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  1. Need a Wind Mitigation in Milton, FL 32583.
  2. Severe corrosion?
  3. Found this on todays Inspection
  4. Inspector Position
  5. Entry steps
  6. Cease and desist
  7. Cease and desist
  8. Consensus yet
  9. Accepting credit cards
  10. Price hike expected for flood insurance
  11. Citizens Insurance
  12. This mornings Home Inspection
  13. wind mitigation credits
  14. Is there Wind Mit Forms for Non residential?
  15. WDO/WDI Help
  16. Continuing Ecucation classes for the state
  17. Florida has highest forclosure rate of all 50 states.
  18. Workers Comp Ins.
  19. Ondura corrugated roofing
  20. "Bank walkaways" in Florida. No one wants them.
  21. Roof Type
  22. Does a certain vendor owe you money? I can collect it for you.
  23. Hip?
  24. 1 HI per 11,031 residents in FL
  25. Clips-
  26. Russel Buchanan/Homegauge
  27. WDO Inspections
  28. WDO & Mold inspection who is in Flagler beach?
  29. Inspections from a Re-Inspection Company
  30. Skylight rating?
  31. Homegauge Help?!
  32. Who is in Sarasota?
  33. Happy birthday Russell Hensel!
  34. Happy birthday Michelle!
  35. Preston... I got your money for you.
  36. Mold remediator
  37. HI License renewal
  38. New Citizens Wind Mit Form
  39. Atlantic City, Here I Come
  40. 4 Point Upgrades: Yes or No
  41. Homebuyers.... make sure you don't offer full price in Jacksonville!
  42. W.T.F.
  43. Liability Insurance
  44. Inspector licensing board poll 2
  45. Can anyone do a 30-unit office complex in Indian Harbor, FL?
  46. Wind mit question?
  47. Statute of Limitations
  48. Apprenticing, Field Training, Mentoring, Ride Alongs, Etc
  49. Are you willing to help a lady out guys?
  50. Inspector Board...
  51. New to InterNACHI
  52. Florida Inspections
  53. Thoughts & Prayers to Brian Hoagland & His Family
  54. Form OIR-1802 Questin # 4 Clarified
  55. Can a house automotically qualify for home insurance discount?
  56. Email To Agent (Why do underwriters doubt Inspectors)
  57. Wind Mit Garage door rating?
  58. Looking for a Broward Home Inspector
  59. Insurance company ignoring my calls and email after submitting Wind Mitigation Report
  60. Read the Wind Mitigation
  61. No Insurance ----PEX Plumbing
  62. New inspector questions for Florida Wind Mits
  63. Fabric Shield Wind Mitigation Question?
  64. Wind Mit Question number..........
  65. West Central Chapter of InterNACHI quarterly meeting in Riverview, Florida, April 14.
  66. Performing Wind Mitigation is a time consuming
  67. American Integrity Roof Form ?
  68. About Wind Mitigation Inspection
  69. anyone in Belle Glade mit and 4 point
  70. Do Not Do This Wind Mit RPB
  71. 203K Consultant needed
  72. New to the network...
  73. number of inspectors?
  74. Ever seen this before?
  75. Clip question
  76. New guy
  77. First High Rise Condo Unit
  78. How to keep a client Home Owner Insurence?
  79. Looking for a Mold assesor in Citrus County
  80. Approvalzoom.com
  81. Window Film
  82. Want an Inspection in Crescent City, Fl. ?
  83. Window and door protection. 1802 choices?
  84. wind mit overhang
  85. Announcing the "InterNACHI 4 Point O Charity"
  86. Pasco county...Spring Hill, sulpher smelling water
  87. Citizens Roof Cert Pricing?
  88. Northwest Florida Home Inspectors Association (NWFHIA) meeting in Pensacola, April 12
  89. Roof Cert ...OMG
  90. Tower Hill 4-point requirements
  91. Continuing Education Req for Biennial Renewal
  92. reinspection company and your pay
  93. Wind Mit in Orlando
  94. 4-Point meeting at Tampa Bay Chapter of InterNACHI in Pinellas Point, FL on April 12.
  95. SWR Mandatory on all re-roofs
  96. Business is Great!
  97. Do these windows need to be protected?
  98. I was asked to post this
  99. New Inspector in North Tampa
  100. Florida InterNACHI eNewsletter March 21, 2012.
  101. A little help is needed...
  102. Another Mit Question hip or not
  103. Citizens, Florida's insurer of last resort, can drop you
  104. Citizens Roof Inspection..what is a second roof surface?
  105. Florida home inspector's responsibilitites
  106. Who would like a Jupiter Wind Mit?
  107. Florida's Quickie Foreclosure bill died quietly in the Senate.
  108. Identifying the year
  109. From your friends at inspection depot
  110. Need input on SOP and Rules...ASAP
  111. newly licensed fl inspectors looking for work
  112. Orlando meeting and what happened:
  113. Mr. Hensel goes to Orlando and guess what happened....
  114. Credit cards
  115. The condo music has started again in S. Florida.
  116. This roof hip?
  117. Polk county wind mitigation workshop
  118. Business Tax Receipts in every city?
  119. InterNACHI member presenting at the Orlando Area REALTORs Associaiton on March 27.
  120. Copy of license to clients???
  121. Koning idea
  122. Koning petition.
  123. Florida InterNACHI eNewsletter March 14, 2012. Enjoy.
  124. Current Reinspectors
  125. Roof Inspector
  126. Citizens MUST accept an 1802 - READ THIS
  127. Florida Insurance adjuster
  128. Wind Mit QOD Monday
  129. Happy birthday Dennis Bonner.
  130. Roofing inspection
  131. tainted or not
  132. Latest reinspection problem
  133. Going to Orlando
  134. Wind Mit QOD
  135. CLIB approved wind mitigation course
  136. Wind Mitigation
  137. Roofing
  138. Fraudulant Inspector
  139. New roof straps
  140. It is about to start, but only with your help!
  141. Has anyone encountered this?
  142. Roof Type Question
  143. Insurance Inspection Software
  144. Wind mit gurus. Please help.
  145. Wind Mit QOD: First one!
  146. Scumbag in Weston, Florida
  147. DRAWING for thermal infrared camera
  148. Wind Mit Help
  149. Wind Mititgation Legislation Poll
  150. Can you believe these articles?
  151. scam alert!
  152. Wind Mitigation update 3-3-12
  153. Florida Wind Mitigation program is nothing more than a slot machine!
  154. Russ...Have some fun with it
  155. Check it out. Double dipping
  156. Check this out
  157. Citizens Fast one, Call to action!
  158. What your brothers are doing for YOUR future!
  159. Florida InterNACHI eNewsletter, March 1, 2012.
  160. OK, wind mit decision step #2 poll
  161. First 3 to reply win Swimming Pool Inspection DVD + Now... book.
  162. Florida foreclosure streamlining closer to reality.
  163. I think the guy needs an engineer.
  164. Wind Mit - How do you want me to represent you?
  165. Fast action needed from members!
  166. Florida InterNACHI eNewsletter, February 29, 2012.
  167. Citizens Insurance UMVI Tutorial for Agents
  168. wind mitigation roof shape question
  169. Miami-Dade, HUD Home Inspector needed.
  170. Best roof coating for shingles and roll cap
  171. How do I find a Fla. Inspector?it's
  172. Good Roofer needed in Port ST Lucie
  173. wind mitigation
  174. Statewide numbers from Florida as per Herald-Tribune.
  175. Madison County wind mit
  176. glass block coverage in florida .
  177. Wind Mitigation Question
  178. Florida SoP new thread
  179. Florida's Future
  180. synthetic underlayment as SWB
  181. Another roof truss attachment question
  182. Another Re-Inspection Rip Off
  183. Legislative Affairs
  184. What sort of attachment is this?
  185. Florida InterNACHI eNewsletter, February 22, 2012.
  186. Home Inspector Association, Inc. meeting in Cape Coral, FL on March 10, 2012.
  187. Does anyone have anything to announce to FL members? Snail mail about to go out to..
  188. Tampa Bay Chapter of InterNACHI meeting in Odessa, Florida on March 8, 2012.
  189. 4 Point - Other Comments
  190. There is talk about gas reaching $5 a gallon
  191. Florida HI and Mold E & O Insurance
  192. Florida foreclosure Bill looks like it will go through.
  193. Citizens Property Insurance sued
  194. Define 4-Point Inspections
  195. Screw instead of nail
  196. Dunedin Home Inspection
  197. How to hold the ruler?
  198. Do you need a scooter
  199. New form and pics
  200. UMVI Plywood Question
  201. Wind Mitigation roof deck attachment question
  202. Private Water Well/Pump Inspection Form
  203. Wind Mitigation Reports
  204. Thank you John Shishilla
  205. Skylights
  206. Hip or Non Hip/ shed
  207. Is this product considered SWR?
  208. Hey John and Michelle... nice logo!
  209. Customer service
  210. Falling off a roof
  211. "Stop Treating Citizen's Property Insurance Policyholders Like Second Class Citizens"
  212. Old two page form
  213. Glass Block
  214. Can Insurance Adjusters do Re-inspections?
  215. Whose Zircon has the most marks on it?
  216. Insurance Cos not accepting old form done after 01/20
  217. Question from a homeowner
  218. Four Point Question
  220. How would you rate this roof to wall connection?
  221. citizens insurance
  222. Chinese Drywall
  223. Roof Inspection
  224. Roof geometry question
  225. West Coast Chapter of InterNACHI inspectors meeting in Riverview, Fl on Feb 25, 2012.
  226. Did you see the nice logo for Certified Inspectors of Florida?
  227. I'm Looking for a flooring GuRu
  228. Citizens inspection question
  229. Where is the box for >>>>>>>
  230. Real State Companies charging referral fees they call it Concierge List
  231. Florida Radon
  232. A Welcome Evening Break......
  233. New Form Rejected
  234. DBPR and CE classes straight from their site
  235. Save the date!
  236. FLORIDA legislation input needed
  237. American Integrity Roof Cert Form
  238. Wrap or nothing?
  239. don't blame me no more
  240. Count or Not Count towards Wind Mit. Report
  241. Citizens wind mitigation discount credits
  242. Hey Nick
  243. Unfortunate, New Wind Mitigation Requirements Will Impact Many!
  244. Reinspection fee ????
  245. Here's one for you.
  246. Well I guess I am going to get screwed to
  247. InterNACHI releases all new Wind Mitigation Inspection course with new form.
  248. From start to starting...
  249. Good Luck Everyone!!!
  250. Tampa Bay Chapter of InterNACHI meeting in Dunedin, Florida on February 9, 2012.