New consumer and inspection article: Emergency Preparedness: How Home Inspectors Can Help Their Clients

Just over the last few years, the U.S. has experienced record flooding, tornadoes and wildfires that have driven up the cost of property damage to the tens of billions of dollars, not to mention the loss of life in the hundreds.  Some disasters take us by surprise, leaving precious little time to grab essentials and head for safety.  But whether we’re given some lead time to evacuate or have to make split-second decisions, our choices are greatly enhanced by preparing for a disaster before it strikes.

InterNACHI inspectors can help their clients not only address the regular maintenance issues for their homes, but they can also help them prepare a checklist for an emergency.  After an emergency has passed, home inspectors can assess any property damage, even when insurance adjusters become involved.  Read about how homeowners can prioritize and prepare for an emergency evacuation in Emergency Preparedness:  How Home Inspectors Can Help Their Clients.