New inspection article: Commercial and Home Inspector Safety: Carcinogens on the Job

Commercial and home inspectors face many hazards on the job, and some of them can cause long-term damage to their health and that of their clients.  Read about the U.S. Health and Human Services’ latest Report on Carcinogens to discover what cancer-causing dangers may be hiding in plain sight in Commercial and Home Inspector Safety:  Carcinogens on the Job.

New commercial inspection article: Cost Segregation Studies for Commercial Properties

Commercial property inspectors should be aware — as both business owners and inspectors — about the advantages of cost segregation studies.  The IRS guidelines that govern a CSS allow the classification of personal property — the non-permanent, non-structural systems and components of commercial properties — to be depreciated at a much faster rate than real commercial property.  Read about this potentially exploitable niche market for inspectors in Cost Segregation Studies for Commercial Properties.

New inspection article: Evaluating Problems with Fasteners

The term “fasteners” covers a huge amount of hardware used in a variety of applications. The types that home inspectors are most likely to encounter on the job include nails, screws, bolts and anchors.  However, by the time an inspector sees a fastener, it’s already installed and all that’s visible is usually only the head.  Inspectors will have a better chance of recognizing defective conditions by learning to recognize fastener types and their performance characteristics in our new article titled Evaluating Problems with Fasteners.