New Article on Anti-Tip Brackets for Ranges

Newer ranges are light enough that it doesn’t take much weight to cause them to tip over, but they’re heavy enough to injure or kill small children trapped beneath. Hot items on the stovetop, too, can burn or scald anyone who accidentally tips the range over. Anti-tip brackets can prevent this from happening and they are required by UL standards but they aren’t installed in a huge portion of ranges. Inspectors should know how to check for brackets and what to tell the client if none are found. Check out our new article on anti-tip brackets for ranges to find out more about these safety devices and why they are so valuable.

New Article on Pool Barriers

Pool fencing is not a subject that is most inspectors know much about, and most don’t include it in their services. It’s a good idea to learn the basic requirements of pool fencing, however, since many children are killed due fences that are not built to code. Take a look at our new article on outdoor pool barriers to find out more about how they should be constructed.