94. Underway!!
  95. TREC Meetings
  96. The Professional Inspector Newsletter.
  97. FREE TPREIA Membership!
  98. 2-day Construction Science and the Inspector event at Texas A&M University Oct 12-13.
  99. Addendum:Maintenance Checklist
  100. Trouble with TREC web site?
  101. become a real estate inspector from internachi alone ?
  102. Got my new Board Member I.D. from TPREIA today.
  103. New TX Standards starting January 1, 2014.
  104. 1-day Attic and Insulation course in Kilgore, Texas on August 24, 2013.
  105. Professional Inspector training
  106. WDO inspections in Texas
  107. Fee's in Texas
  108. Limits of liability
  109. Number of InterNACHI members in Texas tops 700!
  110. Stucco and Expansion joints
  111. Historical Era Home Inspection in Gatesville, Texas
  112. Now Hiring Comal and Bexar county inspector!
  113. TPREIA SOP/Legal/Ethics update educational event in Austin, Texas on June 29, 2013.
  114. Insurance question
  115. A/C Compressor/Disconnect Question
  116. Texas cancellation charge
  117. Emergency legislation notice
  118. Now Hiring Houston Home Inspectors
  119. New changes...
  120. Emergency Texas Legislation
  121. TREC SoP
  122. The Wizard of OZ, please come to Texas
  123. North Texas Meeting
  124. 2-day, FREE, TREC-approved inspector course in Corpus Christi, TX on May 10-11, 2013.
  125. 1-day, TREC-approved inspector training in Conroe, Texas on May 22, 2013.
  126. 2-day, FREE, TREC-approved inspector training in San Antonio, Texas on May 3-4, 2013.
  127. TREC SOP - Polybutylene pipe
  128. Open letter & Call to Action from TPREIA
  129. WDI certification for Home Inspectors
  130. Blower door contractor sought in Port Occonnor, Texas.
  131. 1-day TPREIA-hosted inspector education at Kilgore College in Texas on April 13, 2013
  132. Renewing TREC Lic online
  133. DFW & Texas Commercial & Infrared Inspections
  134. Fingerprinting Texas Home Inspectors
  135. Spanish-speaking clients? Order a case of these for $108.
  136. Supra Key/CBS Questions
  137. OREP Now Includes General Liability Coverage Free!
  138. Hot PIC: John Onofrey of Home Hints eNews pays InterNACHI a visit.
  139. InterNACHI membership in Texas tops 650!
  140. New TREC Inspector Commitee member
  141. The Professional Inspector eNewsletter from TPREIA.
  142. 2-day inspector event in Dallas on March 22-23, 2013.
  143. Slabtek
  144. New Working RE Home Inspector Edition
  145. Austin Real Estate Brokers seeking Move-In-Certified inspections. Jump on it.
  146. Full/Part time Home Inspector wanted - Austin Texas
  147. Free 1-day TPREIA-hosted Attic Inspection course in Cedar Hill, Texas on February 16.
  148. Greater Houston Chapter of TPREIA meeting on January 22, 2013.
  149. Please help a bit of a lost person
  150. TAREI Winter Conference Information- Jan. 11-12th
  151. 1-day Stucco Inspection course. Free for TPREIA & InterNACHI members.
  152. Houston Inspectors
  153. 1-day TPREIA educational event in Conroe, TX on Jan 9, 2013.
  154. InterNACHI membership in Texas tops 600.
  155. Are those "FREE" things you offer clients illegal?
  156. TAREI conference HVAC class?
  157. Dallas - Fort Worth Mold Inspections
  158. New home inspection
  159. Inspection Software
  160. The Professional Inspector eNewsletter from TPREIA.
  161. New TREC SOP & Template posted for review at Texas Register
  162. Reminder, Greater Houston Chapter of TPREIA meeting tomorrow.
  163. REI 7A-O Form
  164. Builder requesting proof of insurance
  165. TPREIA/InterNACHI Christmas party on December 2, 2012.
  166. Do you Texans really BBQ your Thanksgiving turkeys?
  167. Septic Systems
  168. So I met the only other inspector in my new town
  169. Loooking for a good inspector in Corpus Christi
  170. Free TREC-approved, online Standard Inspection Form and Report Writing course.
  171. Home Inspections in Copperas Cove, Texas
  172. TREC 7-3 Discussion
  173. RESNET HERS Rater Training - San Antonio
  174. Greater Houston Chapter of TPREIA eNewsletter.
  175. Greater Houston Chapter of TPREIA eNewsletter.
  176. ????'s about the pre-license education
  177. Has the Texas Market Been Flooded with New Inspectors
  178. Green Inspector looking for some Ride-Alongs
  179. Lampasas Texas Home Inspections
  180. TPREIA's upcoming roofing classes in Texas.
  181. Double Tapping On A Buse Bar
  182. 1-day attic framing and ventilation course in Corpus Christi, TX on October 6, 2012.
  183. Hot PICs: Packed house at Inspector Marketing Tour in Dallas tonight.
  184. New Working RE Home Inspector Edition
  185. Rebulican Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples, I salute you...
  186. TPREIA and InterNACHI evening inspector marketing event in Dallas next week.
  187. Inspection Marketing Tour: See you all in Dallas next week.
  188. License Requirement
  189. Collin County Consorts Committee (C4)
  190. TREC requires code inspection
  191. Safety glass inspections at Greater Houston chapter of TPREIA on Aug 28, 2012.
  192. Yeehan Homes
  193. 2-day Inspector Workshop at Texas A&M on October 27-28, 2012.
  194. Attic and Framing Inspections, San Marcos, TX on Sept 14, 2012.
  195. TPREIA: Celebrating our 5th Anniversary!
  196. Looking to hire Inspector...
  197. TREC to begin live streaming their meetings.
  198. TREC update.
  199. TREC seeking to increase E&O requirements on home inspectors.
  200. TPREIA becomes the Inspector Marketing World Tour's latest sponsor.
  201. Electrical Systems seminar in Kilgore, TX on Sept 8, 2012.
  202. New TREC Standards of Practice for Inspecting Appliances free, online course.
  203. Slab Tek
  204. Lead Inspector Partnering With Home Inspector
  205. Residential Electrical Inspection training in Shenandoa, TX on Aug 24, 2012.
  206. FREE 1-day inspector training in McKinney, Texas on August 17, 2012.
  207. Meritage Homes access agreement
  208. Low Cost, Broad E&O Coverage for Texas Inspectors
  209. Greater Houston TPREIA meeting on July 24, 2012.
  210. El Paso Inspector Needed
  211. The Professional Inspector eNewsletter July, 2012 issue.
  212. TPREIA meeting tomorrow (July 10, 2012).
  213. Texas cities growing the fastest.
  214. TPREIA letter to TREC Commissioners and IAC Committee.
  215. Move In Certified inspector in Houston needed ASAP
  216. TPREIA Home Inspector Newsletter, June 2012.
  217. Greater Houston TPREIA meeting on June 26, 2012.
  218. Free InspectTrex reporting software. Limited time. Hurry.
  219. Free 100% TREC Compliant Report
  220. Reluctant Opportunity
  221. June 2012 TREC Advisor
  222. TREC Reporter now InterNACHI Commercial SOP-compliant.
  223. Friend of a Friend needs an inspection in Corpus
  224. Counsel for Texas Association of REALTORs speaks out about inspection reports.
  225. More TX lawsuit fun
  226. AG's Ruling on Mandatory E&O in Texas
  227. Inspector Marketing World Tour coming to Dallas.
  228. The Professional Inspector, May 2012 edition.
  229. TPREIA inspectors meeting in Houston on May 22, 2012.
  230. Anyone interested in doing a commercial inspection in Austin, Texas?
  231. 8 Hour Website Optimization, Social Networking & Marketing Talk
  232. Can anyone inspect a log home in Jonestown, Texas (Austin area)?
  233. 1-day inspection class in Montgomery, Texas on May 12, 2012.
  234. Texas 1711 for storm-chasers, other
  235. Texas inspector turns InterNACHI-designed logo into inspection truck sign.
  236. 2-day educational event in Cedar Hill, Texas on May 4-5, 2012.
  237. Awesome Texas inspection business logo.
  238. WDI Inspections In Texas
  239. TPREIA Montgomery Metro Chapter meeting April 10, 2012.
  240. 2-day Electrical and Stucco Training in Corpus Christi, Texas on April 20-21, 2012.
  241. Anyone want a restaurant inspection in Houston for a tenant?
  242. I am pleased to announce that I'm now a member of the Board of Directors of TPREIA.
  243. Teaser: TPREIA has a new Board of Directors member.
  244. How many of you??
  245. Final draft of proposed SOP
  246. Greater Houston Chapter of TPREIA meeting on March 27, 2012 in Houston, Texas.
  247. Report writing classes and Peer Review in Houston on April 13-14, 2012.
  248. Small but interesting TPREIA survey of Texas inspectors.
  249. Sulfur added to natural gas & plumbers
  250. TREC approved InterNACHI's FREE online Manufactured & Mobile Home Inspection course.