New article on faulty Kitec fittings

Have you heard of Kitec? If you haven’t, you probably will soon. The makers of the water pipe fitting – IPEX – were recently sued for $90 million in just one of many class-action suits against the manufacturer and many  builders and plumbers who installed Kitec. The problem, apparently, is that it was made cheaply with too much zinc, which quickly corrodes and clogs the fitting or the pipe. Water pressure gradually decreases and eventually the pipe may leak or even burst. While the majority of homeowners who have Kitec have not yet experienced serious problems, experts still recommend that the fittings be replaced – which costs an average of $7,000. It’s an extremely messy situation that has left tens of thousands of homeowners with the choice of either dishing out their savings or doing nothing at all and running the risk of a complete pipe failure. To find out more about where these fittings were installed, how they fail, how to identify them, and the legal repercussions of their installation check out our new article on kitec fittings.