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About Inland Northwest Washington

Welcome to the Inland Northwest Chapter of inspectors! A professional growth and networking group open to anybody involved or interested in the real estate industry in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho (and beyond – join us online or in person if you are visiting from out of region and share in our community!) Founded by professional home inspectors to promote honorable real estate transactions from start to finish, the group is open to: home inspectors past, present and future; real estate agents; mortgage brokers; real estate attorneys; closing agents; title agents; builders; contractors; engineers; architects; building inspectors; HVAC technicians; plumbers; electricians; code compliance; and any related industry professionals. The group functions independent of InterNACHI based on the needs of local attendees, but strives to support the same goals of quality and ethics, and may accept organizational assistance from InterNACHI. Attendees do not need to be InterNACHI members, but members with CPI status will have their name and profile listed in the membership page!

We would love to have you attend! Bring a friend, colleague, or significant other. No member dues, no commitment, simply show up as you are available or become active in our group at

Group goals:

  • The chapter is an open forum for respectful member discussion
  • To network for accountability and professionalism
  • To share and grow individual skills
  • To advocate for honorable real estate transactions
  • To improve our industry
  • To collaborate in marketing discussions
  • To promote group purchasing discounts
  • Ask and teach about new tools
  • Discuss issues unique to our region
  • Discuss building trends
  • Pricing for primary services will not be open for discussion

Events are free to attend, though attendees may purchase food at the meeting location to support a local small business. Occasionally the chapter may ask for guest speakers, from relevant fields to join us. If the chapter votes to have a presentation which requires funding, group members will be asked to help share that cost before confirming the presentation on an as-needed basis only.