Certified Home Inspectors in Boise, ID

Inspectors are listed in no particular order. If you are looking to hire a home inspector, you can find a home inspector near the property you need to have inspected.

Member Location Phone
Jacob Cunningham
Cunningham Home Inspection
Boise (208) 284-6540
Larry Stevens Boise (208) 606-1137
Brian DeLuca
Liberty Home Inspection Services
Boise (208) 866-5039
Marcus W. Burkhart
Burkhart Home Inspection
Boise (208) 392-2030
Jeremy C. Darland Boise (208) 867-0123
Scott O. Burrell
Inspect-Our Homes
Boise (951) 746-8992
Roy McGlothin
Home Inspections by R & D
Boise (208) 703-1373
Jason E. Posey
NWI NorthWest Inspections
Boise (907) 244-7985
John Blakeley, Jr
Intermountain Building Inspections Corp
Boise (208) 332-4442
Jack Lawford
Lawford Home Inspections
Boise (208) 861-5057
Jason A. Aston
Point Home Inspections
Boise (208) 412-4644
Kevin Persons
Inspect it, llc
Boise (208) 866-5446
Jamie Kelly
Podium Home Inspections
Boise (208) 794-5927
Jackson H. Gordon
Gordon Home Inspection llc
Boise (208) 484-3939
Robert A. Peck
PHI - Professional Home Inspections
Boise (208) 841-5439
Mark Gordon
Gordon Home Inspection
Boise (208) 484-8306