New article: Sewer Scope Inspections for Home Inspectors

While performing a sewer scope inspection falls outside InterNACHI’s Home Inspection Standards of Practice, many home inspectors offer it as an ancillary service because the information it yields can be very useful for homeowners, as well as prospective home buyers. Home inspectors can familiarize themselves with the equipment, protocols, and benefits of a sewer scope inspection when deciding whether to offer this service by reading Sewer Scope Inspections for Home Inspectors.

IR Camera Comparison

For many home inspectors that are investigating the possibility of purchasing an infrared camera the choices and features of the many cameras on the market can be daunting. Here is a spreadsheet showing some of the more ‘inspector important’ features and specifications. This is not an exhaustive collection of cameras and features but rather a place to start your own due diligence and comparisons. You can Print or Download the file here: IR Camera Comparison