6 Month Old Samsung i-700 Pocket PC For Sale Up Date

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6 Month Old Samsung i-700 Pocket PC For Sale Up Date

Mark Roe

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Posted: Nov 25, 2005 9:10 PM       Post Subject:
I guess thing have slowed down out there. Soooo. I will reduce the price to $375.00 to try to help out some of the people who are just starting out. I have a 6 month old Samsung i-700 Pocket PC/Cell Phone for sale. It is a Verizon service/Microsoft 2003 pocket pc operating system. All software updated, I used InspectVue inspection reporting system on it. Works great. Had a accident a while back that effected my eyes. Had trouble reading the small letters on the screen after that,even with my tri-focals. icon_lol.gif I have since purchased a tablet pc to do my inspections with. The Samsung was great. I was able to email or upload the inspection report and photos after the inspection was completed on site. It has a infra-red port to transmit report to a infra-red printer.
Mobile versions of Microsoft applications
Built-in digital camera with rotating camera lens, multiple resolution and quality settings Breakthrough voice recognition software
9 ring tones plus vibrating alert and speakerphone

Asking $375.00

If you have any questions,please feel free to contact me through my web page.
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