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InterNACHI’s Annual Convention:
Exhibitor Presentations

Attend these special live presentations by Featured Exhibitors, who’ll demonstrate their unique products, and answer all your questions. Don’t miss them! Registration is not required for workshops.

Wednesday, June 12

Common Claims Overview

by InspectorPro

Wednesday, June 12 • 10:00 AM – Noon • Location: Tent #1

As an insurance provider exclusively for home inspectors, InspectorPro Insurance has faced and defended claims against home inspectors for over a decade. Over the years, the same types of claims continue to persist. To help inspectors avoid them, presenter Jason Fiack will go over the top five claims home inspectors face using real-world examples from InspectorPro’s archives. Then, he’ll tell you what you can do to mitigate your risk against each type of claim.

Marketing in the Inspection Industry

by Katherine Ivey, HomeGauge

Wednesday, June 12 • 10:00 AM – Noon • Location: Tent #2

This session will be helpful and informative to anyone in the inspection industry wanting to learn more about websites, digital marketing, and search-engine optimization — whether you use HomeGauge or not. Whether you’re brand new to the business or are a seasoned inspector, you’ll learn how to build a solid foundation for your marketing using these tried-and-true methods to help put you ahead of your competition!

3D Inspection Systems

by Carl Fowler, President

Wednesday, June 12 • NOON – 2:00 PM • Location: Tent #1

3D Inspection Systems President Carl Fowler will cover the operation of the various aspects of 3D Inspection Systems software, including the use of their new mobile app, 3D Mobile Reporter. Expand your operations by learning more about the 3D Inspection Software Suite, including 3D Office Manager, Report Writer, Document Editor, and Custom Form Studio. Be sure to bring your laptop, tablet or smartphone to this presentation.



Wednesday, June 12 • NOON-2:00 PM • Location: Tent #2

FTLAB Co., Ltd., based in South Korea, is the maker of the innovative and affordable RadonEye Pro™. This NRPP-certified radon gas detector is a small web-enabled device that can post accurate data from multiple devices every 10 minutes to both a user’s iOS or Android smartphone and to a dedicated server. Its speed and communication capability enable a more complete assessment of entire homes or buildings for inspection and remediation professionals.

Become a HUD 203k Consultant

by National Association of FHA Consultants

Wednesday, June 12 • 2:00-4:00 PM • Location: Tent #2

203k Consultants are responsible for advising homeowners on the 203k loan process. Home inspectors already have much of the knowledge and training required to become a 203k Consultant, and this workshop will show you the steps you need to complete to be added to HUD’s federal registry.

Thursday, June 13

Mastermind Inspection Community

by Mike Crow

Thursday, June 13 • 8:00-10:00 AM • Location: Tent #1

Beware of the 95% & 
7 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Get More Inspections Now…Guaranteed

  • How to Systematically Build Profitable Relationships (This works regardless of your market)
  • Create an Army of Loyal Referral Sources That Actually Like You Marketing to Their Most Valuable Contacts
  •  Build Stackable Business Systems That You’ll Be Able to Use to Attract New Business Again and Again
  • And Much, Much, Much More!

Mastermind Inspection Community

by Mike Crow

Thursday, June 13 • 10:00-NOON • Location: Tent #1

Report Blueprint

Is your life consumed by the time it takes to create your inspection reports? Discover how to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Report to Limit Your Liability, Improve Its Efficiency, And Keep The Referrals Rolling

HIP Tricks with Home Inspector Pro Reporting Software & HIP Office

by Home Inspector Pro

Thursday, June 13 • 10:00-NOON • Location: Tent #2

Home Inspector Pro has been one of the leaders in home inspection software for the last 15 years. Thousands of home inspectors, multi-inspector firms and franchises in 20 languages and 10 countries trust Home Inspector Pro to run their business. This workshop will show you how to make great-looking reports with HIP using mobile devices to collect your photos, videos and comments onsite. We’ll also introduce the new HIP Office System for inspectors.

How to Get the Attention of REAs to Generate More Referrals

by Preferred Systems

Jamison Krugger, Director of Education Systems

Thursday, June 13 • Noon – 2:00 PM • Location: Tent #1

Learn how to use education as a powerful tool for positioning your home inspection company in front of more real estate agents. Discover the “secret formula” for setting yourself apart from your competition, getting more local agencies to return your calls, and earning their trust to convince them to do business with you.


by RadonAway

Thursday, June 13 • Noon – 2:00 PM • Location: Tent #2

For nearly 30 years, RadonAway has been providing home and business owners with reliable fans designed exclusively for radon mitigation. Find out about the latest technology in radon mitigation systems. RadonAway’s products are manufactured in the USA.

Leveraging Technology:

How to Automate Your Business and Efficiently Write Reports On-Site

by Spectora

Thursday, June 13 • 2:00 – 4:00 PM • Location: Tent #2

This is a session for inspectors who want to learn how to leverage the latest technology to speed up their report writing, cut down on redundant business tasks, and make their business more efficient. We’ll give you a few bonus tips and tricks that the most successful companies in the industry have shared with us to scale their businesses.

2019 Inspector Fair • June 11 – 14, 2019 • Boulder, Colorado

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Convention workshops and other events are subject to change at any time. InterNACHI® is not responsible for the content of the workshops presented, and any information provided should not be construed as legal or any other advice.