New six-part inspection article series: The Home Inspector’s Guide to Air Duct Cleaning

Maintaining the home’s HVAC system is vital to keep it running efficiently and holding down energy costs.  But is cleaning out the ductwork part of that strategy?  It may surprise some homeowners and a few home inspectors to learn that the answer is a firm “maybe, maybe not.”  Having the ductwork professionally cleaned may be an appropriate course of action if the system has been contaminated by moisture or mold, but, absent these issues, it may create more issues than it solves. A general amount of airborne dust in a home is normal; homeowners shouldn’t try to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. But before making any recommendations to your clients, read more about it in our six-part article series:  The Home Inspector’s Guide to Air Duct Cleaning.

New article on pet allergens

Many allergic individuals are unwilling to give up the source of their allergies – their beloved cats and dogs. Many of your clients will be in this situation and they will be impressed if you know what causes their allergies (dander, not fur) and how to lessen the severity of the problem (medications, cleaning) so that they can live with their pets. To find out more about the biology behind these allergic reactions, which cats and dogs are less likely to cause reactions and more, check out our new article on pet allergens.