Free, commercial property code inspection exam-prep tool.

Today, InterNACHI, the world’s commercial property inspection trade association, released a new exam-prep tool for commercial property code inspection exams.

Although commercial property inspectors are not responsible for determining code compliance, many inspectors enjoy being able to recognize code violations, especially on new-construction inspections. This compilation of commercial, code-related questions educates the inspector by allowing the inspector to look up the answer to each question in the 2009 IBC (International Building Code), then immediately check his/her answer against the correct answer.
The new tool is free and online.  It is a good preparation tool for those inspectors who are studying for the ICC Standard Building Contractor (B) Exam ID 615.  Some local municipalities have their own commercial contractor-licensing exams.  This online tool is an excellent method of preparing for such contractor exams. InterNACHI also recommends InterNACHI’s free, online Commercial Property Inspection Prerequisite course.

The Advanced Commercial Code Inspection Prep Tool is open and free to members, and can be taken over and over.

CLICK HERE to visit InterNACHI’s free, online, Commercial Property Code Inspection Exam-Prep Tool.