New article on inspector attire

You can increase your amount of business through relatively little effort by changing your appearance. Do you ever show up to inspections unkempt? Smelly? Unshaven? Do you wear clothes that are too nice for the area you are inspecting, or do you show up in a wife beater to inspect a $3 million dollar home? You could be losing a whole lot of business if your clients are not satisfied with your appearance. It’s also helpful to have a travel bag with you that contains hygiene items such as deodorant, mouthwash, wet naps, and a change of a shirt. The fact of the matter is that even if you perform a brilliant inspection, you might not be invited back again if your client is put off by the clothes that you wear or other aspects of your appearance. And it isn’t just about looking your best, because you don’t want to overdress or be reeking of cologne, either. The key is to match what is expected by your particular client base, which takes some time to get to know.¬†Fortunately, attire and hygiene are easy to improve upon. Take a look at our new article on inspector attire for more helpful hints on the subject.