New inspection article: Inspecting Spray-Foam Insulation Applied Under Plywood and OSB Roof Sheathing

Installing insulation at the roof is an important step for protecting the home from moisture intrusion and energy loss. Read about how to inspect homes that use high-efficiency spray foam in Inspecting Spray-Foam Insulation Applied Under Plywood and OSB Roof Sheathing.

New marketing article for inspectors: Video Testimonials for Home Inspectors

Many home inspectors work diligently to gather as many positive customer reviews as possible to put on their websites. This is a good thing, right?  But how do you squeeze the SEO juice out of them that makes them worth putting on your site in the first place? Read our latest marketing article to find out how to make your clients’ feedback easy to acquire and how to put that feedback to work for you in: “Video Testimonials for Home Inspectors.”

New inspection article: Inspecting Unvented Combustion Appliances

While unvented fireplaces and other types of combustion appliances are portable, attractive, and seemingly maintenance-free, they can pose a serious danger to a home’s occupants precisely because they’re ventless.  Find out more about the hazards of these appliances that have been prohibited in many — but not all — municipalities by reading Ben Gromicko and Nick Gromicko’s latest article, Inspecting Unvented Combustion Appliances.

New article for inspectors and consumers: Inspecting Pipes in Exterior Walls and Pipe Insulation

It’s best not to locate plumbing pipes in exterior walls, but there are a number of easy and affordable ways that homeowners can insulate all plumbing pipes to avoid freezing problems, as well as decrease their energy bills in general.  Home inspectors should also know these tips in order to assist their clients.  Read about them in Ben Gromicko’s latest article:  Inspecting Pipes in Exterior Walls and Pipe Insulation.

Inspection article newly translated into Spanish: Inspecciones en Ejecuciones Hipotecarias: Confíe En Su Instinto (Foreclosure Inspections: Trust Your Gut)

For inspectors who have Spanish-speaking clients and work with Spanish-speaking real estate professionals, post this article on your website, which has been newly translated into Spanish and discusses the advantages and pitfalls of buying a foreclosed property:  Inspecciones en Ejecuciones Hipotecarias: Confíe En Su Instinto.