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New article about moisture meters for inspectors

May 28th, 2009

Inspectors who don’t have a moisture meter should think about getting one. These instruments can accurately measure the amount of moisture in building materials without causing any damage. Take a look at our new article on moisture meters for inspectors to find out more about how they work and the ways that they can be used. Some options are so high-tech that they can accurately measure moisture nearly an inch beneath the surface of tile concrete.

This blog entry was posted by Rob London.

New article about AFCI Indicators for Inspecters

May 11th, 2009

Hey all

If you want to know more about AFCI indicators, also known as testers, please check out my new article on AFCI Indicators. There, you will find out why many believe they are not truly “testers”, how they work, how they are valuable and how they differ from the test buttons on AFCI circuit breakers.


- Rob

This blog entry was posted by Rob London.