Simple Key to Success!

Recently I sat down with a very successful business person, at my request, to talk about how to become even more successful in business.   While I am acquainted with and admire many successful business people in my area, I really wanted to discuss the dynamics of being successful from this one successful person who started from scratch.  Not an individual who worked themselves up the ladder of good organizations.

As we talked and enjoyed our lunch, I asked what was his one true key to success, if there is only one?  His reply was short, simple, and made great sense.  His reply – “Under promise and over produce”!  Whether that promise involves putting in long hours, learning a new skill, gaining knowledge about client needs, or various other concepts/ideas.  Make your customer #1 so he doesn’t go anywhere else for that type of business.  Of course, he expanded upon this concept with dealings he had starting out and continuing to this day.

Makes sense doesn’t it: under promise – over produce!  We have met many through our dealings who over promised and under produced when we needed or wanted their product or service.  Think back on those experiences and remember how it made us feel.  Not like we were their number one priority did it?  What would we have done different?  How would we have made the situation right?  How could we under promise and over produce?

How do we under promise and over produce?  Here are just a few examples, but don’t stop there:

  1. Do not create a deadline for your efforts that you know is unreasonable and unattainable.
  2. Know your strengths and weaknesses.  Improve upon both!
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from others around you.
  4. Learn a skill or gain knowledge that can enhance your services to your clients.
  5. Set attainable goals for you, your client and the transaction.
  6. Deliver on your promise way before it is due!
  7. Give outstanding service.

These are some tough times we are going through.  Standing out from the rest is what will make us successful and be the individual people run to for your services; not the person they run from.

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