New inspection article: The Comparative Negligence Defense for Home Inspectors

Home inspectors are always at risk of encountering a litigious client even when they’ve performed excellent work and followed InterNACHI’s Residential Standards of Practice.  Home inspectors should understand their rights and options if they wind up in court.  Read The Comparative Negligence Defense for Home Inspectors to understand your legal recourse if the worst happens, because the best defense is a good offense.

New inspection and consumer article: Inspecting Floating Homes

As homeowners seek greener or more unconventional types of housing, inspectors should be prepared to encounter unusual homes and consider expanding and adapting their inspection services and techniques to meet this growing need.  Floating homes have been around for decades, and inspecting them presents many unique challenges and opportunities.  Read more about them in our new article:  Inspecting Floating Homes.

New inspection article: Adobe Inspection

There’s something satisfying about building with adobe, be it the simplicity and the antiquity of its design, the lack of expense or advanced skills it requires, or the knowledge that earthen structures are a totally local and sustainable resource. Adobe houses are among the oldest on the planet and they continue to be constructed all over the world.  Learn about their history, design and inspection tips in our new article on Adobe Inspection.