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State Legislation

Has anyone in NYS recieved thier License yet?
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Home inspection licensing law causing confusion (New York)4jhagarty1875
Question about Licensing11rpaul1603
module 5 needed for license14jneser2213
Best education deal for NYS licensing.0gromicko1038
New York Licensing .. based on todays NACHI Mtg in Albany
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Manufactured Housing Program in New York State3rpaul1160
N.Y.State 140 Hour Program Approved5bmerrell2207
Another School Has Been Approved1rhutchinson11038
NACHI E & O Insurance now available in Washington State0jferry902
Another Issue with New York State Licensing16Robert James Hutchinson2287
2005 Supplement to Florida Building Code now in effect.0gromicko1188
New Jersey Licensing
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526Phillip R. Hinman64215
3 strikes I am out ... NY wins ..I lose
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LEN UNGAR, LI NACHI Chapter Pres- Approved in NYS12bmerrell1883
1st NY State School Approved6jbowman1414
Huge News from Tennessee2jbowman1020
Tennessee inspection licensing coming. Attend the meeting.
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NACHI members dominate Tennesee Home Inspector Board1gromicko853
NACHI Executive Director meets with KY Legislators6jbowman1328
KREIA accepts NACHI's Exam1jbowman1506
NY State Approved for 140 hr Course- 12-14-05 official7bmerrell1669
Massachusetts update?
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Criminal Background Checks? Not a real question!!!!
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Jeff Hooper teaching at NACHI Convention. Hooray!8gromicko2568
CMI Cancelled
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Albany, New York Seminar
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NH update17chorne2842
certification ( VA)5ecox11185
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