Inspection article newly translated into French: Inspection d’une Terrasse, Article Illustré (Inspecting a Deck, Illustrated)

For Canadian and other French-speaking members, post this InterNACHI article on your website, which has been newly translated into French and takes you through deck inspections, providing specific measurements and informative, original illustrations:  Inspection d’une Terrasse, Article Illustré (Inspecting a Deck, Illustrated).

New inspection article: Press Releases for Inspectors

Is your business expanding?  Are you relocating?  Have you hired new expert staff or are you offering new and innovative inspections?  Inspectors often have newsworthy announcements that they want to spread the word about but which don’t necessarily fall into the category of general advertising.  A good way to notify various business-related parties of your news is by writing a press release.  Legitimate press releases follow standard conventions for information and formatting.  Find out what kind of news rates a press release, as well as how to properly write one, by reading our new article: Press Releases for Inspectors.

New inspection article: How to Write a Mission Statement for Your Inspection Company

Are you lost?  Do you know where you’re going?  Do you know how you’re getting there?  Many inspectors know instinctively what their company’s goals are, and what they value and work toward each day.   But have you taken the time to actually write these things down?  That’s what a mission statement is, and every company should have one.  Read about what makes a good mission statement and how to write one, as well as why it’s more than just a good marketing idea, in our latest inspection article:  How to Write a Mission Statement for Your Inspection Company.

New inspection article: Material Defects Defined for Home Inspectors

Home inspectors are required to juggle a ton of facts, a lot of guidelines, some rules, and even a few laws, along with all their training and experience.  One of our goals at InterNACHI is to help with all of it, including clarifying some potentially confusing gray areas, especially when asked.  We hope we’ve succeeded in our latest new inspection article:  Material Defects Defined for Home Inspectors.