New inspection article: Brownfields and Redevelopment

Brownfields, which are post-industrial sites that have been reclaimed for commercial and residential redevelopment, are often the only available land that may be used for new housing and business in congested neighborhoods, while serious concerns surround the reliability of adequate brownfield cleanup.  Learn more about these potential hazards in our new article titled Brownfields and Redevelopment.

New commercial inspection article: Dry Cleaners for Commercial Inspectors

Dry cleaners are notorious fire traps and producers of dangerous chemical waste to the extent that many prospective landlords are wary of renting to such businesses.  Find out more about the unique hazards presented by dry cleaners to commercial property inspectors and others, and what can be done to mitigate such hazards, in our new article:   Dry Cleaners for Commercial Inspectors.

New inspection article: What the Department of Energy’s Home Energy Scoring Program Means for InterNACHI Inspectors

The U.S. Department of Energy is putting some of its nearly $3 billion budget earmarked for energy efficiency for the American homeowner behind their new Home Energy Scoring Program.  They’re relying on the private sector to help promote their specialized home energy audits and, as usual, it all starts with training and education.  Consumers who wish to take advantage of this latest push for responsible and energy-saving homeownership and maintenance can, as usual, rely on InterNACHI to be at the forefront of this program’s rollout with its upcoming Home Energy Survey Training and Certification Program.  Read all about it and explore the informational links about the new program in What the Department of Energy’s Home Energy Scoring Program Means for InterNACHI Inspectors.

InterNACHI Inspector Agreement now available in French!

The InterNACHI Inspector Agreement has gone tri-lingual!  Our downloadable and easy-to-customize, updated Agreement between the inspector and his client is available in English and Spanish — and now in French, too.  Visit our Agreement page to download the contract in your choice of PDF or MS Word format, which allows you to customize it for your particular business needs.

New consumer article: Depreciation of Investment Property

During tax time, homeowners usually scramble to figure out the best way to minimize what they owe to Uncle Sam. One large tax break for owners of investment property comes in the form of depreciation, in which they can gradually recover the cost of their investment. The rules are complex, but inspectors can keep their clients informed and safe by passing along our new article on Depreciation of Investment Property.