New article for home inspectors: Inspecting Step and Kick-Out Flashing at Roof-Wall Intersections

Moisture intrusion is one of the most serious problems a home can experience.  It can lead to rapid deterioration of many structural components.  Home inspectors can familiarize themselves with the best practices for installing some basic roof components that will help prevent water damage by reading Inspecting Step and Kick-Out Flashing at Roof-Wall Intersections.

New article on kick-out flashing

The way houses are built nowadays, they are not as breathable as they once were. In less-breathable houses, water has an easier time entering the building envelope and vapor has a tougher time leaving. As a result, newer homes are more likely to suffer water damage than older homes. Kick-out flashing is more important than ever to divert rainwater away from cladding. Inspectors should know where they should be located and what common defects to look for while inspecting home exteriors. Check out our new article on kick-out flashing to find out more about these critical components.