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What is this stuff????11wcampbell968
Spray On Insulation?6dsmith1671
Uneaven floors?4Michelle Winter582
Roof support system13loconnor924
gable vents9Rafael980
What do you say about light bulbs in closets?
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Excessive condensation on metal windows in winter12kweiss1450
Maybe this is why the Crawlspace is wet!2mgault710
Interior QOD7gbell916
Manufactured Fireplace Hearth Extensions1Joe Funderburk557
Stair Code QOD2gbell681
Hole in sheathing13dpelaez1309
Odd fireplace11kmcmahon1095
corner cracks7Rafael703
A mystery for you.15jhorton1455
Is this unusual?10epowers1324
Spray foam insulation in crawlspace5sspradling2103
self closing hinges19cbartlett1129
Ceiling and wall stains10randerson1916
Tile pulling away from floorboards14mcameron1166
dryer vent13berby1430
Garage floor elevation10wmoran1393
Information resource for insulation questions.3ecrofutt546
A little different...2jcampbell638
Foot thru ceiling anyone ?11Phil Avery1259
Steel Floor Joists2ryoung2638
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