Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and Interior Crossword Puzzle

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  1. Moisture that moves this way can pass as vapor through solid building materials.
  2. This can be active or passive to help control a home's moisture and comfort level.
  3. In an unfinished one, there's likely to be exposed insulation.
  4. Insulation in between studs in a wall does not restrict thermal flow because of this.
  5. A roof relies on the proper installation of this to shed rainwater adequately.
  6. Moisture problems in this area may be cuased by lack of a vapor diffusion retarder.
  7. Inspectors should report on the general absence or lack of this.
  8. This is how heat is transferred through electromagnetic waves.
  9. This should be sealed and insulated, especially if it passes through an unheated space.
  10. Inspectors should check for points of this that allow moisture or air through a building envelope.
  11. This type of ceiling requires special insulating techniques.
  12. Moisture should be provided with a path of this.
  13. This is how heat is transferred within a gas or liquid.
  14. At the home's exterior, this should be adequate to protect the foundation from pooling rainfall.
  15. This describes air that moves and displaces air of a different temperature.
  16. This is the science behind your IR camera.
  17. A fire, flood or major storm is considered this type of event and can seriously damage a home.


  1. This type of joint is installed between bricks, pipes and other building materials to absorb movement.
  2. Protect your lungs by wearing this.
  3. This is how heat is transferred through a solid material.
  4. This material around tubs and showers should be in good condition.
  5. Can you tell the difference between aluminum and steel siding without it?
  6. The simple act of this by the average family can add up to 3 gallons of moisture to a home's interior air.
  7. Exterior walls and windows should be this to prevent moisture leakage into the home.
  8. Heat moves as energy waves, also known as this kind of waves.
  9. Carry two in case one leaves you in the dark.
  10. Made of silica, this material comes in small pellets and absorbs moisture.
  11. An inspector is not required to move this.
  12. Inspectors should open and close a representative number of these.
  13. If warm, moist air comes into contact with a cold surface, this may form.
  14. If the spacing of this is improper, a 4-inch sphere might be able to pass through the spindles.
  15. This should be provided at all stairs and landings.
  16. Insulation in this state does not work with the efficiency of its R-value.
  17. This should be low for all proper radiant barriers.
  18. As the weight per unit-volume of air decreases, its temperature does this.
  19. R-value is measured in terms of this ability of insulation to heat flow.

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