New article on wind mitigation

Limiting the amount of damage caused by intense winds should be the concern of everyone, and especially those who live in states vulnerable to hurricanes. With hurricanes costing the country many billions of dollars every year and the skyrocketing insurance premiums bearing down on homeowners, wind mitigation is more important than ever. In Florida, there’s actually a law mandating credits for homeowners who use certain wind mitigation techniques to enhance their homes. These techniques help everyone, from private insurers to the federal government and taxpayers. Homeowners may want to familiarize themselves with these strategies so they are prepared for the next windstorm, as should inspectors, who are relied upon for their sound judgment and expertise. Check out our new article on the subject of wind mitigation to find out more.

Chinese Drywall

I’m sure at this point you’ve heard about imported Chinese drywall and how might cause health problems in homes. Class action lawsuits against builders, importers, and manufacturers of the material have been filed by people, mostly in Florida, who say their appliances are breaking and their health is suffering due to toxins. The companies that make and use the drywall claim there is nothing wrong with it but the Florida Health Department says different. Take a look at our new article on Chinese drywall information to find out more about how it can be identified and its potential dangers.