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About Orlando

Welcome to the Orlando InterNACHI Chapter. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just getting started, the Orlando InterNACHI Chapter can help your business grow. With over 45,000 homes sold last year in one of Florida's most competitive real estate markets - there has never been an easier time to find opportunities!

The most important item I want you to know about this chapter is that we're here to help you grow yourself and business. Nearly 50% of all small businesses fail in their first five years and in our industry it's a much shorter timeframe. Learning from other inspectors and identifying where you're making great strides but also noticing deficiencies in your own business is the best way to prevent this. As iron sharpens iron, so one inspector can help another by being more aware of their mistakes or successes as it may be something that they haven't considered before: there's always room for improvement!


Meetings are open to all home inspectors and their partners, spouses, office staff, plus those wishing to learn more about a business in home inspections. We typically meet in the Orlando area at local bars, establishments, and restaurants. 

Be sure to check our EVENT CALENDAR for a list of upcoming dates!

For any questions about the chapter feel free to call or text

Howard Burch 

Owner of HOMESHAPE Inspections 

Founder of The Orlando Chapter of InterNACHI.