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About Maine/Northeast Chapter


Welcome to the
 Maine/Northeast Chapter of

Hello I am Jim MacNaughton, the Director of the Northeast chapter of InterNACHI and I welcome any comments or suggestions on this website or our group activities.

We are a group of local home inspectors gathering regularly to improve our knowledge, network with local professionals to discuss local issues and topics on everything related to Home Inspections, like operating and improving a successful home inspection business in Maine and Northeast New England.

We plan to have special guests and speakers joining us to make presentations to benefit our businesses and better educate all inspectors.

As a group, our members have a stronger presence and influence within the community. Working as a team we give more credibility to our services and a wealth of experience to share with each other in many different aspects of our businesses.

There currently is no fee to become a member of the chapter but some meetings may have a fee to cover the costs of organizing it and if so a notification of the fee will be made in advance.

Meetings dates, guests and location will be listed soon.

Everybody is welcomed in our meetings, whether you are an active InterNACHI member or not!

Rules of the Chapter

1.Chapter meetings are open to any Northeast New England inspector, their spouse, partners, staff and guests. (open meetings will be for anyone in the industry)

2.Chapter meetings time and location will be posted on this site

3.All Speakers and guest must be treated with respect

4.Any and all promotional items or gifts passed out at a meeting must be pre-approved by The Chapter Director

5.Meetings objectives, speakers and fees, if any, will be announced 30 to 60 days prior to the meetings.

6.Meetings will start at schedule time, members are asked to come at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled time to register.

7.Meetings should be conducted in a professional manner and disruptive persons may be asked to leave.

8.All phones and disruptive equipment should be silenced during meetings.

9.No member shall speak for the entire chapter without the written consent from the President

10.No business or financial solicitation can take place during the meetings without chapter consent.InterNACHI and its local Chapter Officers are not responsible for what happens outside the meeting room.

11.InterNACHI and its local chapter disclaim all liability for the action or inaction taken or not taken as a result of communications from or to its members, officers, President, employees and guest speakers.

12.No InterNACHI or its local chapter's members can act on behalf or claim to represent InterNACHI and its local chapter unless specifically authorized to do so in writing.

InterNACHI certified members may join our chapter, student members & non-member inspectors may attend our meetings as guests

For questions or to join please email: