New inspection & consumer article: InterNACHI and the EPA Team Up to Monitor Lead Safety

Although its manufacture was discontinued in the U.S. in 1978, lead-based paint is more prevalent than most homeowners would suspect, especially in older homes whose construction is otherwise sound, making these older homes attractive to new home buyers.

To protect the public health and safety — as well as that of contractors and tradespeople who work in the renovation of such homes — the U.S. EPA has an ambitious program in place that requires that all contractors who disturb lead-based paint be trained to be Lead-Safe Certified.  The problem, as InterNACHI has discovered, is that fewer than 10% of those required to be certified actually are.  That leaves 90% vulnerable to hefty fines, as well as serious health risks.  InterNACHI has, therefore, proposed a partnership with the EPA so that inspectors can understand the simple steps that contractors must take to mitigate the spread of lead dust and other hazards to make sure that all parties — contractors, homeowners and inspectors — are safe and healthy during and after renovation projects.

Find out more about it in our latest article:  InterNACHI and the EPA Team Up to Monitor Lead Safety.