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Inspection article newly translated into French: L’Inspection du Vide Sanitaire et les Dangers liés au Vide Sanitaire (Crawlspace Hazards and Inspection)

April 25th, 2012

One of the riskier areas of the average home inspection is arguably the crawlspace.  Not only is it considered a confined space and, therefore, more difficult to access and inspect, but it may house many potential hidden dangers, including weakened structural elements, metal projections that can poke and injure, and pests and critters that can sting and bite. 

For Canadian and other French-speaking members, post this InterNACHI article on your website, which has been newly translated into French and is a great refresher on the hazards and safe inspection of crawlspaces:  L’Inspection du Vide Sanitaire et les Dangers liés au Vide Sanitaire.

This blog entry was posted by Kate Tarasenko.