New inspector marketing article: Meeting Your Client for the First Time

Smart inspectors take nothing for granted; they realize that their first meeting with a new client is crucial for setting the tone for the appointment, as well as for determining whether the client will be satisfied with the inspector’s service no matter what the inspection uncovers.  Read our latest article to make sure you’re covering all your bases:  Marketing Tip for Inspectors:  Meeting Your Client for the First Time.

New inspector marketing article: Record Yourself on the Phone

Most inspectors probably think that they sound friendly and professional over the phone, but how can you be sure?  You can transmit a lot of uintentional messages by mumbling, speaking too loudly, or rushing through a phone call.  Rather than second-guess your phone skills, read our latest article to find out what you can do to make sure you’re not un-selling your services:  Marketing Tip for Inspectors:  Record Yourself on the Phone.

New inspector marketing article: eNewsletters for Inspectors

We at InterNACHI work hard to make our monthly e-newsletters informative and engaging.  Don’t you think your clients–both current and prospective–have something to learn from you each month?  Putting together an e-newsletter is very low-cost and provides you with an enormous amount of data that you can use for acquiring new customers, so read how easy it is to create your own e-newsletter in our latest article:  Marketing Tip for Inspectors:  eNewsletters for Inspectors.

New inspector marketing article: Online Promotional Videos

With videos so easy to shoot and upload for online viewing, your inspector website would probably have a lot more “stickiness” if you provide your visitors with a video of yourself in action on the job.  Think about the benefit of offering your potential clients a preview of what they’ll get once they hire you (or refer you).  Read our tips and some do’s and don’ts for shooting a video for your website in Marketing Tip for Inspectors:  Online Promotional Videos.

New inspector marketing article: Marketing Tip for Inspectors: Have more than one weapon and use the right one for the job.

Many inspectors work in large service areas and serve different types of clients, based on their income, house size, location, etc.  Why not make sure that your marketing materials are as specific as your clients?  It takes very little work and no extra money to make sure your marketing hits its target, keeping you working on a variety of types of housing, and expanding your experience and reach.  Check out our simple tips in a new article co-authored by InterNACHI Founder Nick Gromicko and longtime InterNACHI member Bob Elliott:   Marketing Tip for Inspectors:  Have more than one weapon and use the right one for the job.