For Home Inspectors: Home Inspection Sample Reports

“Work smarter, not harder” is an axiom which recognizes that a small business owner’s most valuable resource is time.  Don’t waste your time trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to writing home inspection reports.  Borrow from the best, courtesy of your fellow InterNACHI members:  Home Inspection Sample Reports.

For Members: A Letter Explaining Your InterNACHI Home Inspector Certification

Members or their employers sometimes need a succinct letter that explains their InterNACHI certification, especially when your member ID or Member Certificate is insufficient. We’ve provided language that you can cut-paste to create a letter on your own letterhead, and it’s ready for you to customize:  A Letter Explaining Your InterNACHI Home Inspector Certification.

New article for inspectors: How Home Inspectors Can Up-Sell Mold Testing

Home inspectors are about to be convinced of how easy it is to up-sell mold testing, as well as why it’s a sound business practice that can actually protect you.  Read How Home Inspectors Can Up-Sell Mold Testing before your next inspection.

Legal Tip for Home Inspectors: Prevent a Stink, Include a Link

InterNACHI General Counsel Mark Cohen has some simple advice for home inspectors with websites who want to avoid legal hassles with unhappy former clients down the road — advice that he’s given to harried inspectors 95% of the time!  Read Legal Tip for Home Inspectors: Prevent a Stink, Include a Link.

Get more inspections and reduce liability with a Customer Satisfaction Survey and book.

Using a Customer Satisfaction Survey combined with an inspection book such as “Now that You’ve had a Home Inspection” reduces liability and gets you more inspection work.  InterNACHI’s Customer Satisfaction Survey hits 7 birds with one stone:

  1. It gets the customer on record describing the quality of your inspections.
  2. It alerts you to weaknesses in your inspection services.  Often a client it too shy to tell you face to face.
  3. It reminds your customer (in writing) that you don’t have x-ray vision and can’t find every defect.
  4. It up-sells additional inspections by alerting your customers that you offer ancillary inspections.
  5. It provides you with written permission to discuss the report with others.
  6. It lets your customers know you care about their opinion.
  7. You can send a copy of the survey to the agent that referred you, so that he/she gets third-party feedback about you.

InterNACHI’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is free.  There are several versions available depending on whether or not you provide your customers with a book.